PRAY For Malanie

Still Small Voice

Urgent – Cover Melania With Prayer
May 19, 2019

Thank You Lord for alerting us to danger. Lord, hear our prayers. Amen.

This is an alert to pray for Melania Trump. It came from one of our prayer warriors and priests, a woman of great prayer. And this is what she sent us.

“My rhema message today was Pray Harder, Enemies Advancing. After reading it, I felt the Lord wanted me to go into intercession and I saw Melania Trump on the balcony waving at people the White House and she got shot. An assassination attempt right in the chest.

“I asked Bible Promises if this was a true vision or a lying vision, and I got Holy Spirit.”

So, I’d like us all to pray very hard. Cover Melania with intercession and pleas.

And we got a Scripture also, on the heels of that.

Let all the earth fear the Lord;
let all the inhabitants of the world stand in awe of him!

This is Psalm 33 and it was given to Ezekiel.

For he spoke, and it came to be;
he commanded, and it stood firm.
The Lord brings the counsel of the nations to nothing;
he frustrates the plans of the peoples.
The counsel of the Lord stands forever,
the plans of his heart to all generations.

Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord,
the people whom he has chosen as his heritage!

The Lord looks down from heaven;
he sees all the children of man;
from where he sits enthroned he looks out on all the inhabitants of the earth,
he who fashions the hearts of them all
and observes all their deeds.
The king is not saved by his great army;
a warrior is not delivered by his great strength.
The war horse is a false hope for salvation, and by its great might it cannot rescue.

Behold, the eye of the Lord is on those who fear him,
on those who hope in his steadfast love, that he may deliver their soul from death
and keep them alive in famine. Our soul waits for the Lord;
he is our help and our shield.
 For our heart is glad in him,
because we trust in his holy name.
Let your steadfast love, O Lord, be upon us,
even as we hope in you.

So, that was a beautiful confirmation in the Scriptures that the Lord will intercede on our behalf.

God bless you, Heartdwellers. Let’s get to prayer for Melania.

Thank You Lord for alerting us to danger. Lord, hear our prayers. Amen.

This is an alert to pray for Melania Trump. It came from one of our prayer warriors and priests, a woman of great prayer. And this is what she sent us.


Trump Messages

Message From Jesus To Clare (Of Heartdwellers) About Donald J. Trump

May 19, 2016

In these early messages,  Jesus gave Clare insight about the life and heart of then candidate Trump. We will learn and see how Jesus has used this man, billionaire-Trump (and continues to do so) first as a candidate for the 2016 Presidential Election, who ran from literal pools of others running to defeat then, former first-lady, and Senator Hillary R. Clinton and made him the president of the United States. Where he is currently during all he can with the help of God’s grace, to clean up and drain the swamp, for God’s glory  to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

And, to this day, many, still don’t want to give the president his due (for giving us of country back from the rich bankers) or see him as God’s man, but the Father in heaven has used Donald to do what no other man has done in our country for over sixty years – take control from the Deep State and put it back in the hands of We, The People.

Let’s continue to pray God’s strength over him and his family. Amen.

This message is the first message in which Jesus introduced us (the heartdwellers) to Donald J. Trump as a possible replacement for Hillary in the White House. It was after this message that I got on board and fully supported, him as candidate, Trump. I wasn’t interested in the elections, presidency of who won. I was not planning on voting ever again after God told me in 2004 that Obama was part of the problem. I made up mind to never vote again.

Well, precious Heartdwellers. I need to make an announcement before I get into the message. I just want you to know that we still have books and CD’s and thumb drives on Amazon and they are about to charge us an outrageous amount of money for storage if they don’t get sold.

Sooo…I’m telling you ahead of time that we have paid all the costs for making these out of our own pockets, so you could afford them. And I just want to remind you that all you’re paying for on Amazon is the processing fee that they charge and the shipping. Everything else for the thumb drive and the album have already been paid by ourselves or by donors. So, that’s the only cost involved in getting these. Otherwise, they’d start around $25, they’d be very expensive, but I think they’re priced at like, $6. So, get them while you can and you can have them when things get bad. It will be too late at that time to get anything.

Before we pull them off Amazon, I’m just making a last announcement to you, please consider all the people that are going to be left behind that you know, and what you can do for them before it’s too late. My highest recommendations are for the Tethered Thumb Drive, and the album Tethered, which makes a very nice gift because of the packaging and it’s got the essence of the important things on it. These are things you can leave behind for your relatives in a big envelope with their names on it. I also recommend you put them in those inexpensive EMP protection, Faraday Cage Mylar envelopes in case there ever is an EMP attack after the Rapture, they will be able to open them on a new device. ‘Cause in an EMP attack, all information is wiped off of every drive, unless it’s in what they call a Faraday cage.

