All Eyes On Broward Country Florida

Published on Nov 11, 2018

Truth and Art TV Patriot News headlines and the latest updates on the President Trump STORM against the Deep State. Recorded Saturday night 11-10-18.

Boomerang suicide, Q all eyes are on Broward country Florida. This country in Florida is known for voter fraud.



This report is from David Harris Jr. of No Nonsense/Acticle BY STEVEN AHLE MAY 20, 2018

President Donald Trump listens during a swearing-in ceremony for incoming Central Intelligence Agency director Gina Haspel at CIA Headquarters, Monday, May 21, 2018, in Langley, Va. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

President Trump has decided to end the crap from AWOL Jeff Sessions and he has ordered the DOJ to open an investigation immediately. You may not be aware of this but a president can order an investigation on anything or anyone he chooses. And in another blow to the Deep State is the fact that the president as the de facto leader of the Executive branch can declassify anything he wants to and they cannot slow walk the documents he wants released immediately. He has put himself in the driver seat and as soon as he ends the Mueller hoax, Jeff Sessions, Christopher Wray and Rod Rosenstein will all join the ranks of the unemployed.

Trouble On Trump Team?

Enter Giuliani

It’s been a while since I’ve gotten into the real nuts and bolts of the Trump “Drain the Swamp” campaign. I thought everything was going well then I woke yesterday morning to hear former New York City, Mayor Rudy Giuliani make disturbing and damaging statements out his mouth against many things Trump denies. Rudy appeared on Sean Hannity’s FOX NEWS Channel with a bombshell, declaring that Trump lied about payments to Daniel’s! Of course, I don’t believe anything Rudy is saying at this point.

I don’t know which is worst him or Robert Muller? Perhaps, Muller is not the only one “seemingly” whose out to “get” Trump with things he, they said on the news circuit and before a judge. I agree, with one News anchor’s words who said, “Giuliani has made more trouble for the president just by opening his mouth”. Giuliani’s remarks are indeed shocking! I couldn’t believe the former New York city, Mayor said what he did about his friend?

Maybe, Muller and Giuliani are both working for the Shadow government and still members of the dirty, corrupt swamp? I’m not saying they are, but its something to consider given what’s been reveal lately about damaging statements from them.

Now, I have to be honest here – I have never cared much for Giuliani on Trump’s team. When I first heard he and a few other’s (Newt Gingrich, Chris Christi and Rudy Giuliani and maybe one or two more) I questioned Trump’s choice for having so many Clinton, Bush and Obama lovers and hold over’s like these two men. The Deep State and Shadow government could have set them up from the beginning to be silent hatch men. You know the type, who come in at the last minute to save the day when all else has failed.

I thought maybe I was being to harsh or mothering. So I stopped pushing the issue thinking Rudy wasn’t so bad – that it was all in my head, right?

But, after listening to Rudy yesterday, I can’t help thinking Trump may have put his trust in the wrong man. Could Giuliani be a snake waiting in the cut to take the President down? Just as Judas did to our Lord, when he sold him out for thirty pieces of silver?

Giuliani, in my humble opinion had no business going on Fox News Channel, making any statements without talking to the president, after all he is suppose to be his lawyer, isn’t he? Now, I’m no lawyer, but even I know not to do go on television willingly volunteering information about your client especially when it not asked for. You say as little as possible or you could damage your case. Isn’t this lawyering 101 or something like that?

I think the deep state called on their long time crony (Giuliani) demanding he do what none other in the deep state has been able to do – that is take down Trump at all cost. Though, he’s certainly not out and won’t be – I believe. Rudy, did not help him in any way. I had these same feelings when Trump appointed him to his transition team after the election. I said, to myself, why is he appointing Giuliani to his team?. I still have issues with the guy about his handling of the whole 911 incident and what he said about building #seven coming down?

Up until this morning, things were going well for Trump’s team. He said, “he knew nothing of the payment to Stormy Daniel’s”. And, I for one believe him.

Trump say’s, he’s a good guy, that “Giuliani just needs to get this fact’s straight”. Amen, to that! And Trump says, “he would love to sit down with Muller but his lawyers advise against it”. I, for one has complete faith in the president and what he tells us. I don’t believe he has lied to us about anything – colluding with Russia, the Daniel’s story or on any other thing the Dem’s has tried to throw his way.

