Trumps Bold Stand With Israel

President Trump and America is standing strong and bold with the nation of Israel as their “brothers keeper” without faltering unlike the previous administration. Because of this God is well pleased. We must continue to support Israel it is the right thing to do. God is asking, America not only stand strong and united with Israel, but that we remember the poor, the fatherless, the homeless, the widows, the physically challenged and those in need all around the world. It is our duty, as citizen’s of the world to reach out in support of world hungry, suffering, injustice and peace. And when we have opportunity and can make these areas whole again we must do what we can. We must also support missions and missionaries world-wide and not to forget the needy on our own shores in orphanages and foster homes and in hospitals to provide care for those when it is in our power to do so. We must not turn a deaf ear to the cries of the hungry or the sick when we can help make them better. Sometimes, all it takes is your time to give a ride, cut someones grass, help an elderly person across the street or take them to the store. We can all give a helping hand. Or give someone hungry food from your pantry or take them to the nearest food store. We can all help in some way. It may mean helping to educate your children to not belittle or make fun of the underprivileged, or not to mistreat foreigners. Show your child, how to help instead tease and joke about them. It is these kinds of small gestures that will ensure the next generation coming behind us will have a hearts to reach out to their give time, money and other resources whenever or to whomever it is needed.

Let us all, as Americans dig deep within your hearts and pocket books to aid someone in need everyday that we are alive. It is God’s grace to us that we are here living and breathing in His good air. Why not share and give it does not always cost you money when you give. But it may cost you time, effort, a little inconvenience and some self-sacrificing on your part to seeing that the needs of someone else outside of your four walls and your family of four are helped.  This is the ultimate showing and character of love of our heavenly Father. He gave us his best when He gave us His Son: JESUS. He asks that we go out and do the same. President Trump, as I mentioned also in the same way gave his word and the best gift of support to Israel. Now we are being called upon to give our all in support of someone in need.

It is because, in times past that America has kept this posture in helping Israel God’s people that America continues to be blessed by God today. When America blesses Israel, God blesses America and any other country that stands with her. Remember the words of king David in Psalm 122:6 Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love her.

So let’s start today, to teach our children the gift of giving and to care for the homeless, the hungry, the widows, the naked, the sick and shut in and the fatherless. Teach them to feed the hungry, to give clothes to the naked, to offer compassion instead of ill-will, anger and hate. Teach the young, to love and not hate, to heal and bruise and to give not steal or take. It is our job of parents to teach our children to be givers and care of those around them. These are the principals of life that will help make America great when she cares for others and remembers to reach out to the unfortunate.

Then God will remember America and cause His light to shine down upon her and always give Americans what we need when we need it. And God will protect America from her enemies and from those that constantly seek to hurt her, harm her and to do her wrong. We have a job to do parents, so when you go to the hospitals, food banks, soup kitchens and clothing drive this season to do volunteering to the poor take your children with you and show them how to give and what it means to give expecting nothing in return. Tell them their Heavenly Father will reward you for every good thing they do for those who can not help themselves and in the He will reward them with life everlasting if they trust in Him and put the safety and care of their lives in JESUS’ hand. May we all lean to become our brothers keeper.

What have you done for Jesus and America lately?


A 90-Day Review Of Trump’s Agenda To End Corruption

This month, President Trump will have been in office for about 90 days. And in about a month or two we should start to see the first fruits of his promise to drain the swamp of dc government and political corruption with arrest warrants, prosecutions and criminal convictions of some in highest levels of government officials and leader’s and their staffers for treasonous acts, and crimes against humanity. To include: money laundering, running of guns, drugs and children to foreign countries and human trafficking, of children and adults, the creation and funding for the Islamic terrorist group, ISIS.

We learned about some of the government’s corruption with the release of Hilary Clinton emails to the Podesta brother’s (John and Tony). We were shocked and horrified by pizza gate and the cruel and heinous and cruel treatment of the young and innocent at these events . And after, eight years of  lies, lies, and more lies, deceit and depravity we are rite for real and lasting change in our government system. As American’s, we should be standing up cheering and thanking God daily that we have elected a man into office that has vowed to end government lawlessness for once and for all. It appears, Trump has the best interest of the America people at the forefront of his mind, heart and his presidency.

It is not by happenstance, that for such a time as this that Donald J. Trump is the president charged with cleaning up government. No, it is a perfectly planned occurrence by almighty God, himself. God planned this thirty plus years ago to set in operation Trump’s emergence to the center stage of America when Trump was a young man envisioning ways of improving on government in this country and on the America’s dream. In ensuring years, God raised up Trump to the mature man he is today. A man of promise, one who likes winning and being the best he can be. He’s a man who makes things happen and achieving  success is his highest priority. Trump will get the job done.