It is our responsibility to touch every single soul we can so they will understand they are not doomed, God does care about them. So many will commit suicide because their entire sense of self worth revolves around what they own and financial security. So many will ask where is God? Why didn’t He tell us this was going to happen? Others will say, there is no God, or He wouldn’t have let this happen. On the thumb drives we explain why He allows these things. And that may very well be the point in their lives where they realize GOD IS REAL. And God IS in control.

This indeed is what it’s all about: God is real and there is HOPE, so that people would have hope when nothing makes sense. So please, if you can order a few more of these resources. And one thing to remember: the cd’s and drives are manufactured to last, not like something you make at home where the files can deteriorate after time. I’ve had that really sad experience where I was backing things up on CD and I went to pull them up and they were all gone. There was just a black icon … nothing left but that shadow.

Now for the message.

The Lord Jesus is with us, Heartdwellers. He broods over us like a mother hen over her chicks, and has so much wisdom to impart to us. And as always, I am the guinea pig…

I’ve been preparing for the painting He has commissioned me to do…preparing by researching my materials and getting an idea of how to go about this.

I, I, I.

Well, most of you know where the “I” doing it leads to. That’s right, failure and confusion. So, here I am to confess my failure and confusion and complete frustration about how to go about this. He did tell me it was wisdom to research my materials before I got started, but I never came to Him and asked Him directly, ‘How do You want me to do it?’ So, He left an open door there for me to be foolish – and I walked right through it!

“I bring my confusion to You, Lord. I don’t want to waste anymore time on this.”

He answered me, “I understand, and I’m here to clear it up for you. Why did it take you so long for you to come to Me?”

I didn’t think of asking You, I just assumed.

“Well, you are showing much more wisdom now. Thank you for coming to Me. You already know what I want you to use, right?”

Here He is referring to the vision He gave me during worship that solved my dilemma about which medium to use. I had already invested in another medium which can be converted with a little work, but I felt badly that I might have wasted money.

“I do not want to shame you. I see you are truly sorry and afraid to buy anything at this point. You are familiar with this medium, and you can work your pastels into it. This can be done, quite easily I might add. You can have a peace about this, Clare, this is Me. Work with what you have a few other things, and we’ll be able to do this together. I will not let you down. I know how frustrated and disappointed you are. Let Me help you, we CAN turn this around.”

He continued, “You are in a good place now. A really good place. Contrition is always the very best place to be. Oh, if only My children could stay in this place, how humble they would be. Contrition and humility go hand in hand.

“Beloved family of God, all of you will benefit by deep contrition for your sins. Contrition moves the jagged rocks from the site where the foundation of humility is poured. When you encounter yourself in failure, it is one of the greatest gifts I can give you. You become aware of your nothingness and My great mercy and love for you.

“When you begin to see yourself as you truly are, I pour My love and grace all over you until you are nothing but a tiny speck carrying a huge bundle of light. Like an ant with a big twig, you aren’t even seen anymore. You are hidden beneath the gift of grace that dominates you.

“Contrition is the pre-eminent gift of predilection…meaning that you have been chosen and responded appropriately. Many are called, few are chosen, and even fewer respond. When you empty yourselves and become so small and insignificant in your own eye, even to the point of being a ‘detriment’ to yourself and others, then you are in the position to be used by Me for My highest callings.

“To get to this place, you will stumble many times. Indeed to stay in this place, it is necessary for you to continue to stumble, but getting right back up with My hand lifting you from that pit. I allow this because more than any other attribute but Love, Humility is necessary for all the gifts to flow and for you to be raised to that station in life destined for you from birth.

Although I am God, I did not consider equality with God in the eyes of onlookers something to cling to, but I emptied Myself, taking the form of a servant, even obedient unto death on an infamous cross…(He’s referencing Philippians 4:6 there.)

“I could be trusted with the most precious gifts because My Heart was not Proud. I assumed not only the body but the helplessness of man in his earthly condition. I did this for you, Beloved Church. I did this to reveal how you, too, must have this heart, being the lowliest of low in My house.

“Yet so many fight to be superior. To have more knowledge, more power, more, more, more of everything to secure their position. Do you know that is the trap of tyranny? Yes, when you are the best and have the most, you have to fight to maintain that status. You lose sight of who you truly are, why you are here and who I made you to be. Your standard becomes the same as society’s and you lose your identity as the precious person I made you to be. In this place, you are continually fighting to maintain your status and your life becomes a war zone for you – not the beautiful expression of your work through Me, with Me, and for Me, so that I shine through you.

“I am telling you this, My dear ones, because I don’t want you to be afraid of encountering your real self. It is quite necessary to you before you can be trusted with My gifts. Don’t be afraid to be feeling like a lion and catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and see that you are but a little kitten. There is nothing shameful in being little. Little is beautiful. All who have become great in Heaven, on Earth were very, very little ones.

