Dave of Praying Medic Explains Q’s Decode  –  The Bait Was The House

Many believe Q, the president and the Republican’s lost big in the midterms and there was no ‘Red’ Wave, because the Dem’s won the house. But that’s because we don’t fully understand the plan.  We must understand ‘the plan’ then trust it.




After the elections, I was among those crying foul in disbelief on the Red Wave until I listened to Shawn’s video on SerialBrain2 now I understand the Dem’s did exactly what Q and the President knew they would do which is cheat at the polls in order to win the House.

On the surface, the dems win looks like a huge loss for Trump, Q and the country. However, all is not what it appears to be and the reality is that the Dem’s cheated (evidence for this is shown on Just informed Talk) at the polls to win the House. This is the only way they (the dems) could have won anything because they cheated to do so. This is what Trump and Q knew would happen.

They knew when Obama (and Michelle) begin campaigning for the Dem’s that something like cheating would occur. That is how Obama won both elections through the illegals crossing the borders illegally to vote.

Have you wondered why so many people were crossing the border at that time when they did? To help the Dem’s win the House. Soros’ used his money to pay people at the polls to allow anybody (mainly illegals) to vote for the Democrat. This is wrong, yet it happened. This will come back and bite the dems later.

Their cheating will be a major issue going forward and proven at a later date when the FISA documents are completely revealed – It is the FISA documents that take down the House. Take down the same House that the Dem’s now have control over. This was the plan all along. We must trust the plan

TRUST THE PLAN. Trust Q And The Trump Team They Have It ALL And They Won Everything They Needed In The Midterms To Take Down The Dem’s and the Deep State.

Trust The Plan America!



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I'm Marilyn, a Christian, a Heartdweller, and a Truther. I started, Trump-in-action blog in January 2017 to essentially, "Wake Up America & The World", to government corruption, lies, treason, and deceit. America, God is behind Trump's, "MAKE AMERICA Great, Again!" speech. He put Trump and Pence in office to clean up the 'Evil Swamp', at its highest levels and take down the Nazi Deep State, the Shadow Government, and the Military Industrial Complex working (underground under Obama & former Presidents, Bush, senior and junior and Clinton) feverishly to usurp Trump's authority. Jesus 'said, "He wants America & the world in a good place when He comes for us in the rapture". He also said, "Under President Trump, we will experience Heaven on earth!"

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