Month Long Fasting & Pray Vigils

We Won This Battle For Almost Five More Years!


My last post – September 2017 and things weren’t looking good for America – fire raging in California and four other western states, Hurricane Harvey, Irma, Jose and Marie were barring down on the coastal area’s of Puerto Rico, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida  Turks and Cacao’s and the Caribbean Islands.

Jesus gave Clare of Heart-dwellers dot com that Father, God has heard our cries for mercy and more time – The battle during those storms was furious and more than some could handle. They  jumped ship and are now fighting ever great battles for their souls…

To those who stay the course and finished that race…a crown of pure gold is promised for all those who love his appearing.

During that month long suffering, heart aches, pain and longing the battles we carried and cried out for was tremendous and we cried many – a tears.  God saw our lamenting over those still lost souls who have not come into the safety of the ark . God heard mourning and saw all those tears run down our faces.. and has granted us more mercy, more grace and more time to soil seeds of faith and love as we work hard – hard to gather in the harvest for the kingdom of God.

We have been extended almost, but not quite five whole years – God won’t tell us exactly how long our wait will be before the see the sky open and our Lord Jesus appears with all the hold angels. But, I’ll tell you this four years, four and a half, or four years and three-quarters – we have enough time to get the job done so souls won’t be pouring into Hell but rest safely and securely at the feet of God’s knee.

So what are you waiting for…let’s get busy sowing and bring in the harvest of souls to the bosom of God.


Standing Up For What Is Right & For Righteousness.

images NVBWhen Sitting on the side is not accepted or enough.

A change is spreading across the country. God is the author of these changes that will suddenly come to pass. He is doing a mighty right now through all the sufferings, the disasters, the clean up and the coming together of the nation, people and the world.

We cannot see it at this time, but He is doing a work in the Spirit realm to be manifested in the natural at His time. We should be looking for God’s move in every aspect of human life: in our government, our schools, in our courts, with our laws and lawmakers.  He is cleaning up, cleaning out and cleaning house.

We see it on the news it they bother to tell the truth and not spread lies as before about what is really going on in the country. As people, the cities and states raised by the Hurricanes, the fires, the smoke and the earthquakes subside people will dig out, swim out and shake themselves off from the rubble, the deluge and smoke, fire and ashes and walk into the light of God’s miracles amid it all.

Faces may look the same, places may be gone, broken and torn and in need of serious rebuilding and repair. But a change has come. We will not remain the same through the shaking God has shook up things on the Hill, in the White House, in Congress, the house of Representatives and all over this land.

GOD IS pulling covers back, unleashing His Holy Spirit on the land. We will no longer be able to sit back and just let things be. No, we have a charge to do and say what is right. No, longer will we let our elected officials do as they please pass laws that do not serve ‘all’ the people, but only a few. No, longer can they be concerned with their own needs and not those of the little people, the middle-class, the poor, the weak, the homemaker, the sick, the underpaid, and the needy.

No, in the aftermath of all these calamities? We arise as a people sick and tired of yesterday politics or yesterday stalling. We want and need answers to our officials about everything we have been lies about. We want and need answers. No, we demand answers about everything from

What happened at Area 51? Who killed Kennedy? Did we really go to the moon? What is the shape of the earth? And lately, Why the cover-up of 9/11 and what really happened that day? We are entitled to answers. We are entitled to the truth.

Shall we continue America in the path once trodden by our leaders in sin, ignorance,  wickedness, in turning a blind eye to corruption, unrighteousness, human trafficking, the buying and selling of drugs, sex with child and guns to countries in support of ISIS and other terrorist groups. Should we sit silence as out leaders worship devil’s and do all kings of immortality right under our noises while we pay them to lie, trick and deceive us.

Should we allow our government to control plan parenthood and tell us when  worship and evil underground governments working treasonous acts to unseat our president and start wars? Or shall we allow the business as usual mindset to take our country down?

Are we too just sit on the sidelines and do nothing or should we raise our voices to the hill of Washington D.C. and demand accountability and leadership changes. No more life-time politicians serving term after term after term and do nothing for the people of their cities and states?