“Moses did mighty things, yet in his own eyes he was so little and abased that he feared to speak for himself. The breaking he went through when he left Pharaoh’s house, the forty years he tended sheep, totally unknown out in the wilderness – all of that prepared him to encounter Me in the burning bush and remain very little in his own eyes, so he could carry the anointing and set My people free.

“The fastest way to accomplish great things is acting from total sincerity of the heart. Collapse before Me saying, ‘Lord, I am too little, I can’t do this, I just can’t do it.’ Then relying on Me to execute whatever it is. I come rushing to the aid of a little one such as this. Yes, you are a little one when you have embraced that place with your whole heart.

“And in contrast to this, the quickest way to fail at anything is to do it yourself. Even if you succeed in the eyes of others, you fail before Me and the great cloud, because it was done with the wrong heart attitude. But it is then that I allow the enemy to sift you with the next undertaking and the next and the next until the self-reliance is completely gone out of your character.

“How opposite to the world is that??? Instead of proving your competency over and over again, and thus qualifying for My work, you must fail over and over and over again in order to sign off on the application. I will not take anyone into My service who has not been humbled by multiple failures in the past.

“The man who has failed knows his limitations. The man who has failed looks on others as better than himself. The man who has failed has charity and compassion on those who struggle as he does. The man who has failed comes to Me on his knees and hands it over to Me saying, ‘I can’t do this Lord, I tried, but I can’t serve you as I should. I have failed.’

“This is the one I embrace and lift to his feet and say, ‘Come let us reason and work together. I will do it through you. Now that you have learned the truth about yourself, I can bring success to the work of your hands.’

“Every great vessel that has ever served Me has a profound understanding of his absolute nothingness. Without this attitude, I never could have used him. He might look confident to you, but I see him on his knees confessing his weaknesses. I see what you do not see. In his heart, he is but a kitten, while to others he may appear as a lion.”

Lord, why am I thinking of Donald Trump here? Is he one such man?

“No, Clare, not yet – but he will be. I am calling him into My service and he will learn that something beyond him is responsible for his successes. He will learn that I gave him all that he has, I led him and guided him with wisdom. He will recognize that nothing he has done has been done on his own.

“This is the other way I work with souls for My purposes. Look at Nebuchadnezzar. He was a mighty ruler, but one day he woke up crawling on the ground and snorting like a pig, totally unaware of who he once was. That is how I got his attention. Pray that I don’t need to use such drastic means on this candidate. He will encounter himself stripped of everything, standing before Me in My mirror. Then he will see who I truly am and who he truly is – and is not. Then the beauty of the man will arise, with Me living through him.

“Oh, you all have so much to learn about human nature and what I can accomplish with even the vainest of men. Is it not written that I hold the king’s heart in My hands?”

And that Scripture was quickened to me, so I looked it up. The king’s heart is like channels of water in the hand of the LORD; He turns it wherever He wishes. Every man’s way is right in his own eyes, But the LORD weighs the hearts….Proverbs 21:1-2

The Lord continued, “Do you see, My Christian people? You are looking at this man and wagging your fingers because you do not know the Scriptures, nor My power to turn hearts. You are making decisions based on your own limited wisdom and presuming you know what is best. You will presume yourself into another Obama and the New World Order if you do not put your trust in Me.

“This is why I tell you continually, opinion is no substitute for discernment. When you discern My times, My seasons, My choices, you will go against the current being generated by the ruling elite. When you think for yourselves, basing everything on your personal preference and the opinions of others, you will find yourself endorsing evil. Discernment takes time. Opinion is the lazy man’s way. This nation is in this fix right now because you were lazy. Don’t make the same mistake. Discern My times, My seasons and My choices. Stand with Me, not with popular opinion.

“Yet, I do not want you to lose the gist of this teaching. Beloved, this is about failures leading to the greatest success and seeing yourself in My mirror as the little kitten in need of protection and help. When you finally see yourself this way, that is when the lion will rise up to do it all through you.

“May you be confident in My Love. So confident that you allow yourself to see clearly in My Mirror who you are and who you are not. May you trust no longer in your own devices, but come to Me on your knees. ‘Lord, I am too little, I cannot do this.’ In your hearing ears, I offer you these graces. Take them, cherish them, and become who I have always created you to be.”

the end.

y78My Two Cents

Since I don’t much to report on in this blog, the Lord laid it on my heart to post all the old messages about Donald J. Trump so we can see our Jesus has used him over the past two and half years to show forth his glory and to change the hearts and minds of America’s around the country… and make them believe in the president and in God’s ability to change hearts and minds through prayer…

Meditating On The Lord’s Wounds

A Heartdweller’s Testimony Of Experiencing Jesus’ Passion

Meditating on the Lord’s Wounds
March 6, 2019

One of our dear Prayer Warriors had recently been desiring to draw even closer to the Lord than she was. Clare’s advice to her was: pray the Stations of the Cross. A former physician and the victim of serious physical trauma herself, she is well-versed in the needs and sights that come daily to a busy ER. The Lord used her knowledge to greatly enlarge her journey down the Stations of the Cross not too long ago. We’d like to share her journey with you.

