Hurricane’s Aftermath…

 Why? & Prayer Time Compromise

This is a message from Jesus to Clare of heartdwellers for September 18, 2017

Lord Jesus, would You help us please to be distracted into prayer instead of away from prayer? Amen. I came into prayer feeling very GUILTY. But as I have been taught…when you blow it, run to God not away from Him. I began, “Jesus, I am heartsick over my lack of prayer. Please forgive me.” “Do you carry Me in your heart?” He answered. I do. And I feel all the more worse for putting You last. “Did you put Me last today?” No. “Well, that’s an improvement, isn’t it?”

But I need so much more of You, Jesus. I feel like a vast desert. “This is life without Me. Exactly. A vast desert. “Come now to the Wellsprings of Life. You are forgiven. But keep a better watch on yourself, Clare. How can I pour through you what you do not have – unless you sit with me and receive from Me? It creates a vacuum, an empty place. A place that should be filled with graces from above. Now you must work doubly hard to replenish this sad and empty space. “But My Love, it is so good to see you here with all your attention on Me. I truly am your Happy Jesus. I really, really missed you.

” What is the matter with me? How does this happen? “You take the time to eat, do you not?” You know I just usually put the plate beside me and eat while I work. “But you take the time to be with Ezekiel?” You’re right. I do. “Can’t you do the same for Me?” Well, I feel like when I come to you I need MUCH more time to settle in and be present to You. “How about just now?” Well, I spent dwelling time with you earlier—several hours. And when I woke up from my nap, I felt I could be with You—so I sat down. “And what happened?” You were immediately here for me. “That’s right. You are operating under a form rather than being spontaneous. You are following a pattern and sometimes that pattern is so lengthy you never make it to My presence for a message. The secret is: come to Me for the message; also come to worship. But do not make one dependent on the other.

Do what you have purposed in your heart to do, Clare.” Jesus, I do not want to be someone who only wants to be with You to get something. “I understand that, and that is a good habit, a good practice, a good caution. But not always practical. So come to Me for both and leave room between the two if you are under time constraints because of your staff. In that case, I don’t mind the delay. I understand the pressures of our ministry. “But I want to add—every day you should be looking for ways to delegate, so you do have more time for Me. Keep an eye out and you will feel promptings to assign this or that to others. Right now you are short-handed.” Can I share about the hurricane cleanup? “Yes, go ahead.” I just wanted you Heartdwellers to know we’ve been taking a good 40% off the top of what comes in for donations and setting it aside for the hurricane victims.

Much of it went with Samaritan’s Purse, but we also sent a staff member down there with a team from a church and everywhere they turned, there were needs. They were put up for free in a condo on the bay, and went out helping people who were very needy, to clean up debris and damage. The wealthy have insurance and contractors to do that, but the poor elderly have no one for the most part. In any case, she was at the grocery store to get food for the group and she met a woman with three children who had been staying at a hotel but just ran out of money and was going to be homeless with her children. She was able to give her money to keep them in the hotel for another week at least, until they could make other arrangements. She said people are not used to living without things and it has really impacted lifestyle decisions. There is a tremendous need for prayer for the people who are really broken and devastated by these losses.

So please pray for her, dear ones, and all the people that she has touched. She’s spent a great deal of time praying with people, and this is her gift. She’s a wonderful intercessor. Oh Lord, this is a very terrible thing. He began, “And very necessary to wake up people to what is really important in life. Many of these people have been sitting on the fence, and there is no more fence; you are either in one camp or the other. Hollywood has portrayed life with ALL the goodies as being the norm. Your culture has responded by sucking up this affluence up, and presumed it to be the norm of life—to the point where they work so hard there is no time for Me or even their children.

“This is very much like the tragedies that befell the Israelites when their cities were burned to the ground. “Clare, this kind of loss is always accompanied by correction, though I weep with each and everyone of them in the still small hours of the morning, bringing to mind My love for them and what is really important. “All of these souls knew what this life would be like, its blessings and tragedies when they came into the world. Though they do not understand this, it is still the way it happened. And I impart special graces to them in these moments to draw them into My bosom and help them straighten out their eternity and where they are headed at this rate.