It’s time to raise up America and lift up our voices and be heard. ‘we must either stand for God or stand with those (the devils) who do not like God. He has answered our prayers. He has heard our cries for justice and mercy. Now its time for us to do the rest its time to chose sides. Are you for right or are you for the same old same old.

We can no longer afford to sit on the side and saying “I won’t do anything. I don’t care what our leaders do as long as they leave me alone they can do as they please”. That’s no longer good enough. We all must chose and we all must take a stand one way or the other.

Do what is right or continue to do what is wrong. We must all answer to God for our decision.

Being neutral is no longer accepted.

False Prophets Have Led My People Astray Part 1

Another Message From JESUS to Clare On His Return.

There are groups of believers that have been circulating false prophecies and stories about the Lord’s return and the end of the world coming about on September 23rd. Well…here we are. Obviously, it was another rumor and not authentically from God. And we have a few people on the Channel who INSIST on sharing prophecies from other channels that contradict what the Lord has been telling us here. And I’m asking you all: if you see something like that, would you please—if you have it in your heart—refute it? Because it’s causing unrest and instability to people who are very impressionable. And it’s wrong to do this. The Lord has given us some wonderful promises, and He is Faithful. We’re praying. We’re fasting. And He is Faithful to bring them about. So, tonight I was going to write a letter to the prayer warriors, explaining to this to them. And telling them to please be on the alert for those who are circulating these false prophecies.

And I just had stumbled across Kim Clement’s end time predictions. And I felt the anointing on it when I saw it, so I decided to listen to it. It’s a 10-minute piece. And he was confirming everything the Lord had told me.   So, I was going to advise you all to listen to this 10-minute segment on what God has in store for America.  But then the Lord took over and began speaking to me about those who have come against this channel, circulating false prophecies, when I have asked them repeatedly: Please! Do not do this! Over a two- or three-year period—and they STILL do it. Because what they are reporting is totally opposite of what the Lord has told us, and it is causing confusion.  Many of you are seasoned, but there are some that are NOT seasoned Christians.

And they listen to these things and it causes them fear and anxiety. And it’s terrible, because the Lord has given us a word to stand on about what He’s doing in this nation. So, I am hoping all of you will see the truth and the lies, and not allow them to pass these words onto you. You have free will; all I can do is advise you as Jesus has advised me. But still, some will not cooperate and they’ll withstand the Lord’s words to us.  Please uphold His honor. I love, honor and appreciate you all SO much, we need to lying prophecies. So, these are the words of the Lord tonight: “To My precious prayer warriors: those of you who have not compromised but kept My wishes as the law of your heart.  You have not sought the scintillating news on the internet—Youtube prophecies about yesterday being your last day on Earth, and all the fear mongering of those who are led astray by false prophets.

Fear of Russia, fear of N. Korea, and all the other false flag news to keep your mind off your present time assignments and duties—to keep you searching hours and hours on the news of My coming.    “With you, I am well pleased.  You will have peace in your heart because of your obedience. You will have much fruit in My Kingdom because you persevered and kept your focus on My wishes and did not stoop to be entertained and waste time on false reports of My coming.   “These are those which I spoke about in Matthew 24: there will be many false prophets, lying visions and rumors to keep people in a state of insecurity and uproar.  “This is not My will for you.  I have chosen Heartdwellers to be a unique people of love, focused on love and intimacy with Me. As the early Church of Philadelphia, the Brotherly Love church, which I promised would be taken in the Rapture, this is Pure and Living Water.  “What is being circulated as true prophecy of disaster to America is poisoned water— and a well cannot have both bitter and pure water.

“Those who spread these rumors are bitter wells and false prophets trying to take your attention off the peace and security I have planned for you, My people. This is a season of outpouring of gifts and anointings for those or you who are focused on My will.   “But there are those that would raise themselves up against Me and circulate all kinds of lies and tales from false prophets, astrologers, and fear mongers—who are trying to derail your faith and keep you from seeing the real enemy, which is the shadow government born from the new world order.” Now, some people would ask me, “Well, how are they derailing your faith?” Very simply: because nothing happens. These predictions come hot and heavy, broadcast all over the place—and NOTHING HAPPENS. And you’re a laughing-stock, because you told everyone that this was going to happen—and it didn’t happen.  And when THAT happens, you not only derail the faith of those around you, that could have been saved, believed in the Lord…you’re also undermining your OWN faith. Because you’re listening to lying rumors.