Air Force One in Danger Now

Continue To Pray…

Still Small Voice

December 26, 2018

I did not receive this message notification as I should have and only saw it this morning. Clare put it out shortly before midnight last night or very early morning. Thank God, He averted this attack because of prayer. However, Potus is still under attack and he will be until the deep state is rounding up and arrested. Please continue to pray for our President, country and the world at least until the New Year.

If Trump is taken out, so goes the whole world – things will changed instantly and dramatically – not for the good.

Here’s Clares message: Air Force One In Danger

Heartdwellers, I’m requesting emergency prayer for President Trump’s plane. He is currently in the air, going from Iraq to Germany. And when Ezekiel saw that missile hit, he was heading north. So, please, pray for the safety of Air Force One.

End of message


Do Not Look Here

Just Informed Talk

Q also makes mention that Senator Dianne Feinstein was in China making deals unfavorable to the US. She and her husband have made millions with their China -connections.  Q talks about Amazon, Google, and Dragonfly and how they are making deals and money with their ‘China’ connections that are for their profit and not America’s as a whole.

Look here, and don’t look there, it’s all about China and Vice-president, Mike Pence’s speech to China last week as he called on Google to stop its practices with China against fellow American’s.

Craig breaks down the Trump rally tonight and his plan to use Ethanol all this and much more…

Lastly, Q also addresses many Anon’s concerns that “nothing is happening,” in regards to unsealed indictments and locking up members of the deep state, clowns and bad actors.


As an aside,

I do not use Google in any way shape or form

I try not to use Google for anything anymore…I use HTTPS://wwwduckduckgo,com for as a search engine instead. I wish I could remove google from all my computer and devices.

Trump To Impose Martial Law

From David Zublick


October 2, 2018

This is a dire warning to Truth Unsealed viewers, regarding the President of The United States: We believe President Trump is about to enact Martial Law throughout the United States, which will temporarily limit the freedoms of it’s citizens, with severe repercussions for violators. This is for the purpose of arresting Deep State traitors using sealed indictments, and setting up Military Tribunals, just as was done during World War Two. This includes Deep State actors with names as common as Clapper, Mueller, Brennan, Obama, and Clinton — to finally bring them to justice. Is Donald Trump finally about to drain the Swamp? David Zublick unseals the horrible truth in part one of this two part special report! Please visit our other channels to see part two of this two part investigative report. It’s the part YouTube doesn’t want you to know!

Go here to view second part of this report. Let me warn you – most of these video’s on this page are not suitable for anyone under 21 and should be viewed with extra cautious. Most of the video’s posted to this Bit Chute page are about the pedo-crimes and people’s ( like actor, Tom Hanks, Hillary, the Pope and others) faces can be seen on the cover of the video who are said to be involved with endangering our children.

Watch at you own peril.

Click here to watch Part Two of Truth Unsealed Trump To Impose Martial Law:




President is bringing down those who have corrected our government for decades and draining the ‘Swamp” he promised to take down during the 2016 Presidential elections.



omPresident Donald J. Trump calls Fox News in phone comments on Democrats release of memo with Judge Jennie Pirro. They discuss all he has done in one year to improve the country including bringing jobs back to America, economy improved,  stock market improving and jobs. Trump says, “We must come together as a nation, we shouldn’t be fighting.” He tells Judge, Pirro “The demo’s memo really verifies and confirms the Numes/FSIA memo he put out weeks back. The  demo’s memo has a lot of bad things in that documents for their sides with a lot of bad things happening for their side not ours, but for their (demo’s) side.  There was no conclusion Trump says. “I have always said this to anybody who asked, “I’ve always said, there was no phone calls, no meetings no nothing.  It had nothing to do with Russian’s and elections, but everything to do with the other candidate and conclusion“. The president says, the demo’s did not push hard for their document and it proves the FSIA memo that’s why they didn’t push hard for it it proves no conclusion as well. Trump says, he has a lot of good idea’s and a lot of energy and he gets things done. When Pirro asks, “why do you think your programs and approval rating has soared in the last few months”? fireworksTrumps says, its that he has been cutting regulations for about a year now. Because before when he came into the office you couldn’t do anything, You couldn’t build you couldn’t do anything until he cut regulations now jobs and big companies like Foxcan and Chrysler jobs are coming back to American.  Judge Pirro, says after eighteen months not any kind of evidence of  conclusion with the Trump campaign been proved. She remarked, how great Trump’s approval rating are and they are soaring. She said, C-Pax has his approval rating at 93 percent. Trump says, No other administration has done what he has done in the first year. He wanted to remind, Pirro and he audience it was former president Obama who was in the white house during all this stuff with Russia and he did nothing. Trump says, his supporters constantly say, Obama was the president during all these deals with Russia and others crimes during the entire time and he did nothing Obama allowed all this stuff  (deals to buy Uranium from Russia, spying on his campaign and Hillary emails and other crimes) to go on and he did nothing until after he won the presidency and then everyone wanted to call foul. Had Hillary won nothing would have been said and their crimes would have gone on forever.