But I need someone to explain to me what’s going on now with Giuliani?

Listen to what Rudy told Hannity. He sound more like Trump’s enemy than a friend. Muller, as I said seems questionable also – after all he served under all of those president’s who are facing criminal charges – I believe. I don’t know whether to trust him either or not. Muller knows a lot he could about the DNC and Democrat’s criminal activities and cover – up’s. He could be setting a trap of his own to take down Trump or perhaps he’s a double agent, Jesus, told us Trump has some double agent working on his team so one of them could be a spy for Trump playing a role. Working both side’s of the table. We will have to wait and see on this one.

On the other hand, let’s take a closer look at Giuliani again. He’s supposed to be Trump’s personal buddy. I don’t know if he was a Republican or Democrat? I found out – he’s a Republican. But to go on the air and say what he did is unimaginable! He also talked about Cohen, Trump’s other attorney, saying he paid $130, 000 in hush money to Stormy Daniels.

When I heard that I horrified. I spoke to the television blurting out, “how can you do that – you’re supposed to be Trump’s friend”?

I needed somebody, to hear my ramps to tell me what Rudy is doing? It sounds like he deliberated went on the air to taint and make Trump appear vulnerable.

I bet the Deep State is feeling pretty good about themselves, laughing their heads off – saying their boy Giuliani delivered a blow to the Trump administration. That their boy Giuliani did the unthinkable. “He went to the court of public opinion he’d taken down Trump without much of a fight.” But they don’t know our God. He is fighting for Trump and all the holy angels.

He went on the news show spilling his guts about everything he shouldn’t have said. If you listened to the video doesn’t it sound like Rudy threw the president under the bus with his false statements???

All of this is just speculations on my part – I don’t know anything. All I really know is in 2016 Jesus told the team Trump was his man. He said, he wanted us to stand in the gap for trump and his family. And to pray for him and they everyday and he’d do the rest.. Jesus has returned to the channel with updates and information every time Trump was in danger so we could thwart that plan to keep him and his family safe.

God never breaks his promises, but he said we must be faithful to pray everyday for him.

Listen, Trump is so close, we are to close to taking down and destroying every one of those child eating-baby killers and rapist. The Cobol has given orders to everyone to do whatever is necessary to “Finish” him even if it means sending in one of Trump’s most trusted long-time friends to do the imaginable and take Trump down.

Well, we have no goal too – to take down the corrupt swamp of the Deep State, Shadow Government & the Military Industrial Complex working everywhere. So we must take up our own arms – and use our weapon’s of war – not with fighting words or hearts filled with hate.

Our weapons are not carnal, but mighty through God to pulling down strongholds. casting down imagination and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ: 2 Corinthians 10:4

We take to our knees in prayer to Father because at the end of the day we must keep the Cabal from hurting and harming any more kids. Trump needs our help more than ever.

No, I don’t hate him because that’s a sin against God and man and I bare not sin anymore against heavenly Father willingly or knowing. There’s so many questions about what happened to building seven I want to know? I’ve never heard of an attorney going on national television making statements about their client as Giuliani made about Trump and his other attorney, Cohen.

I hope he treats his paying clients better than the disservice he’s shown to his friend the president of the United States. They said, as an attorney you never ask a question you don’t know the answer to. I would say this too. You should never go on live television to make your client look bad or tell lies on them either. Between Rudy and Muller its hard to know what side either of them are on – they both have done damage to Trump’s credibly.

Trump can’t go out like this on fake, trumped up charge as lying about hush money to Stormy for consensual relations he might have had with her twelve years ago. We are too close, to close to stop now the goal of deep state clean up is up ahead.

Trump loyalist, we must keep up the vigils. Keep up the fasting. Keep on speaking out telling the truth to wake up America one soul at a time.


We have our mission to spread the truth and take down the evil world-wide Cabal and lying fake news casters

To our knees TRUTHER’S!

To your knees,

praying and crying out to Father to save our beloved, president Trump, and his family

and that he gives us strength to overcome the enemies of our soul

in Jesus’ name,