The Lord continued, “I am calling you, Heartdwellers, to purify your hearts from these rumors.  Stop entertaining and acknowledging those who are following every sensational prediction NOT from My true prophets.   Defend My honor. I have told you what is in store for you; defend My honor and refuse to take part in listening to those who come to you with popular tales meant to stir up fear and insecurity.  They are poison to My Body and I am calling those of you who truly believe, love and obey Me, to speak against these lying predictions. “Much of this is invented to make money, but My sheep don’t understand the true nature of those who are always stirring up fear. Their subscriptions soar, their wallets fatten, but their judgment will be severe—because their motives are self-promotion and worldly gain. And through their greed, they have led many innocent victims astray.

“Cleave to Me, My People, and I will tell you when to prepare for what.  “Now is a season of growth for the Earth; now is the time to spread My Love and My Coming. Now is the time to use your gifts and to continue fasting, that the evil powers of this world will be seriously delayed in carrying out their agenda of ruining this country.   “Each of you are precious to Me and speak to others with no motive other than to glorify Me and prepare the world for My coming.   “Others who follow false prophets are stirring up insecurity and keeping My vessels unto honor from moving forward with their giftings.  They are not for Me— they are against Me. And I am calling on you who know better to refuse to take part in their poison.

“There will be a huge wave of  confused  souls hung over from these exciting rumors generated that never came to pass. Now is a very good time to apply loving correction and point them in the right direction.  “Exhort them to use their gifts for the Kingdom of God.  Stop looking up at the sky and get busy! You know He’s coming. Glance up there from time to time, to acknowledge it. Don’t sit around staring at the sky. Use your gifts for the Kingdom. Exhort them to know themselves so they will not be so easily carried away by every flashy rumor and devilish wile.  Exhort them to examine their hearts and repent before Me for those sins they have ignored, for the needy they have passed by in their rush to prepare for the end of the world.   “I have taken and set you aside for My purposes, and I am sending you out to correct those who have been caught up in lies and rumors.  With love, exhort them to return to Me and set to work on My agendas.   “I am coming soon, and many are not ready because they have immersed themselves in false prophecies and not worked on their own hearts.  Many will not be taken, because they have taken no time to reform their lives and live only for Me.    “Exhort with love, expose the lies, call them back to Me.”

President Trump In Prophecy

A sound of Prayers from the White House

This prophecy is from two years ago, but it is just as powerful, effective and relevant today as it was in 2015.  We are on the crest of a great move of God He is doing something He has never done before in this country.

A few days ago, Clare from heart dwellers talked about Kim Clement’s Last Prophetic word concerning North Korea, Iran and the enemies of America. Although, Kim is gone to be with the Lord, the words of his prophesy resound. Here is an excerpt of the prophecy from August 8, 2015

“Do not be afraid of North Korea, do not be afraid of Iran; do not be afraid of the nations, for in 2016 everything will change, “says the LORD.” There will be a sound of liberty from the White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue shall be surrounded by people that will pray and ask Me to intervene and I shall, “says the LORD.” So what is the foreboding sound? Those are your greatest enemies who call themselves citizens, but they are enemies of the Cross and enemies of the nation and they shall be dealt with…

As an aside, there are so many false voices and false prophets out in the world today as we are constantly warned in scripture after scripture after scripture to be on guard against heresy, deceivers and against false prophets. Below are just a few such scriptures on false prophets:

Matthew 7:15Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.

Jeremiah 5:31prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests bear rule by their means; and my people love to have it so: and what will ye do in the end thereof?

Jeremiah 14:14Then the Lord said unto me, The prophets prophesy lies in my name: I sent them not, neither have I commanded them, neither spake unto them: they prophesy unto you a false vision and divination, and a thing of nought, and the deceit of their heart.