Trump says, many in the Demo’s camp got scammed by people posing as Russians including Adam Schiff got scams by someone he thought was a Russia.


Trump says he is working hard on a stronger gun control legislation with a good back ground check bill coming forth. Back ground checks are going to be very strong so legislation must be strong. Trump admits, we will also have very powerful mental health background bill and checks. He wants to have some schools and teachers armed with guns so those coming into schools will not use the teachers, schools or students for target practice because school are no “gun free zones”. He said, some of the schools and teachers in states will be armed to prevent this kinds of senseless killings and murders do not occur. Trump says, the guys, Chris and Wayne at the NRA are really good Parrots they love the American and they love our country. He says,pexels-photo-753339.jpeg

,they will do what they can to make America great.


Trump has 700 Billion Dollars for the Military he says,  our military had been treated very, very badly by the Obama administration and previous administrations before Obama. They were depleted of funds. Trump says, the country needs this to be a cheerleader for the armed services and our soldiers. The generals want a parade and he wants to have one on the 4th of July if we can do one that is costly we will. If it won’t be costly for the country we won’t have a parade.


Mainstream media continues to lie, report false narratives and bad mouth the president. When asked, what Trump thought about mainstream media, he says, all the new channels ratings are doing good because of him. They will all support him during the 2020 elections because they have no one else and they will all endorse him. He thinks six months before the 2020 elections all the news channels will endorse me until after the elections then they’ll go back to hating me. Trump calls MSNBC and CNN fake news but he likes Fox News.

Video link below is his call to Justice and Judge Jennie Pirro:

Omarosa Manigault-Newman

Why Was She Really Fired?

Image result for Omarosa Manigault


Well, we finally know why Omarosa Manigault was fired from the Trump administration.

According to a report published Tuesday by Politico, the “Apprentice” alum and current “Celebrity Big Brother” contestant had been using the White House car service as her own personal commuting taxi — and yeah, that’s not allowed.

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly dismissed Manigault in December after learning that the former director of communications for the Office of Public Liaison had violated federal rules with her use of the White House car service, three administration officials told Politico.

Maybe, you like, me wondered why Omarosa got fired from her white house job with the Trump administration? Well, here’s the official story taken from whitehouse.gov

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Why We Don’t Want This Woman To Stay On The Bench

Published Feb 13, 2018

This message and video comes from the You tube channel of Bill Smith, from a Q anon post. In case you don”t know who Q anon is? He’s a Trump friendly person who put out important posts and information all over the internet especially on You tube to keeps ‘truthers’ up-to-date on what going on in the Trump camp to those standing on the front lines with the president in his efforts to take back our country from the evil Deep State military industrial complex Cabal and return it to back to We, The People, so we can make America a great nation again.

Q posted RBG wants to legalized prostitution and pedophilia!! And take us back to 1977.  Bill says, the judge is an Clinton appointee, which is a huge Red Flag! But I think she needs to go.  She sounds like Obama who thought its okay to pass laws that allow boys and men who felt on any given day they are transgender could use the bathroom of regular gendered children under the Bathroom Law. That wasn’t okay, neither is what RBG is proposing in legalizing pedophilia and prostitution.

This is exactly what’s going on right. So we all heard about Pizza-gate and Pedo-gate revelations where our leaders took our children and did whatever they wanted to do to them. This stuff is still happening. Thank God, Trump is doing his best to change all this and rescue all the children out of the clutches of these horrible sick people. Their are so many children right now, who are being sexualized, tortured, ritually mind controlled, abused and trafficked for the sexual pleasures to the elite. Trump wants to bring all these criminals to justice for all their crimes against humanity and these precious little ones and those men, woman and children who are traffickied for sexual pleasures by those evil men and woman who run our country. We must not continue to allow this madness to go on. Especially, by lower the age of consent for sex with children from the age of sixteen to twelve years old as the justice RBG has suggested. Is she kidding???

What damage would this do to our children by legallizing sex with them at any age under the age of consent? She also states in the above video that Pedophilia is good for the children. The link to that video is below.

