It may appear, to many people that our new president, Donald J. Trump has no idea what he is doing? After all, he has no experience in running a nation and has only been in office for a little over one month. Well, let me assure you and calm any fears you might have concerning the qualifications of our President. Trump knows exactly what he is doing.

Why, do I say this, you might be asking? Well. I make this remarkable statement because God is on the throne of heaven and earth and is in control of everything in our world and of the world to come. God is also on the throne of President Donald Trump and Vice-President, Michael Pence. Yes, both our president and vice-president are both born-again believers.

It is truly an honor and great privilege to have not just one but two spirit-filled men of God leading and servicing at the helm of the great nation. Men who are being led and directed by the Spirit of our dear Lord, Jesus Christ. Now God almighty, has commissioned all his brides at Claire and Ezekiel Du Bose’s website at heart dweller’s to be busy in spreading the word about what is really going on with the President Donald J. Trump administration (and cabinet)?

And why he is currently under attack in what is an endless array of news leaks, may-helm and confusion. The host of heaven and all his holy angels are working tirelessly (along with the prayers of his beloved brides and the Christians community around the world to thaw the plans of Satan and those around the country, underground and in hell itself who are trying to unseat Trump) sort out the kinks to reveal the hearts, minds and loyalties of all those surrounding our president.

To the end, that in a three-month time frame, God will bring order, truth and tranquility out of a much needed government of decade upon decades of lies, corruption, lies, dirty deals, back-stabbing and double-dealing that have gone on behind the backs of the American people. God will establish the presidency of Donald J. Trump and Michael Pence for this nation and all the world to see how corruption of the previous administrations have been.

Roman was not built (nor destroyed) in one day. It will take more than one or two days or even one or two months to drain the swamp from this countries decades-old reign of terror and corrupt laws and policies (God will reveal also on the pay and brought new media’s part in hiding this corruption) from our evil and wicked politicians, leaders and elected officials.

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