Lamentation 2:14Thy prophets have seen vain and foolish things for thee: and they have not discovered thine iniquity, to turn away thy captivity; but have seen for thee false burdens and causes of banishment.

Matthew 7:15Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.

Matthew 24:11And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many.

Matthew 24:24For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.

Mark 13:22for false Christs and false prophets shall rise, and shall shew signs and wonders, to seduce, if it were possible, even the elect.

Luke 6:26Woe unto you, when all men shall speak well of you! for so did their fathers to

2Peter 2:1But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction.

1John 4:1Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.

I first heard of the prophet Kim Clement early last year (2016) and was amazed at the Spirit of God upon him and the accuracy of his words. I was a little leery at first giving the bible warns us against false prophets. That is however, after investigating him and then I heard him and Holy Spirit’s voice speaking through him. I confirm with the witness in my own spirit that Kim Clement is a true blue 100% prophet and man of God who was cut down in his prime by sickness and consequently sent home to be with the LORD. Kim left a legacy behind him of the many prophetic words from the LORD, Jesus himself about so things that are yet to happen in America and other nations of the world.

God is moving in America and though it may appears right now that all the world is laughing and making fun of president Trump and his administration –America will raise again from her ashes she is not loss, nor forgotten by her God…just wait and see all that the Father will do through he and His “beloved” nation, Israel.

God’s not through with you yet America! He has so much more in store for you and your people whose trust is in the One True and Only God, Amen!

The Hurricanes and Fires

This is a late Message from September 9, 2017

May the Lord Jesus have mercy on us as our hearts cry out to Him.

This afternoon my heart was very heavy for the victims of the hurricane, and the fires. Such terrible judgments the Lord has allowed on our nation. For the last few days, there’s just been a certain darkness over the country – I’ve just felt it very strongly. And we’re all praying and fasting over…abstaining, in any case, that things will be changed in our country for the better. And we’re trying to support the Lord with our prayers and fasts, for the changes that need to be made in our country.

These hurricanes were so severe, and the loss of life and materials–it was so sad to see. So difficult to see. When I imagine myself in one of those situations–oh, what’s happening for these people, it’s so, so sad!

So, I cried out to Him for some kind of light or wisdom about it–and He was silent after communion, which normally He is not. But I cried out again. I said, “Lord, please–do not abandon me. “He answered with Psalm 80. And here are some excerpts from that:

Psalm 80: 1-7

Hear us, Shepherd of Israel, you who lead Joseph like a flock. You who sit enthroned between the cherubim, shine forth. Awaken your might and come and save us. How long, Lord God Almighty, will your anger smolder against the prayers of your people? You have fed them with the bread of tears; you have made them drink tears by the bowlful. You have made us an object of derision to our neighbors, and our enemies mock us. Restore us, God Almighty; make your face shine on us, that we may be saved.


So, after I read that, I asked the Lord, do You have something for our family tonight? He answered, “I always have something. Prayers are powerful. I chose to wait until you prayed the Divine Mercy Chaplet before I began speaking to you, because it was very important to Me.  “Don’t be disheartened, Clare. I have not misled you. And do not be swayed by everything you hear. You are dealing with a very corrupted source of information on the Internet and I still prefer you not go looking at those deliberately tantalizing headlines.”

In this case, Ezekiel had run into something and he felt the Lord was giving him permission to look at. But when he told me, I was very upset and it was contrary to the direction Jesus has ordained for us.

So I thought, ‘Great… Am I misled? Or what?’ ‘Cause I have been staying away from the headlines and certainly the content of these things, just like He’s asked us to. But Ezekiel got into something that troubled my heart.

So, I asked the Lord, “What have You to say about that source, Jesus?” He answered, “Don’t go looking there. Keep your channel of information pure, through Me and those I might bring to your attention. But, I would rather you press into more prayer here and learn directly from My hand those things which are necessary for you to know. I am very selective with what I tell and what I withhold. I do this to protect you, My Love.”