Wikipedia On The Mann Act

Bottom line – the Mann Act makes it illegal to cross state lines for the immoral purpose” of sex. This is what Wikipedia has to say about The White-Slave Traffic Act, or the Mann Act, is a United States federal law, passed June 25, 1910 (ch. 395, 36 Stat. 825; codified as amended at 18 U.S.C. §§ 24212424). It is named after Congressman James Robert Mann of Illinois, and in its original form made it a felony to engage in interstate or foreign commerce transport of “any woman or girl for the purpose of prostitution or debauchery, or for any other immoral purpose”. Its primary stated intent was to address prostitution, immorality, and human trafficking, particularly where trafficking was for the purposes of prostitution. This is one of several acts of protective legislation aimed at moral reform during the progressive era. In practice, its ambiguous language about “immorality” has resulted in its being used to criminalize even consensual sexual behavior between adults.[1] It was amended by Congress in 1978 and again in 1986 to apply to transport for the purpose of prostitution or illegal sexual acts.[2]

My thoughts on RBG

RBG sounds like a monster. She is not the kind of Judge I believe we should have on the seat of the highest court of the land. She sees no problem with children and adults engaging in sexually intercourse. There is something seriously wrong with that. We should pray God remove her from the bench long before he returns in the Rapture so Ruth Bader Ginsburg won’t get her chance to molest our children at will.

Wikipedia  Sharia, Sharia law, or Islamic law

(Arabic: شريعة‎ (IPA: [ʃaˈriːʕa])) is the religious law forming part of the Islamic tradition.[1] It is derived from the religious precepts of Islam, particularly the Quran and the Hadith. In Arabic, the term sharīʿah refers to God’s immutable divine law and is contrasted with fiqh, which refers to its human scholarly interpretations.[2][3][4] The manner of its application in modern times has been a subject of dispute between Muslim traditionalists and reformists.[1]

Traditional theory of Islamic jurisprudence recognizes four sources of sharia: the Quran, sunnah (authentic hadith), qiyas

The dangers of Sharia Law is this law is the same one that governs Muslim countries and under this law woman and girls are treated worst than slaves – more like animals.

What Jesus said about Sharia Law & Sex With Kid

In December 2015 Jesus told Clare after the Rapture Muslims will come in by Sheath to take over control our country as Obama did. They will do away with our Constitution installing by installing their new brand of Islam under the Mahdi who will be homosexual and is Obama.

Under this new system of the Sharia Law everyone must deny faith in Jesus Christ by signing a pledge of allegiance to their god, the Mahdi.

 Here is an excerpt of that teaching from Still Small Voice’s YouTube Channel. It’s called:  Prophetic Rapture Dream & NWOJesus continued, “There will be a coup in your government. Suddenly Islamic candidates will rise to power just as your president did, by stealth and intrigue, coming from nowhere and preaching a platform of world peace. Prosperity and progressiveness will be touted as the banner of the day, even as it was in Hitler’s day – and those who wish to be fashionable and accepted will easily fall into line, for their glory is their shame.”But Islam does not allow for homosexuality? “It will.
This new brand of Islam will; the Mahdi will be a homosexual.” No! That can’t possibly be! But of course, it if were Obama, that would be the perfect candidate.I had an experience with the Lord where He took me to a Mosque in the middle east, there were cobras coming out from behind the central worship area and when He took me back there I saw a throne covered with an awning at the end of a very, very long narrow room where men were seated on the floor cross legged, talking to one another. At the left hand of the throne, seated on the floor was Osama Bin Laden. They were all waiting for the Mahdi. Along with that I saw who I would one day recognize as Obama, at the Capitol rotunda appearing at a gala in his honor, and being introduced as our Savior. “Our savior is here!” And then he introduced Obama.
The Lord continued, “Oh yes, it can. The agenda is total corruption and everything laid before the world will lead only to debauchery, even molestation of children. Oh yes, Clare, it is coming. Believe Me, it is already established in the groundwork of this government. It will soon be legalized and fact. Do you see now that the whole world is one sewer of corruption before Me? Do you understand…there is no more time left?“Anyone who does not agree with the articles of this new government in the world – anyone – will be coerced, persecuted and executed. It’s just that simple. Pledge your allegiance or die.”  Jesus said, the ground work for having sex with children is already taken place in your country. His probably referring to The Mann Law and what justice RBG is saying in this above video. We need to stay on our knees and keep our children held up in prayer to Abba, God.

Lastly, I wanted to add Clare’s video to this post I could not find it. I included the name of the video and the date if you should wish to look for it yourself above in light colored words of blue.

Please, remember these words of encouragement: You are blessed, so you can in return, be a blessing to those you meet!

