Metaphor for America, Pharaoh’s City

A Song About America

Still Small Voice

August 5, 2018

Metaphor for America, Pharaoh’s City

(Watch the Vimeo video)

This is one track from the Exodus album on our music Channel: Peace of Heart Dwelling Songs. The Lord made me very aware that this music was about America and the World, in bondage to materialism and secular humanism, which is merely another, more acceptable name for the tenets of the Church of Satan. When the Lord is ready, I will finish the album.

My People, My Chosen Ones, I gather your tears from shadows darkened.

My Children, Forsaken Ones, your groaning and chains of bitter bondage.

Your cries pierce My heart, your prayers rend My heart. I weep over you.

Your cries pierce My heart, your prayers rend My heart. I weep over you.

Many your sufferings, torments and heartaches.

I gather your tears and sorrowful cries,

Laments of despair.

Your cries pierce My heart

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I'm Marilyn, a Christian, a Heartdweller, and a Truther. I started, Trump-in-action blog in January 2017 to essentially, "Wake Up America & The World", to government corruption, lies, treason, and deceit. America, God is behind Trump's, "MAKE AMERICA Great, Again!" speech. He put Trump and Pence in office to clean up the 'Evil Swamp', at its highest levels and take down the Nazi Deep State, the Shadow Government, and the Military Industrial Complex working (underground under Obama & former Presidents, Bush, senior and junior and Clinton's) feverishly to usurp Trump's authority. Jesus 'said, "He wants America & the world in a good place when He comes for us in the rapture". He also said, "Under President Trump, we will experience Heaven on earth!"

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