It is no wonder, God chose him for this time (when corruption has reached its peak and a new level of ungodliness during the Obama administration) to be the man that will take America from moral decay to the greatest time we as a nation will have known with the return of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Yes, America, we have something to be proud and shout about. We, as a nation, have been given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make America free from tyranny, lawlessness, corruption and depravity that has run-amuck in government for decades. God is putting a stop to years of injustice because of the prayers and out cries of the American people and of those from around the world. God will bring lasting change in the hearts and minds of Americans young and old whose hearts are thirsty and are crying out for love, hope justice and righteousness and for a change and a new way of living and doing business in this country. God wants, America prepared and ready to meet him at his coming in the rapture.

For years, we have seen administration after administration come into office with promises of doing and being better than the administration before them. But after months and years in office nothing substantial changes and we’re back to looking forward to the next four years of another politician promising a better world and tomorrow for America. In the past, we have carelessly voted wicked and evil individuals in office with only their promises to do good for the country. And after, elected, they use their power, position and authority to do evil, and secretly the serve and worship devils. They’re loyalties are not to man and country, but to their gods, secret societies and fraternities that helped they climb the ladder of success. In turn, they promise to do the evil ones bidding’s intending to bring down America, and hand her over to enemies as they kill off millions of American citizens.

God has put a stop to their evil deeds and plans to destroy this country and every person living in America. God has given the president and vice-president His mandate to bring back jobs from foreign countries to American cities, to reduce the national debt; secure our borders (with walls at the Gulf of Mexico and Canada); redesign our (sixty-year old) infrastructure; change immigration laws (to stop to pillage of America’s resources); and to repeal the nightmare healthcare plan called: Obamacare.

Lastly, God has charged President Trump, with the task of bring our nation and its people back to the loving care and safety of our Heavenly Father and to the motto we so proudly display on our dollar bills: IN GOD WE TRUST.

Yes, America, I make this appeal, to all citizens to make a bold stand for honor, justice, integrity and the American way and join with our President, Donald J. Trump in his efforts to rid our government of evil and corrupt politicians and government officials whose only care is for them and not for the goodwill and welfare of every American.

But the question remains for each person to do their part the president cannot do this alone. It will take the coming together of American’s as a whole untied country with everyone doing their part in taking back dominion.

You may be asking yourself, what can I do for the Lord and to help president Trump get to the job done and move this country forward? First, may I suggest that you pray, seek God then encourage your sons and daughter’s and the young people in your neighborhoods, churches and communities to take an interest in politics and consider running for office in the upcoming spring, summer and fall elections to take back what the evil ones have stolen from us and take back dominion to set the country on the course for righteousness.

And let’s get behind, the man God has chosen to make American great again!






Lift up your voice like Trumpets

Lift up your voices Trump Pence

Cry aloud and spare not, tell all their sins, all their sins

Do you hear the sound? Do you hear the sound?

The battle wages on fighting hard against corruption

This battle will be won. This battle has been won

As prayers abound, as prayers surround

The voices of Trump Pence

So hold you ground, stand your ground

God is sending down upon you wisdom, strength and courage

Lift up your voice like trumpets!

Lift up your voices trump Pence

Cry aloud and spare not tell all their sins, all their sins

God is working with you to bring them down, bring them down

Do you hear the sound? Do you hear the sound?

When prayers abound, when prayers surround

The voices of Trump Pence

Good always triumphs evil, God is at the helm, at the helm

Angels fighting evil forces in heavenly realm, heavenly realm

You are not alone Trump Pence, you are not alone

God commands his mighty army lifting up your arms to victory

Like Moses in the battle against Amalek, Amalek

One by one wicked ones are falling down, down like Jericho

As prayers surround, as prayers abound

The voices of Trump Pence

So life up your voice Trump Pence

Lift up your voice like Trumpets

Cry aloud and spare not, spare not

Do you hear the sound? Do you hear the sound?

Jesus is your shield and rampant. Almighty God is on your side

Angels fighting evil forces in heavenly realm, heavenly realm

When prayer surround, when prayers abound

The voices of Trump Pence.

 Scripture references: Isaiah 58:1; Exodus 17:9-13; Joshua 6

Scripture references: Isaiah 58:1; Exodus 17:9-13; Joshua 6

The Trump Pence Poem written March 7, 2017 2:52PM

By Marilyn Elizabeth Corbin




What does the red heifer mean in this context?

The Red Heifer, is a symbol for purification by trial. A flushing out of the wickedness that has gripped this nation for far too long. It is more than financial, it is ideological and moral filth that needs to be expunged from America.”

Hebrews 9:13  For if the blood of bulls and of goats, and the ashes of an heifer sprinkling the unclean, sanctifieth to the purifying of the flesh:

We have been given an excellent opportunity from God in this country with the election of our new president Donald J. Trump (and vice president Michael Pence) to make a real difference in the kinds of men and woman we put in office to lead this great nation from morally corrupt people we have elected in the past. To people who first love America and her citizens and are determined to put us first and not their own pockets. America’s, we were tricked, over for the last eight years by the Obama administration into believing he was the right man for the job of leading our country to greatest and a creditable choice to make the necessary steps and changes that would benefit all Americans. But that choice, turned out to be the wrong one and the worst nightmare for America’s in decades.