“These sacrifices are also fueling the move to delay the end-times takeover of your country. As I have always told you, Clare, any tribulation that befalls a soul—part is taken to help other causes they are praying for—others who need special graces. And part of it is correction for a superficial lifestyle, or a sinful lifestyle, and the chance to experience what kind of life the rest of the world has on a daily basis. It is very much a return to a third world experience. Many will learn compassion and sacrifice and the real meaning of brotherly love.

“Nevertheless, it is not the way I wish to do things. Do you remember how you taught against materialism in Florida and you were scorned and rejected in the end? The prayer group went very well until you began speaking about lifestyle. I have sent innumerable messengers to Florida to warn them of what was coming. “You see, part of the reformation of your country has to do with a shift in ideals. A shift from affluence to holiness.

That does not come easily. And although wicked men continue to plot against this nation, what they meant as destruction I turn to instruction, calling My people up higher to a lifestyle preparing them for eternity. “Pray for your people, dear ones. Pray for those suffering. And if you can visit them in their tribulation and bring comfort, do so.

” Our staff member said that prayer was really powerful everywhere they went because there was so much loss and destruction, many people were in shock and broken and just not knowing what to do next.

“I am there in a powerful way, Clare, a very powerful way. Pray much for them and continue to pray for your nation as we are making powerful forward strides against the enemy.”


Pray The Divine Mercy Chaplet For Those Suffering In All The Natural Disasters

Chaplet of The Divine Mercy & How to Recite the Chaplet Optional Opening Prayers

You expired, Jesus, but the source of life gushed forth for souls, and the ocean of mercy opened up for the whole world.

O Fount of Life, unfathomable Divine Mercy, envelop the whole world and empty Yourself out upon us.

O Blood and Water, which gushed forth from the Heart of Jesus as a fountain of Mercy for us, I trust in You!

Our Father Our Father, Who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name; Thy kingdom come; Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread; and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us; and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil, Amen.

The Eternal Father Eternal Father, I offer you the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Your Dearly Beloved Son, Our Lord, Jesus Christ, in atonement for our sins and those of the whole world.x1

For the sake of His sorrowful Passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world.x10 Repeat both prayers five times. Conclude with Holy God (Repeat three times)

Holy God, Holy Mighty One, Holy Immortal One, have mercy on us and on the whole world.

Optional Closing Prayer Eternal God, in whom mercy is endless and the treasury of compassion — inexhaustible, look kindly upon us and increase Your mercy in us, that in difficult moments we might not despair nor become despondent, but with great confidence submit ourselves to Your holy will, which is Love and Mercy itself.

What Is Going On With All These Catastrophic Disasters?

This Is A Heart dweller’s Update From Jesus On His Judgement

We are winning! Winning against evil, my dear ones, the Earth is reeling like a drunkard and all we can do is drop everything and pray.  This is a message from Jesus to Clare Dubose for September 20, 2017. You can go to her channel and listen to the video yourself. However, I have provided the message here for you in its’ entirety.