At that point I cried, because I felt–I almost felt like I’d been abandoned. The struggle’s been so fierce for three days. And you know how it is–you can lose sight of how much someone loves you when you’re under pressure. He repeated Himself. He said, “I do protect you, My love. I truly do. I do not wish for you to delve into those things that are far beyond you. Leave those for others who are endowed that way, or are so weak they give into curiosity and lose their peace–are never settled, never sure, always living on edge.”

But I asked Him, “Isn’t that a good trait? Living on the edge?” “Not when it is lacking in peace and I am not the pure source. No, it is not a good thing, because it wears them out with worry and uncertainness and you know that is not the fruit from My tree. “Rest in this, Clare. I have not misled you. I work differently with different vessels at differing times. I also set apart groups to be specifically and exclusively Mine. The burdens I release to them are tailored according to their strength.”

Speaking of strength, dear ones. This is me, as a little aside. The Lord has allowed a small concession to my abstinence from sweets, because it has become so distracting, I’m getting weary from battling it, and I can’t concentrate on my work. I asked if I should tell you all that you can finish your fast, but He said, “No.” So, I am being honest with you. This is a very small concession at night, when I am working, but I am still abstaining for the entire day and most of the night. So, if you are seriously struggling, change your abstinence, or seek permission for a small break at a certain time of the day.

So, after that I thought, ‘Well, we need to get to the matter at hand. Lord, please touch the hearts of our channel with Your love and wisdom.’ Jesus continued, “To begin with, you should not base your information on what you see alone. There is so much going on that is not seen, but this is an hour of trial for America with natural disasters. You can lessen these through your prayers and fasting, My dear ones. Please, whenever you see those going through trials, immediately commend them to Me in your prayers – for that could be you.

“Much prayer has gone up over the hurricane, much prayer. Continue to pray for the path it takes; it could be numbered with the worst storms in history. But your prayers can also weaken this storm. It is driven by wicked men and demons. It is allowed as a chastisement for the nation, for I am calling all men and women of this nation back to Me on a new and deeper level. Many hearts are far from Me and cold. Many do not turn to Me until they are in dire straits.” And at this point, dear ones, I was going to ask you to please, when you have your communion service – offer it up for the hurricane victims and prayer that the Lord will turn the direction of the hurricane out to sea, so it won’t do the damage that evil people would like to see it do.

“It is not easy to get their attention,” Jesus continued. “Yet not all in the wake of this storm are guilty. There are many praying souls who have lost significantly and for them this terrible suffering is an offering I am using for the weeks and months ahead to crush the agenda of the serpent for yet another season. “I want hearts to turn to Me, Clare, and there is still too much materialism and indifference about the faith and their eternal souls. Many, many times in history I have allowed such things to wake people up to their need for Me. It is often My last ditch effort–and you know from experience, I always allow the lesser evils before it gets really bad. In the 1920’s, if mankind had heeded My call back to holiness, WW2 never would have happened. And even now, you are in much the same place on the brink of the War of Wars.

“I look at the heart of a nation and I call to My servants to raise the clarion call to a return to holiness. When I am ignored, I allow catastrophes. Satan loves catastrophes; his demons wait in line to get permission to kill, steal and destroy through natural disasters. And if the people are not returning to Me, but rather forging ahead in immorality, permission is given them–yet, it is never without casualties to the innocent. I look to the heart of a nation, raise the call and wait for the people to respond. When they do not, their country is morally dead and I must allow more drastic measures to bring them to repentance. “I raised the call to respond in America and the people responded. But you are yet full of immorality and excess–while others in the world are deprived even the basic decencies of life. That is why it is so important for you to continue to give to those countries humanitarian aid.”

By the way, we here at Heartdwellers give regularly to VOM and Samaritans Purse, as well as the poor in Nicaragua, which the Lord gets very thrilled over. Jesus continued, “I do, because they are a very little. And a cause that very few know about. But when I see your hearts lit up like a candle for others in distress, I also rejoice that each day you are becoming more like Me. Let your hearts, My people, be like My Heart.

