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My Usual Q Anon Decoders Are All Silent

So Here’s Mishel McCumber of Deception Bytes she has excellent Q decodes I listen to her often as well as the other guys. Mishel is one of three women I follow from tiime to time with Q decodes.

Have a listen and tell me what you think?

Published on Oct 17, 2018

In this video, Mishel talks about legal “immigrate” Piglosi, clinton, obamas, etc. to Iraq or Syria? Immigrants being screened for disease, what’s in the beef,  Mueller won’t be releasing his long=awaited report until after the mid-terms. She mentions, Osama bin Laden and 9/11…and so much more

Trump To Impose Martial Law

From David Zublick


October 2, 2018

This is a dire warning to Truth Unsealed viewers, regarding the President of The United States: We believe President Trump is about to enact Martial Law throughout the United States, which will temporarily limit the freedoms of it’s citizens, with severe repercussions for violators. This is for the purpose of arresting Deep State traitors using sealed indictments, and setting up Military Tribunals, just as was done during World War Two. This includes Deep State actors with names as common as Clapper, Mueller, Brennan, Obama, and Clinton — to finally bring them to justice. Is Donald Trump finally about to drain the Swamp? David Zublick unseals the horrible truth in part one of this two part special report! Please visit our other channels to see part two of this two part investigative report. It’s the part YouTube doesn’t want you to know!

Go here to view second part of this report. Let me warn you – most of these video’s on this page are not suitable for anyone under 21 and should be viewed with extra cautious. Most of the video’s posted to this Bit Chute page are about the pedo-crimes and people’s ( like actor, Tom Hanks, Hillary, the Pope and others) faces can be seen on the cover of the video who are said to be involved with endangering our children.

Watch at you own peril.

Click here to watch Part Two of Truth Unsealed Trump To Impose Martial Law:…,…

President is bringing down those who have corrected our government for decades and draining the ‘Swamp” he promised to take down during the 2016 Presidential elections.

Is Loretta Lynch Spilling Beans?


Craig Does Q Anon Post & Decodes From Just Informed Talk

Very interesting post today. Very, very interesting!

Who’s talking now? Could Obama’s former Attorney General, Loretta Lynch be spilling her guts and beans on everything, including the Tarmac meeting she had with former president, Bill Clinton. And, the Hillary Clinton email investigation, Hussein and his administrations involvement in everything and much, much more?

thJ1I4MPR1hQ reveals insight on today’s Trump’s rally, a man refused entry into rally wearing a ‘Q’ support tee shirt. Omarose Onee Manigault Newman, set to release another ‘secret’ Trump tape. Rob Rosenstein calls Loretta Lynch several times. Anyone want to guess why he’s calling her? Maybe he’s trying to get her to change her story so they’ll all match.

And more fake news by New York Times… story against RR. Panic in DC! More revelations on Comey and Mc Cabe. Are they are talking??? A bombshell reveal – did Mc Cabe leak the message memo about RR.

Panic in DC!




What Bill Promised Lynch

The Tarmac Meeting Revelation untitledq09y

Unbelievable! Utterly, totally, unbelievable is not a strong enough word for what Q- Anon’s post just revealed about the secret conversation between former president, Bill Clintowo97n and then Attorney General, Loretta Lynch when the two met for a private meeting on the tarmac in 2016. Turns, out their private meeting was not so private after all. The former president, met with the then attorney general to discuss her possible appointment to former Supreme Court Justice, Antoine Scalia’s vacant seat on the Highest Court in the land only four months after his death, if she would make sure the criminal charges against his wife, the former Senator and former Secretary of State, Hillary Rodman Clinton go away and she be cleared of all charges. The thought, their secret and private tarmac conversation was overheard on June 27, 2016. Supposed, Scalia died after a hunting trip on February 13, 2016. The news reported the 79 year old justice died of a heart attack, but no autopsy was done and the devout Catholic was cremated.  Did the Clinton’s have prior knowledge of the Justiceq34‘s murder? Or was something more sinister going on? Did the Clinton’s plan the Justice’s death and have him assassinated so his sit would be open to make way for Lynch’s appointment to the high court?

Very, very, suspicious.


Below is link to video on this explosive email:


Answers, Answers, We need answers


Now that the ‘Deep State’, the Clinton’s, the Bushes, Carter and Obama and the others   involved in devil worship, blood drinking and sacrifice and the torture, consumption, mind control abuse and tarciffing of babies, small children and woman are  scrambling for cover right now and running scared (as they should be) believing themselves to be among that ever-growing sealed indictments of  four to five thousand would it be possible to get some truth out of any of these guys.

As an aside, the actor Keanu Reeves gives a heart wrenching, powerful and believing  testimony of being invited to one of Holly-weird movie mogul’s (no name given) mansion for a party ‘of sorts’ and to his sheer horror discovered the two dead bodies of one black, the other white babies stored in the fridge. The mogul offered a baby to eat as if the infant were a delicacy and for him to drink their blood Reeves stated. He said, “Hollywood pedophiles eat and kill babies”. This report came from Star Ship earth the big picture dot com.

Perhaps, after all the dust settles from the Trump-Muller-Sessions storm of arrests of America’s not-so-best, finest and great are brought to justice for their crimes against humanity and the innocent we can finally get some truth and answers about the all the lies we’ve been told over the past forty to fifty years about of course the number one question everybody’s wants to know – yeah, you guessed it – Who shot and killed our beloved president Kennedy?

Number two , and if the earth is flat as I’ve been told (huh, I’ve done my homework – someone please tell me what happened to all our tax dollars given for as many years to the so-called Space Program?

I heard a buss, that for forty -plus years of funding went into creating NASA and the pretend race to space program, but really went into firing nuclear warheads at the edge of the earth and the discovery of God’s firmament Admiral Bird found in Antarctica after WW2.

Interesting, very interesting…more on this later.