This is a time of extreme agony for the Lord and it explains why so many things have been extremely difficult, even on a personal level, for all of us. Please pray, pray, pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet and do what you can to fast for the salvation of souls.  For the last week, He has been giving me the Scriptures about His return, how He ascended into Heaven and how He will return again the same way.  Keep your eyes fixed on the prize, Heartdwellers. Let nothing take you away from the vision of His return—and soon!!!! I do not know what the date is, but He has told me over and over again that the Earth will reel like a drunkard for all the sin that is being committed.  I totally expected these terrible things to be happening very soon from the way He has been weeping and weeping.  And while this movement is going on globally, I want you to know there are things going on, on our own continent, to strike at the heart of the wickedness that has tried to destroy our country.   We are going to make it through this…but let’s do it in prayer with our eyes on souls that are not saved. Ezekiel has been bed-ridden, as many of you know, for several weeks. And seeing visions of children all over the world, standing alone, shaking and crying, with no one to help them. Children in third world countries being caught under rubble and suffering unbelievable torments.  Please pray for the children and those in the world who will be hit the hardest.   The signs are everywhere. He is coming back soon. But until He does we have a lot of work to do.  It certainly explains the sad music He has been giving me. Right now, I would ask all of you to have communion services along with the Divine Mercy Chaplet, and fast as you can. There are many different kinds of fasts. They can be an abstinence fast, or can be a total fast. Or fast on bread and water. Do what you can do, and seek the Lord about it before you commit yourself. Devote yourselves to prayer and keep vigils.  Please don’t spend any time on foolish things. Forget about yourselves and be there for Him. Please let us all be there for Him and lead your families in prayer for the places disaster has been striking.  Speak to them more seriously that these are the signs the Lord promised before His return and there is NO MORE TIME for sitting on the fence. Those who sit on the fence will be left behind.  And He is raising up the cry from many, many ministries…there is no more time, just as it is written in Matthew 24. Then Jesus said: “Watch out that no one deceives you. For many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am the Messiah,’ and will deceive many. You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come. Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places. All these are the beginning of birth pains.  Matt. 24: 5-8 We are in labor, Heartdwellers…real labor. And what He has told us about the evil underground government—literally and figuratively— UNDER ground government is taking place even as we speak. It is written clearly here in Isaiah 24:  The floodgates of the heavens are opened (HURRICANES), the foundations of the earth shake. 19The earth is broken up, the earth is split asunder, the earth is violently shaken. 20 The earth reels like a drunkard, it sways like a hut in the wind; so heavy upon it is the guilt of its rebellion that it falls—never to rise again. Isaiah 24:18-20 And this is an amazing confirmation of what He’s told us about the governments that are evil   In that day the Lord will punish the powers in the heavens above and the kings on the earth below. They will be herded together like prisoners bound in a dungeon; they will be shut up in prison and be punished a after many days.  Isaiah 24:21-22 And for those of you who know about the fallen angels, the aliens, and how they are inhabiting the lower levels of the Earth, and conspiring with the evil governments of this world. To overthrow human-kind – this is another amazing confirmation of what’s going on: “In that day, the Lord will punish the powers in the heavens above, and the kings on the Earth below. They will be herded together like prisoners, bound in a dungeon.” That paints an amazing picture of exactly what is going on with these underground cities in collusion with ‘aliens’. Who are not aliens, but fallen angels with a physical form. Let us lift up the world to the Father, Heartdwellers, and beg for His mercy. And please, hold Jesus tenderly in your arms, for great is His suffering.

America’s Problem with Trump

Are We Witnessing The Public Crucifixion Of Donald J. Trump?

If you a follower of the media or the nightly news you’re probably someone who believes the president is just another rich insider, a good for nothing “son of a gun”. A bigot who hates Mexicans, blacks (I dislike the term: African American) and Hispanic’s. They say,  “He’s the worst man for the job and will lead the country into the ground”. I’ve heard statements like these from friends who all can’t stand our nation’s 45th president. Even when I try to tell them, “Trump’s different because God is with Him!” Or I’ll say, “God is using Donald J. Trump to turn the country and the world around in preparation for Jesus’ return.”‘ but no one wanted to hear the truth about God no matter what He’s doing in Trump’s life and absolutely no one wants to hear about the president right now. He and Jesus are kinda in the same boat. Some people in the nation are so opposed to God they don’t want to hear anything He has to say. They just flat out did not want to hear anything from God…

It seems everyone is hating on Trump these days from comedians, free-lance artists, singers, former presidents, television personalities, actors, actresses, as well as regular people when all he wants to do is make our country great. He’s suffering from the worst case of “let’s hate the president”, I ever seen. He is being crucified right before our eyes. It appears, that no one likes him some suggested, if he did not redirect his thoughts from the negative press and reports every day an even lesser man in his situation would commit suicide. Perish the thought!

This is all before the Hurricanes: Harvey, Irma, Jose and Marie, in the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, The Dominican Republic, Barbuda, Turks and Caicos, the Virgin Islands and other small Caribbean Islands. Plus the earthquakes in California, Mexico and in Illinois, fires, stream and smoke of the Western part of the country. Tragedy, suffering and pain has a ways of melting the hearts of hardened people when disaster hits. . . Now I’m not belittling any one’s pain or the catastrophic suffering anyone’s going through. No, because my prayers as well as countless others continue to pray whose hearts are  touched by the loss and devastation and when we can we should all give in support of assisting those in these areas. We pray for God’s grace and mercy to provide for everyone suffering and in need.  What I am saying, is this, no one can beat God giving or doing anything when He wants to speak out and have folks listen. He knows exactly how to shut us down to hear Him, and get their attention when need arises.