“But back to the issue at hand. You are seeing more and more unrest and natural disasters, because the planet truly is responding to the end-times condition of nations and sin. Charity covers a multitude of sins and this is another force that is preserving America. She has many, many wealthy who are supporting the poor around the Earth. And as she grows in economic security, I will be asking even more of them who listen for My will. “When I entrust money to a soul, it is because they listen to Me when I ask sacrifices of them. Many of your Heartdwellers have been given very precious graces, because they care for you and the causes you have mentioned to them. This pleases Me greatly, because they are becoming more well-rounded in holiness and will certainly not lose their reward for their kindness and enduring faithfulness.

“You will remember the story of Tobit…”

That’s one of the books of the Bible that was taken out by Martin Luther.

“You will remember the story of Tobit, and that Tobias was greatly blessed when calamity befell him, because he had compassion on the poor who had no one to bury them. And even merited an angel being sent to escort his son to his future wife, and heal his blindness. You can never out-give Me. “But because of your goodness, America, far less has happened to you than was planned. Through giving and reformation of your government, you have bought more time for your nation.

“And this was important for Me to tell you tonight. Do not go by what you hear. I am doing much that is not and will not be apparent to anyone but the elite. They certainly will not broadcast it. But nevertheless, I have told you. I am going to make the decisive blow on this corrupt brood of vipers and there will, all of a sudden, be less pressure on the good in this nation, because they will turn inward to rebuild. Many key members will vanish and be no more.” Well, I was feeling a little insecure during all of this, having trouble hearing and discerning – which is indicative of spiritual warfare. Even using the binding prayer, it still seemed to continue on some level. So at this point, I kinda broke down, and I said, “Oh Jesus, please may I see You?”

In that moment, He became clearly visible, right in front of me and I clung to Him with all my strength. “Oh Clare, I will never leave or desert you. I am ALWAYS here for you, ALWAYS and FOREVER. (my tears) You are in the midst of a very intense battle against you right now. Your angels are working overtime to protect you and your family and the prayer warriors. You have many faithful ones who love Me with their entire beings. They know My voice and they know you are My faithful mouthpiece. Nevertheless, the battles you are all going through are very intense. Always pray for your angels and thank them profusely for protecting you.

“You will know when you are under attack, because you will feel a vague but strong sense of turbulence and insecurity. Attacks against your faith become most severe at these times. Cleave to Me all the stronger and do not allow any separation from Me. This also is when you are most tempted to lose your footing and indulge your weaknesses and fall–so continue to be vigilant and obedient.”

Yeah – you know, that’s the time when you run for…you run for consolations, of one kind or another, when you’re feeling really insecure and getting exhausted from the battle.

And I wanted to mention here that, there are times when I receive communion. During the sign of peace, because I follow the order of the Missal, and there are times when I say, ‘the peace of the Lord be with you all’ that I see my angel step forward to give me the sign of peace. And the last time that happened, he…this particular angel, who is a general…all tattered and torn and scarred up, and he had been in one horrific battle. And he was looking tired. Well, he wasn’t really tattered. Everything in his uniform was fine, but I could tell, the way that he looked, that he’d been through a really heavy battle. He said that to me. He said, ‘It’s very, very intense right now.’ So, I prayed all the more for him and the other angels that are protecting us.

Continuing on, I said, “Lord, is there anything else You want to say?”

“Yes. I AM COMING SOON. My Brides, do not take your eyes off the prize–I am coming soon. In the midst of all these events that are threatened or real, in the midst of it, remember: these are the true birth pangs of My coming. Do not lose hope, because you are so close. You must keep your swords in the scabbard–yet ready for battle, while you build on the things I wish for you to do with your gifts. Do not let the threat of shortness of time steal what great opportunities lie ahead for you. Be prepared to greet them when they come knocking. “This is a VERY DARK time right now, but I promise you. I am shifting this darkness and beginning to contain and steer it into the abyss it belongs to, that you may know some degree of freedom in proclaiming My Word to the nations through your gifts. So, don’t give in to doubt or fear or reluctance. Put your all into the work at hand and I will bring the increase.

