The majority of the population supports President Trump



a soul

Brief Reflection about the Outcome of the Recent U.S. Midterm Elections – By a soul

COMMENT (By a soul):
It is a little past midnight for me and the media is calling the Senate for the Republicans (conservatives) and the House for the Democrats (liberals) in this recent midterm elections in the USA.
I am actually a little bit shocked, because, truly, I feel like this election was stolen by satan. When the votes were being counted, the delays and skewed polls with tight races had all the hallmarks of voter fraud and voting manipulation. And I am sitting here thinking to myself, My God, Christians really dropped the ball on this election. The majority of the population supports President Trump, but satan was able to steal this election because there was not enough prayer to stop him.
Of course, many people who follow this blog, MaryRefugeOfHolyLove, were praying today, and I thank you all with all my heart for helping Heaven. But, in general, Christians did not pray enough — we needed to pray at the same intensity, the same vibrancy, as the 2016 Presidential Election, and we did not.
For myself, I failed to consider the vital importance of this midterm elections until literally this past week. And truly, I realize that I could have done more, at least, through my blogs, to galvanize the grassroot votes and more prayers. But, I think each of us can look at ourselves and see areas where we could have done more to turn the tide but did not. So, I recognize that.
I do not know. It will be very interesting to see what Papa God says to us later on today at Holy Love Ministries and through other chosen messengers. I will reveal to you, my dearly beloved followers, but there are a few commentaries that I have “on hold” as I needed to see what the outcome of this midterm elections would be in order to write them. Why? Because I needed to know if I was going to write something more hopeful or more grim for the unfolding of the Divine Plan, as Heaven has been revealing to me in parts. Honestly, dear brothers and sisters, I do not know what this all means for us now, but truthfully, I tell you, for me, I do not think that this was a good election for the USA or the Divine Plan. The outcome was not a total loss, but I definitely think that there will be difficult consequences due to this election in our foreseeable future. This is just my gut reaction to this, but we shall see what Papa God says to us.
Anyways, I felt that I had to post something to the blog about my feelings on this, as I know so many of you follow my blog and were praying so hard and care so much for our country. Truly, as you likely know, no prayer is ever wasted and truly, all things are possible to God. So, let us continue to have hope and trust in God as we see how things develop. I am not a quitter and I know that none of you are either. So, let’s march ahead in the hands of Our Lord and Our Lady, as we continue to do all that we can to save our families, our friends and our communities, our nations, and the world.
I love you all. Thank you for supporting this blog with your love and prayers.
In Christ,
a soul

A Final Note

I feel simular to how a soul does – that more than likely voter tampering and fraud are at the heart of the Democrats winning of the House. We saw from Q’s drop last night on Just Informed talk with Craig’s decode how Texas polling center worker’s were allowing non-citizens to vote in the elections even though, they were not Americans. If this kind of cheaping were done all over the country it is no wonder the Dems won  hugely oever the house. But, this is what they (the dems) have been doing for years.
This is exactly how Obama managed to win two terms as President of the Untied States – because of voter cheating, tampering and fraud to get their desired outcome.
Father God, asked everyone including non-christians and believer’s to pray against this kind of things happening.  I guess we didn’t pray hard enough or there simply weren’t enough people praying world-wide as there should have been. Either way, we must continue the fight for America’s right’s, freedom,  and independency by banding  together and standing up for what is right, preaching the truth about the Father’s love for all mankind and coaking all to come to Jesus Christ, which is love persignified. This is the only way to defeat our common enemy, Satan through our prayers, standing strong for truth and what is right, and by spreading the gospel and the good news of Jesus’ glorious second coming – so all will prepared their lives and heart to meet Him at His return.
I believe I could have done more to help get the word out to vote Republician so people would realize how direr, vital and  important the Republician vote is for our nation and world – I assumed, wrongly the Republician would win across the board so President Trump’s policies,programs and agenda to make America great again with appointing the right people to right place at the right time for senate and house approved so Session, Hebert and Horwsz can start making arrests finalize the closure and take down the deep state cobol who are controlling our world.

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