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Still Small Voice

December 27, 2018

Well, as many of you may know, this is a particularly critical and dangerous time for our President. We just never know when they will make an attempt on his life. But Jesus knows. And if you, all of a sudden, feel a heavy grief or call to prayer, please do not be like me. I tend to finish what I am doing before I go to prayer. So, don’t be like me. (Although, I am trying to change!) But go directly into high gear intercession for him, without delay.


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Coming Financial Changes

Okay, so now that the crisis of a Trump impeachment is over, not that it was a real threat anyways, right, but I digress. Now president Donald J. Trump can get back to the business at hand – which is unsealing those indictments and locking up all those crooks of the last five administrations, which includes all the living presidents: Jimmy Carter, George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and of course we can not forget Barrack Obama, the leading crook of the pack none other than Barrack Obama for crimes against humanity and treason.

I, for one will feel much safer and sleep a lot sounder and deeper at night knowing those murderous inc., crooks and crime bosses are put away and no longer breathing the same air as those of us ‘who do no warm’ to our nations smallest, most trusting and innocent. These men of our former government is not in the hands of those who eagerly took out money (as payment for work and office we elected them to do)

The president has chosen to have a media blackout of all local and national “fake news” channels mainly CNN and put the burden of the secular internet sites to keep America abreast on his doings. Trump has also chosen to use social media like facebook and twitter to inform those of the public who trust he’s doing the job God entrusted him to do.

It was during Trump’s 2016 campaign that God informs the listeners of Heartdwellers that Trump is His man and said, Trump will drain the D.C., swamp of its fifty years of corruption, lawlessness and down right sin especially those of harming innocent little children in sexual ritual abuse and mind control of the ruling elite.  On Thursday God again revealed to our channel what America can look forward to with the indictments and impending arrest of the nearly 5,000 criminals

This paragraph is an excerpt from one of the high military sources of the heartdweller channel. Who says that it is very likely the crash everyone has been waiting for
will happen January 1, 2018. If it does, the Federal Reserve will be shut down, and all the money you have in the bank will vaporize along with retirement funds and stock investments and perhaps bonds. Jesus also told Clare to buy gold for the times when the banking system of America is down to sustain us while the system rights itself which will be no longer than two months
There will be a smooth transition,, but the Deep State is going to try and pin all of this on the president and say that he’s responsible for the collapse. Check out heartdwellers for information on the financial collapse.