Trump Plans To Revamp SNAP Cut Food In Half


The Trump administration has a proposal to replace some of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program’s (SNAP) cash benefits with boxes of physical food. The plan, outlined in the administration’s budget blueprint for fiscal year 2019, is being dubbed “America’s Harvest Box” by the Department of Agriculture. It would provide 16.4 million households, about 81% of current food stamp recipients, with boxes of non-perished food items grown by U.S. farmers to place of some of their SNAP aid.

The government’s proposed program would apply to households that receive more than $90 in food stamp benefits. Items that could be included in a government-issued food box are grains, peanut butter, canned meat, canned fruits and vegetables, juice and other shelf-stable products, according to

Image result for processed food

the Department of Agriculture. Nothing has been decided this is one of the proposals the government will decide what to inclufe based on nutrition guidelines utillized for other, existing programs, such as the existing programs, such as the Emergency Food Assistance Program and the Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservation Under current SNAP guidelines, Americans are free to spend their benefits on food items of their choice. Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Director Mick Mulvaney compared the proposal to a “Blue Apron-type program,” which is a meal kit delivery service that provides members with ingredients to cook their own meals.

The video below is formed Anthony Brian Logan Published on Feb 13, 2018 giving his opinion on Trump’s ‘Snap Food Stamp Box’ proposal

Blessed To Give

When I first began this post thinking this America Harvest Box would be a good thing because I know how important it is to care for the poor and those who are without some of the basic things we all take for granted like having fresh food and water to drink. I was all ready and prepared with scriptures to drive home the point of providing fresh food for those on SNAP. I had my give to give to those less fortunate speech ready to post and then I checked my source again and this time five hours later I get a different take on the so called America Harvest Box. And it wasn’t good. I can’t possible endorse a box filled with processed – food in boxes and cans which is basically junk food for anybody.

No, the American Harvest box will be filled with can milk, grains, peanut butter, canned meat, canned fruits and vegetables, juice and other shelf-stable products boxes of undesirable food. I was gonna say, if America takes care of their own we all prosper that we’ll all be stronger, riches and prosperous for doing so.

I even added several scriptures from this morning when I read did my daily devotional from Proverbs dealing with subject of poverty, the poor, and how God blesses those who give to them often:

Proverbs 14: 22 The poor is hated even of his own neighbour: but the friends of the rich are many. 21 The sinner despiseth his neighbor: but he that hath mercy on the poor, is blessed.

Proverbs 14:31

He that oppresseth the poor, reproveth him that made him: but he honoureth him, that hath mercy on the poor.

I also added to this post my own food stamp days thirty years ago and how God wants the world to take care of the poor, widows, orphans and the fatherless. So I don’t condemn those on food stamps (SNAP).

Proverbs 31:9
Open thy mouth, judge righteously, and plead the cause of the poor and needy.
James 1:27
Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.

I was prepared to talk about how GImage result for processed foodod intended, for families in communtities to be self sufficient and to care for and take care of their own. If there happened to be dirt poor.  He would be supported by his family and not burden the churches or house of God will take responsbilty to care for indivduals as a man. God did give the church charge to care fro the widows if they were under a certain age and had no family. But it was not the primary job of the Old Testament church. In the New testament a collection for the poor was taken up on Sunday’s There is a blessing to those who feel compelled to give to the poor. If one feels burdened to care for the poor, to feed, cloth, give water or drink. or visit God did tpromises to bless them.

Luke 6:38

Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again.

“Blue Apron” home delivery box as seen on Television commercials is high quality I don’t believe the government will give those or SNAP such a box filled with fresh and healthy food although they should. People need good food not processed food. When I lived in Maryland I signed up to have a online Vegetable & Fruit box delivered to my home called: The Washington’s Green Grocery depending on the size of the box it costs anywehre from $25.00 to $65.00 per box.Home

Getting a box of food delivered to your home saved me planning and shopping time and convenience. I loved it. My box came from a local farmer and the food tasted good. If I wanted a box every week or bi-weekly or monthy- that’s what I ordered and paid-for it online the day I ordered it. The following week my box arrived at my job in Temple Hills, Maryland they didn’t deliver to my home in Waldorf, Maryland.

So now that I understand what is planned for Trump’s Harvest box – I not happy with a box with no grains, no fruit, no veggies and nothing fresh will be in it at all. That’s not good. This harvest box would not be ‘a good deal’ in my opinion. People, the elderly, school aged children and toddlers especially small and very young children need healthy nutritious food to eat not processed or junk foods.   I wouldn’t want that kind of box delivered to me. ‘The Harvest America’ SNAP box is no Blue Apron Home Meal Delivery Company.

I do believe the ‘America Harvest Box’ will put an end to fraud, that occurs from people abusing and misusing the system, but it will do nothing to providing  quality, healthy and nutritious foods poeple need and deserve. This American Harvest Boxes, Mr. President might turn out to be the worst ideas of your administration.

