Kanye West Went To The White House…

The lastest On Kanye, Q & Trump

Published on Oct 11, 2018

Kanye joins Trump in the White House…and despite Youtube’s censureship of his channel, Criag is posting about Q. In this post he puts up his long awaited ‘Kanye West’ video youtube took down a few days ago. Criag breaks down Q’s drop on what was said in this meeting and brings us much more Q news…

Kanye meets with Trump at the White House. He speaks truth very intelligently! Sounding like a ‘True’ American patriots!


By the way, don’t mind the #kanye tag put up in the categories sections. It’s done intentionally to upset me, by my hacker friends, (I pray for their salvation and conversion). I learned from a soul’s message today on HisSacredHeart1 blog from Father God that He allows difficult circumstance and trials in our life for His glory and our strength and good.

God is the only one who knows what good comes from what we suffer and go through We all face challenges in life.

All Praise To Jesus!

They did not spell Kanye with a capital letter.

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I'm Marilyn, a Christian, a Heartdweller, and a Truther. I started, Trump-in-action blog in January 2017 to essentially, "Wake Up America & The World", to government corruption, lies, treason, and deceit. America, God is behind Trump's, "MAKE AMERICA Great, Again!" speech. He put Trump and Pence in office to clean up the 'Evil Swamp', at its highest levels and take down the Nazi Deep State, the Shadow Government, and the Military Industrial Complex working (underground under Obama & former Presidents, Bush, senior and junior and Clinton's) feverishly to usurp Trump's authority. Jesus 'said, "He wants America & the world in a good place when He comes for us in the rapture". He also said, "Under President Trump, we will experience Heaven on earth!"

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