God’s ways are mighty sweet when it comes to touching souls and making us hear Him. He promise judgement would come to our nation – God is not the author of these horrific events, but He will use that which Satan and his minions planned for evil and turn it around for His good. This is why He is using all these natural disasters all happening at the same time to wake people up and get their attention – to stop their evil ways and turn to Him before its too late. And when it comes to giving and helping in trying time American’s are not afraid to step up to the plate and give. We’re pretty amazing when it comes to helping fellow Americans. After 9/11 we’ve shown this over and over again that we can and will “dig down deep” to help and show love and that’s what God wants – to see that love has not grown cold that people care for others and not only themselves. God knows exactly how to get our attention when He wants it and when it is necessary.

In the case of Trump, he to needs our attention he’s working tirelessly to change the direction this country has been going for decades and turn her around for the good and betterment of every American citizen. But it seems people are opposed to doing good they don’t want change for the better? I don’t understand this?. It seems everyone is hating on Trump these days from comedians, free-lance artists, singers, former presidents, television personalities, actors, actresses,  when all he wants to do is make our country great. He’s suffering from the worst case of “let’s hate the president”, I ever seen.

Trump’s treatment reminds me of Jesus’ treatment from the religious leaders of His day. They also did not want change either they did not want God and they did not want a better life. That’s what Jesus was offering those of this time a chance to be forgiven of their sins, past mistakes and accepted by the Father in heaven in exchange for their sins. But they didn’t want it. In the same way, Trump is  – in my humble opinion being crucified as our savior was only now Trump’s crucifixion is taking place before our eyes. When is the last time you remember the nation treating their president like this? The answer is NEVER!. Well maybe, when Kennedy was assassinated. But that’s another story altogether and even then the entire nations was not against Kennedy. He was beloved by most American’s. We should be ashamed of how this nation is treating the president..but sadly, very few are.

Someone suggested, that if Trump did not redirect his thoughts from the negative press, insults, criticism and hateful reports a lesser man in his position would commit suicide.  I guessing people don’t wants more jobs, better roads and highways, border security and safer neighborhoods in and around the Gulf (of Mexico) and Canada. They don’t care if the nation’s resources are pillaged from foreigners and those fleeing their homelands seeking the ‘American dream” in our country while all our funds are depleted while some of us here have not attained the dream , etc, etc.

In a little while, all the Trump hating will cease or at least die down when America starts taking those first step in the direction of “greatness” in putting down corruption and imprisoning the decades long list of evil doers (and believe me it is long) of politicians, governments heads and former presidents, their administration and staff member and all the take pleasure in wrong doing and unrighteousness. We need to stop supporting laws that make it easy those involved in human trafficking, abuse of woman and younger children and abortion. We should no longer tolerate, support or listen to fake newscaster reporting lies, rumor and innuendoes of our President. And we can should finally have the courage to turn off the news channel that persist in spread false reports of the New World Order (NWO) and shadow government in favor of secular news on the internet. We should demand that news channels report truth about our President as God’s truth prevails. God has promised, our country “a time of heavenly bliss”, during Trump and Pence’s reign. It will be a time when righteousness, justice, truth, right doing and mercy will rule the day winning out over the norm’s of tyranny, corruption and evil.  A time when people will uphold law and order instead of lining pockets and accepting payoffs and kick backs.

God wants godly leaders running this country and those committed to praying and seeking Him before answers and decision making so everyone can lead a peaceable life.  God wants to bring justice and mercy back to our shores He wants faithful men and women who will uphold His laws and commandments over lawlessness and doing as the masses.

God wants to stop abortions and put prayer back in our schools to change the hearts and minds of our young before it is too late for them.  God wants to change our music, our television shows, our laws and our directions. It is not so much that Trump wants to make America “great” as it is God saying, that HE WANTS AMERICA to be GREAT again. God is using Trump to make us great!  God is working through the president and vice president for such as time as this before He finally unleashes the full power of the Anti-Christ and Beast system on the world. God wants us ready, hearts and minds to meet Him at His coming in midair. So we all will across over the threshold of this world and walk into eternity with Him, Father and Holy Spirit. He wants hearts melted (to sin) and in love and on fire for Him. Trump and Pence will put America in a situation to do this to show the world that God is not through with America or American’s yet!.

