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They Are Freaking Out! Here’s Why…

Don’t Jump Ship With Trump & Q. Stay The Course And Trust The Plan.



Another Q Update

By Dave At Praying Medic

Dave shares a Trump rally where to president decided to change tactics. VIP Anon received a photo that was taken with him and the President at a rally. On the back of the photo is an intriguing signature from the President. Q anon said the picture will be the signifier and the signifier will force the question.

Dave Of Praying Medic

‘Q’ Decode

For October 2, 2018

Red October

Qanon makes a prediction about Judge Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation vote and suggests that a red wave will sweep Trump supporters into Congress in November.

thread: http://bit.ly/Red_October

This broadcast covers posts #2300-2317 on https://qmap.pub/

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