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Q has still not posted, but he’s given us so much on his other drops that there’s really no need for him to post anything any time soon. All that’s left is for someone to decode what Q’s left us. So in this post, I’ll be highlighting another Q decoder you may not have heard of. Her name is Linda Paris.  She is decoding one of Q’s last post. In this video, she talks about Roseanne, Tom Arnold, Jeff Sessions, RR and balloons.

I listen to Linda, from time to time as I do with all the others I’ve introduced on this blog, especially when I’ve heard the others decode Q’s drops.

Here is a link to her blog & webpage is: http://www.deplorablemcallister.com

As I mentioned, Linda decodes Q as good as the others, however, her best work happens when she ventures out from the Q drops and into the Mega Memes, which are also finds on Q’s drops. Linda is actually very, very good at decoding the mega memes from the Q’s board. Of all the Q decoders I listen too, Linda seems to be the most experienced ‘Professional’ of the lot. She talks about her career and history in broadcasting and writing.

Anyways, check her out. I think she’s awesome and she loves president Trump too.

Her channel is not monetized.

VISIT HER DAILY BLOG…(for snarky politically incorrect humor)

Daily Blog: http://www.deplorablemcallister.com


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