In a very short while, we will all witness God’s amazing greatness and will know for certain that God has been standing behind Donald J. Trump and Mike Pence during their “time of Testing” so they will arise from the ashes of persecution as gold tried in the firs and purified seven times. It is God working through president Trump to make us great. After they have suffered “a while” God will make these two men great in the eyes of America and the world and let’s see how many people will change their minds and get on the Trump/Pence band wagon.

God is a miracle worker and is working mightily with Trump Pence to turn around this nation.  God want us to be safe and know of a surety that we can put our trust and our lives in His hands and into the hands of the president and vice president. Their names together spells, “TRUMP PENCE (Trump-Pence)”. It’s sounds like Trumpets and scripture says: At the last trump:

1Corinthians 15:52
In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed.


Jesus will come in the clouds and send His holy angels from one end of the heavens to the other to get His bride and then all hell will break loose as the systems of this world all under the Anti-Christ and beast system for the last and finally time until Jesus returns to destroy them..

The story of Jesus at the cross ended good for all of us….with His death, burial and resurrection three days later. Now everyone is welcomed to join Jesus, Father and Holy Spirit in heaven with all the angels and saints. All we have to do is tell them of the Father’s great love for them and witness the good news of salvation in Jesus’ name so everyone can believe and accept God’s free gift of eternal life in JESUS.

The bottom line here American, is this: We don’t have a problem with Trump. Not really! Truthfully, our problem is with Trump. Our problem is really with God.  And God has shown us over and over again He is here for us and He is listening. When is the last time you get down on your knees to talk to Him. Finally, I’d say, it’s high time, America, we let Trump (and Pence) down off  the cross of persecution and let him be resurrected into the great man we need (and God is making him into so he (they) can transform America into a GREAT nation, again!


God Will Use America Again!

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“Some of you will be called to occupy an office.  You must change the way things have been done in the past.  Some of you will lose your lives defending what is right; you must be prepared to defend what is right or die. All of you, by your manner of living, must declare sin is not acceptable. Then the evil will be purged from your midst. “I know this sounds dramatic, but you are at a crossroads.

“A firm commitment and purpose of amendment is an absolute necessity for the survival of America.” What you allow in your families, towns and states. By what you condone and what you resist, standing up visibly and resisting evil. Declaring it for what it is and that the wages of sin are death. “You have come so close to death, America, so close. But you have been shown Mercy. Now you must live for what is right and refuse to accept corruption and sin.

Jesus said, these are My mandates for you. “Some of you will be called to occupy of office. You must change the way things have been done in the past. Some of you will lose your lives defending what is right; you must be prepared to defend what is right or die. All of you, by your manner of living, must declare sin is not acceptable. Then the evil will be purged from your midst. “I know this sounds dramatic, but you are at a crossroads. And firm commitment and purpose of amendment is an absolute necessity for the survival of America”

The message Jesus gave her was so strong and powerful she doubted it was Jesus at first, but after confirming it was indeed Him.  She continued, well, I began to discern this message, because it’s stronger, I think, than anything I’ve ever gotten from Jesus. And I heard Him very clearly say, “This is all Me, Clare, this the message I want sent out to My people. Reformation is not an option; it is an absolute necessity. I will be with each of you according to your faith and faithfulness to defend the truth. “This is a new day for you all. Continue to pray and fast a while longer as things are being moved and crushed by My Father’s mighty hand”

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Just One Movement of the Earth’s Crust

Fear None of These Things!

This is an update and another urgent message to keep praying and fasting. Clare posted another short message from Jesus on Friday below:

Dear ones, I got this message on Friday August 25, 2017 and was waiting for more to it, but it never came. So, I’m putting this up, and asking you to please continue to press in deeply with your prayers and sacrifices. This is a very short message, but I felt it was necessary for me to share it with you, just as it is. I had an impression, after having communion, about the Earth’s crust moving. And a plunge taking place, with layers of strata. So when I came to sit down and listen to Him, Jesus began. As I began to tell you, with one movement, the Earth’s crust—with one plunge of strata—integral underground cities will be destroyed.” Integral – necessary to make a whole complete. Essential. “These are places that have been initiated, dedicated with ritual to be command centers – and I intend to bring them down. Prayers are needed. More prayers. Don’t stop now – keep going, and intensify your offerings. “Clare, these pains all over your body are fast offerings for this task. All of you who are crippled, disabled, suffering various pains, being falsely accused, being hated and reviled without good cause. All of you are contributing to the effort.