Sorry, Trump if you go with this Harvest box it will be the first time since you’ve been in office I do not go with you on this one. I am not on board with this revamp.



Moving Forward

Rebuilding America & Other

No more roadblocks to rebuilding America
This article comes directly from WhiteHouse.gov February 13, 2018

The Anderson Memorial Bridge between Boston and Cambridge, Massachusetts, sits near the heart of Harvard University. An elegant, Georgian Revival structure, it took 11 months to build the original bridge in 1912.

When it came time to repair it nearly 100 years later, the project dragged on for close to 5 years—at a significant cost overrun.

Why did it take more than 5 times as long to repair the structure today as it did to create it more than a century ago? The Anderson Bridge project was the victim of a bloated, tangled patchwork of regulatory oversight that squanders the advantages of modern technology in building fast, safe, and reliable infrastructure throughout America.

This week, President Donald J. Trump laid out six principles for reversing this unacceptable trend. One such principle: Return decision-making authority to the state and local communities whose needs are most at stake.

See the President’s 6 principles for rebuilding America here.

A special 200th birthday
Most people know February 14 as Valentine’s Day, but today holds another significance that all Americans should be familiar with: It is the 200th birthday of abolitionist leader Frederick Douglass.

In honor of African American History Month, Vice President Mike Pence visited the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington yesterday. Authorized by President George W. Bush in 2003 and opened to the public in 2016, the museum has quickly become a major destination in the Nation’s capital.

“It is deeply humbling for me to stand before you today in the midst of this great national monument to the struggles, the sacrifices, and the triumphs of so many American heroes,” the Vice President said. “The history that’s recorded in these halls literally is stitched into every fabric of the American story.”

Later yesterday afternoon, African American leaders from across the country joined President Trump and the First Lady for a reception at the White House commemorating African American History Month.

Read more about the special meaning of this year’s African American History Month.

On tax reform, the good news keeps rolling in
In the weeks following the passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, American companies have unleashed a remarkable stream of wage increases, bonuses, and retirement account contributions—all while sharing plans for even greater investment in workers and equipment alike.

As of this week, more than 350 companies have made these intentions public, announcing more than $150 billion in planned investments at home and $4.2 billion in bonuses paid to more than 4 million U.S. workers. The largest U.S. company, the largest U.S. bank, and the largest U.S. employer have all announced intentions to raise worker wages or give out bonuses during the past few weeks.

What does all of this good news add up to? While it’s impossible to measure with complete certainty the effects of such sweeping legislation, the President’s Council of Economic Advisers estimates that the total increase in annual pay resulting from tax reform will reach $4,000 per household.

Read more: Companies announce benefits of tax reform for American workers

Photo of the Day


Official White House Photo by Joyce N. Boghosian


President Donald J. Trump, First Lady Melania Trump, and U.S. Surgeon General Vice Adm. Jerome M. Adams 


This morning, President Trump will meet with bipartisan members of Congress about infrastructure. In the afternoon, the President will participate in a working session regarding the opportunity zones provided by tax reform.

Later, the President will sign H.R. 4708, the DHS Blue Campaign Authorization Act, and S. 534, the Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Assault and Safe Sport Authorization Act.

Deep State Planning To Nuke Bridge In California & Possibly In New York

We Are In Very Great Danger! But There Is Hope, If…

My Father grieves with Me and My Holy Spirit—but some things cannot be totally averted. Nevertheless, your prayers are powerful and We do hear them. And We do consider them. And We do make changes to accommodate your prayers. “Yes, Our hearts are breaking with looming tragedies that will take innocent lives; We cry over the very thought of these. Please. Please do press in and pray! “What can be done? Yes, you can pray with all your hearts that these things can be lessened, averted or postponed—and again I tell you, your prayers are heard in Heaven. Satan has many plans for the Earth, many of them have already come to fruition. But I tell you again: your prayers are powerful and My Father is STILL in complete control of what will happen here.” The evil men of this world have the technology to start tsuami, earthquakes and weather anomalies  as we’ve seen with the Hurricanes and the movies they show us of their power and capabilites as we saw this pass summer. Please pray for our nation and for your families.

The Deep State do not want their sins and crimes broadcasted to We, The people, and they will stop at nothing to make him look bad, impreach him and continue their evil plans to destroy America. They have used the news, television, newspaper other politicans and celebrities to make their case as well as high ranking member of the Deep State Cobal who Trump and his team are pursuring to put in jail for treason and various other crimes against America. They have done a successful job so far in convincing America he is too blame for the nations problems, not them.

Open your eyes America see the truth and get on the right side of this war. Because it is a war not only for the country, but for our very lives and that of your children and grandchildren. Jesus promised, if we all prayer God will do his part to protect us from the evil planned against us…but we must pray.

Click link below to hear the entire message from Clare and Jesus