We may never find out the level and height of his corruption, but I assure you with President Trump at the helm he will be uncovering the layers and layers of wickedness from the previous administrations in the coming months and years of everything Obama has done to bring down this nation as arrested warrants are issued and those guilty are brought to justice. Perhaps, we may even see the former President Obama himself arrested  and put in jail for crimes against humanity. Not to mention, all the lies he told the American people to get in office, of his nationality, birth certificate etc., etc…

“Don’t run from the fight. Stand up and declare what is right without rancor. Make your voices heard, My people. Declare this previous administration so thick with filth to be ruinous to the moral and ethical survival of this nation. Choose your words and your weapons carefully. Prepare the way with prayer and fasting, then make your voice known. It is the grass roots that are going to turn this country on its ear. It is the ruling elite that were destroying it. But the people rising up have indeed put a blockade in their way.

For far too long people have turned a deaf ear to the complaints of those who are grieved by the corruption of this nation. Now is the time to flush the corruption from the soil of this nation so that she may arise in newness of life. This process is always painful; purification is never easy. Decay and death have been the basis for the majority of this nation’s politicians. Maintaining the status quo, passing over the real moral issues and straining on gnats. The time for that is over. I, myself, will see to it that evil is flushed from this government and its deceptive arm, the media.

Our president cannot do this alone. He needs every man and woman on board with his agenda with our prayers for the nation, our outcries, your educating those who are ignorant, your active roll in fighting this massive front of evil until it comes crashing down.”

As American’s we has thickened on her lees, it is time for her to awaken the world and take an active roll in seeing to it that righteousness reigns in this country”. This is the clarion call. (A loud and clear call to war.) This is to be a time of defeat for the darkness, a time of frustration and failure. Until Jesus remove his Church, this is what it will be if you shoulder your cross and walk with him, declaring righteousness and morality the standard of life for your country and politicians. Now is the time to make your opinion heard. Even in songs and art, in letters to editors, in public speaking forums, internet forums, and the like.

“We will not use ugly remarks nor fighting in this battle, but by exposing the truth. We are on a mission to prepare all for Jesus’ coming, a mission that must include taking responsibility for your government, not turning a deaf ear. “If you want to continue to live under oppression, famine and persecution and corruption go ahead and medicate yourself with shopping and movies.

“If you want to insure your freedom and rights to love the LORD, protect your children from crime, drugs and indecent lifestyles, this is the time and season to act.  “JESUS have  brought forth the heifer to sanctify this nation and deliver it from its uncleanness and culture of death. But without the reordering of your lives to stand up and be counted for what is right, it will not endure. You must correspond with this grace, people. You indeed must make your voice heard and make your life count for righteousness.”

We must rise up and claim dominion over this land. Rise up or perish with it. This is no time to run after your pleasures and distractions. This has been our behavior of the past and that’s what the evil ones are counting on. But now you are informed. And you are not of this world.”It is time, American’s for each of us to “Stand up and take dominion. You are not alone, the hosts of Heaven are marching with you. Jesus, himself is with us, in you and working through you. Stand. Stand up and take dominion.”

Scripture Reference: Numbers 19: 2-17




It may appear, to many people that our new president, Donald J. Trump has no idea what he is doing? After all, he has no experience in running a nation and has only been in office for a little over one month. Well, let me assure you and calm any fears you might have concerning the qualifications of our President. Trump knows exactly what he is doing.

Why, do I say this, you might be asking? Well. I make this remarkable statement because God is on the throne of heaven and earth and is in control of everything in our world and of the world to come. God is also on the throne of President Donald Trump and Vice-President, Michael Pence. Yes, both our president and vice-president are both born-again believers.

It is truly an honor and great privilege to have not just one but two spirit-filled men of God leading and servicing at the helm of the great nation. Men who are being led and directed by the Spirit of our dear Lord, Jesus Christ. Now God almighty, has commissioned all his brides at Claire and Ezekiel Du Bose’s website at heart dweller’s to be busy in spreading the word about what is really going on with the President Donald J. Trump administration (and cabinet)?

And why he is currently under attack in what is an endless array of news leaks, may-helm and confusion. The host of heaven and all his holy angels are working tirelessly (along with the prayers of his beloved brides and the Christians community around the world to thaw the plans of Satan and those around the country, underground and in hell itself who are trying to unseat Trump) sort out the kinks to reveal the hearts, minds and loyalties of all those surrounding our president.

To the end, that in a three-month time frame, God will bring order, truth and tranquility out of a much needed government of decade upon decades of lies, corruption, lies, dirty deals, back-stabbing and double-dealing that have gone on behind the backs of the American people. God will establish the presidency of Donald J. Trump and Michael Pence for this nation and all the world to see how corruption of the previous administrations have been.

Roman was not built (nor destroyed) in one day. It will take more than one or two days or even one or two months to drain the swamp from this countries decades-old reign of terror and corrupt laws and policies (God will reveal also on the pay and brought new media’s part in hiding this corruption) from our evil and wicked politicians, leaders and elected officials.

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