Infiltrating KKK – Recognizing the warlocks

The Brainwashing of America – Spike Lee-s BlacKkKlansman – Recognizing the warlocks – War Drummer

Published on Nov 12, 2018

Shawn is the War Drummer who works closely with SerialBrain2 – in fact, his is the voice heard most times on SerialBrains videos. In the past, I’ve wrongly, in the past introduced Shawn as SerialBrain2. It wasn’t until lately that I realize he is War Drummer and not SerialBrain.

Anyways, in this video Shawn talks about a movie, The BlackKlansman, he watched last night with his children. Shawn says the BlackKlansman movie is ‘brainwashing’ propaganda he’s ever seen.


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I'm Marilyn, a Christian, a Heartdweller, and a Truther. I started, Trump-in-action blog in January 2017 to essentially, "Wake Up America & The World", to government corruption, lies, treason, and deceit. America, God is behind Trump's, "MAKE AMERICA Great, Again!" speech. He put Trump and Pence in office to clean up the 'Evil Swamp', at its highest levels and take down the Nazi Deep State, the Shadow Government, and the Military Industrial Complex working (underground under Obama & former Presidents, Bush, senior and junior and Clinton's) feverishly to usurp Trump's authority. Jesus 'said, "He wants America & the world in a good place when He comes for us in the rapture". He also said, "Under President Trump, we will experience Heaven on earth!"

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