“Please know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, My Brides, I am always here beside you, ready to embrace and hold you tenderly through whatever storms assail you. Please do not ignore My presence. Come to Me and I will comfort and strengthen you.”

The Seas Have Lifted Up Their Voice

A Heart dweller’s Message From September 11, 2017

May these words of encouragement from Jesus keep us
steady at the helm, as He makes changes in the direction
this country is going in. Amen.
Well, with the Hurricane and all, you would think the
message would be doom and gloom. Far from it. I was
really surprised when the Lord began speaking to me. I had
to do a double, triple discernment just to be sure it was Him,
because I’d never heard Him like this before!
Jesus began
, “We are winning. We are winning!” Jesus said with a smile.
“All Glory and honor to God…we are winning.
“Continue in prayer and fasting–continue, My Dove, don’t let up. If only you knew the power of your
prayers, you would not waste one moment of your day not praying. ‘Pray unceasingly’ was not just a
quaint injunction. It was an important exhortation. Since the beginning of the anointing of My apostles,
The enemy began siege works against Me and against them. Remember what I said to Peter, ‘Satan has
desired to sift you but I have prayed…’
“You see, with Me living inside of you, your prayers are powerful, like Mine. Oh, never underestimate the
power of prayer. You are going to see major changes because you prayed first.
“Give, always give. Do not let a need pass you by without doing something to help. This is another
powerful protection against the enemy’s permissions to steal from you. As I entrust to you, give to others
with their own encouragement–that when they can to give to others as well, they should. And the
Kingdom of God will be built up in your midst.
“Nothing is impossible to the soul that will pray, because nothing is impossible to God. My Father is
continually listening for the prayers of His little ones, because He desires to answer them. Even the
littlest prayer of a child carries tremendous influence before the Throne, because of their innocence.
“Continue to pray, My People. We are gaining the edge and I tell you the truth, these hurricanes are no
accident. Though contrived by evil men, they shall fall back on them in a way they never saw coming.”
Interestingly, I got a rhema,from the book of
Psalm 93.
And it really caught my attention. It was right on the heels of this
The seas have lifted up, Lord,
the seas have lifted up their voice;
the seas have lifted up their pounding waves.
Mightier than the thunder of the great waters,
mightier than the breakers of the sea–
the Lord on high is mighty. Psalm 93:3-4
Amen! He hasn’t given me the specifics of what’s going on. But He has said that we are winning, that we
need to press in and keep up what we are doing. And not slack off.
God bless you, precious Heartdwellers. Thank you for your prayers, your mighty prayers. They are so
important. I know it seems like a little thing, ’cause we’re just little people. But with the Lord living in us,
they’re mighty prayers. Very mighty prayers. Be encouraged. We are reaching a goal, thanks to your
The Lord bless you.

Hurricane’s Aftermath…

 Why? & Prayer Time Compromise

This is a message from Jesus to Clare of heartdwellers for September 18, 2017

Lord Jesus, would You help us please to be distracted into prayer instead of away from prayer? Amen. I came into prayer feeling very GUILTY. But as I have been taught…when you blow it, run to God not away from Him. I began, “Jesus, I am heartsick over my lack of prayer. Please forgive me.” “Do you carry Me in your heart?” He answered. I do. And I feel all the more worse for putting You last. “Did you put Me last today?” No. “Well, that’s an improvement, isn’t it?”

But I need so much more of You, Jesus. I feel like a vast desert. “This is life without Me. Exactly. A vast desert. “Come now to the Wellsprings of Life. You are forgiven. But keep a better watch on yourself, Clare. How can I pour through you what you do not have – unless you sit with me and receive from Me? It creates a vacuum, an empty place. A place that should be filled with graces from above. Now you must work doubly hard to replenish this sad and empty space. “But My Love, it is so good to see you here with all your attention on Me. I truly am your Happy Jesus. I really, really missed you.