“Make good use of this time, Beloved. I know how painful your body becomes, but try to make good use of it, nonetheless. Your prayers are effective.” Jesus, I wish they were more fiery and emotional, connected to what YOU are feeling… “The act of your will says it all, Clare. The dedication of your time, your desire to go deeper in prayer – all these leanings are meritorious. Just press in, Beloved. Just press in.” So, forgive the shortness of the message, dear ones. But I thought you should know about this. And that we all need to redouble our efforts in praying. The Lord bless you all. And thank you so much for being a part of this ministry and for praying for us. We really do need your prayers, and we appreciate them so much.

Hear Jesus is talking about steam, hail, fire and shaking. Wow, there could be a shaking of some headed our way…let’s keep up the prayers. Thank you and please share this blog with friends and family.



Turning Back Evil


Good news, good news, my fellow bloggers and followers, Jesus is very pleased that we turned down our plates and cried out to Him to save us from war and the evil of those lurking underground.

Last week Jesus sent out an urgent call for prayer against the evil underground “deep state” government working to overthrow our current legitimate government through Marshall Law to start WW3. Jesus responds to the nations Prayers to avert war and defeat the shadow government underground. This message is Jesus’ respond to the overwhelming response to His prayer call. Your prayers are working… Justice is coming to Earth Glory to God!    Keep up the prayers and fasting, we are turning the tide of evil! My precious heart dwellers, your prayers are making a difference. Jesus began, “You are responding.” You are my prayer warriors and you are responding and you are making a difference. You are giving My Father what He needs to work with. Your voice is mighty, even over the voices of thousands. Your voices resound and bring comfort to His Heart giving Him a new reason to rescue the earth”. My brides, I am so very proud of you. Do not stop now. Do not stop your fasts, vigils and tears. Do not now. Press In! You are turning the tide, you are making the decisive edge that drops the scales in our favor” I called, you listened and responded. How proud I am of you that you are right on target, you are turning this great pendulum it the right direction and justice is coming to Earth—not the bloody kind, the mercy kind. Justice for the innocent, but havoc for the guilty. I will dislodge their cities. I will penetrate their hiding places with my fury and wrath. And that will be their watery grave.” Fire and steam evil purge the evil from within the earth and the mischief they had planned for my holy ones will be their undoing.” Do not stop praying and offering all you can give. Do not stop being patient with those who try your patience and provoke you. Rather offer it to Me and I will move on their hearts.”

Do not despair over close calls with death. Do I not hold you in the palm of my hand? Not only do I hold you I give you hope and new life as I shatter the darkness around you. Fear not the fire, the thunder, and the hail, the deluge. Fear not the quaking of the earth. Fear not the signs and portents of the times. Rather, lift up your heads and celebrate. Cry out to all the earth…Glory! OUR GOD REIGNS!”  “For surely, I am about to bring destruction on your adversaries and drive back those who have planned your demise. But you must keep praying and pressing in”. I will let you know when we reach a point of victory, where you may let up your prayers and sacrifices. But for now, press in and continue as you have been doing. The tide is about turn, because you have rallied my bride to my side. You and others who have heard my tears in the night, others who still are without the understanding that their woes release mighty moves of the Spirit to destroy the shadows and hiding places of the wickedness.” I speak courage to all of you now. You know you are called, you have felt the pain and the struggle, you have continued on and offered all you have for the battle in the spirit. And my Father has heard your cries and weighed against your tears – against the works of the enemy – and you are turning the scales against him.” “Be lifted up, be encouraged, be faithful.

Continue in travail and prayers, vigils and fasting. These are mighty works of faith. And they are turning the tide.”

I am well pleased!

“But you must keep praying and pressing in”. I will let you know when we reach a point of victory, where you may let up your prayers and sacrifices. But for now, press in and continue as you have been doing. The tide is about to turn on evil, because you have rallied to my side and answered My call to pray against the evil”.