” What is the matter with me? How does this happen? “You take the time to eat, do you not?” You know I just usually put the plate beside me and eat while I work. “But you take the time to be with Ezekiel?” You’re right. I do. “Can’t you do the same for Me?” Well, I feel like when I come to you I need MUCH more time to settle in and be present to You. “How about just now?” Well, I spent dwelling time with you earlier—several hours. And when I woke up from my nap, I felt I could be with You—so I sat down. “And what happened?” You were immediately here for me. “That’s right. You are operating under a form rather than being spontaneous. You are following a pattern and sometimes that pattern is so lengthy you never make it to My presence for a message. The secret is: come to Me for the message; also come to worship. But do not make one dependent on the other.

Do what you have purposed in your heart to do, Clare.” Jesus, I do not want to be someone who only wants to be with You to get something. “I understand that, and that is a good habit, a good practice, a good caution. But not always practical. So come to Me for both and leave room between the two if you are under time constraints because of your staff. In that case, I don’t mind the delay. I understand the pressures of our ministry. “But I want to add—every day you should be looking for ways to delegate, so you do have more time for Me. Keep an eye out and you will feel promptings to assign this or that to others. Right now you are short-handed.” Can I share about the hurricane cleanup? “Yes, go ahead.” I just wanted you Heartdwellers to know we’ve been taking a good 40% off the top of what comes in for donations and setting it aside for the hurricane victims.

Much of it went with Samaritan’s Purse, but we also sent a staff member down there with a team from a church and everywhere they turned, there were needs. They were put up for free in a condo on the bay, and went out helping people who were very needy, to clean up debris and damage. The wealthy have insurance and contractors to do that, but the poor elderly have no one for the most part. In any case, she was at the grocery store to get food for the group and she met a woman with three children who had been staying at a hotel but just ran out of money and was going to be homeless with her children. She was able to give her money to keep them in the hotel for another week at least, until they could make other arrangements. She said people are not used to living without things and it has really impacted lifestyle decisions. There is a tremendous need for prayer for the people who are really broken and devastated by these losses.

So please pray for her, dear ones, and all the people that she has touched. She’s spent a great deal of time praying with people, and this is her gift. She’s a wonderful intercessor. Oh Lord, this is a very terrible thing. He began, “And very necessary to wake up people to what is really important in life. Many of these people have been sitting on the fence, and there is no more fence; you are either in one camp or the other. Hollywood has portrayed life with ALL the goodies as being the norm. Your culture has responded by sucking up this affluence up, and presumed it to be the norm of life—to the point where they work so hard there is no time for Me or even their children.

“This is very much like the tragedies that befell the Israelites when their cities were burned to the ground. “Clare, this kind of loss is always accompanied by correction, though I weep with each and everyone of them in the still small hours of the morning, bringing to mind My love for them and what is really important. “All of these souls knew what this life would be like, its blessings and tragedies when they came into the world. Though they do not understand this, it is still the way it happened. And I impart special graces to them in these moments to draw them into My bosom and help them straighten out their eternity and where they are headed at this rate.

“These sacrifices are also fueling the move to delay the end-times takeover of your country. As I have always told you, Clare, any tribulation that befalls a soul—part is taken to help other causes they are praying for—others who need special graces. And part of it is correction for a superficial lifestyle, or a sinful lifestyle, and the chance to experience what kind of life the rest of the world has on a daily basis. It is very much a return to a third world experience. Many will learn compassion and sacrifice and the real meaning of brotherly love.

“Nevertheless, it is not the way I wish to do things. Do you remember how you taught against materialism in Florida and you were scorned and rejected in the end? The prayer group went very well until you began speaking about lifestyle. I have sent innumerable messengers to Florida to warn them of what was coming. “You see, part of the reformation of your country has to do with a shift in ideals. A shift from affluence to holiness.

That does not come easily. And although wicked men continue to plot against this nation, what they meant as destruction I turn to instruction, calling My people up higher to a lifestyle preparing them for eternity. “Pray for your people, dear ones. Pray for those suffering. And if you can visit them in their tribulation and bring comfort, do so.

” Our staff member said that prayer was really powerful everywhere they went because there was so much loss and destruction, many people were in shock and broken and just not knowing what to do next.

“I am there in a powerful way, Clare, a very powerful way. Pray much for them and continue to pray for your nation as we are making powerful forward strides against the enemy.”