God The Father

 “I come to tell My children that time is running out for all My children”
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December 5, 2018
Come Holy Spirit with the Blessed Mother and St. Michael for protection of God’s Words
My most beloved son and all My beloved children, this is God the Father of Heaven and Earth. I come to tell My children that time is running out for all My children. Are all of My children still blind and cannot see that satan is leading your country through the sins of abortion and the sins of the flesh? Have I not warned you that My hands have now fallen on America and the world? Can you not see that your news media is mostly run by satan? Can you not see that your President and Vice President were chosen from Heaven to save your country? Can you not see that your Democrat party is run by the most evil people in the world with satan as the head? Wake up because the evil people are about to fall. I will not let My beloved children be deceived much longer. My beloved children pray like you have never prayed before that all of the Democrat leaders will be crushed with their leader, satan himself.
You are now in a war in the United States of America like never seen before. The outcome depends on the prayers of all My remnant children of the Blessed Virgin Mary’s army who will crush satan’s head. This era of time is about to end and the new era of time of Heaven and Earth will be seen very soon.
Satan’s time is now over. He had the 100 years of time from 1917 through 2017 that he asked for to destroy the most Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.
Now you are moving into God the Father’s time. It is very close to the thousand years of peace talked about in Revelations.
The evil people that have contaminated the world in the last hundred years have to be brought to justice for all their crimes. I will still take them back if they come to their God on bended knee and repent. If not, they will spend all eternity in hell or in deep Purgatory for many years before they can go to Heaven.
I am a loving God but you have a free will to repent and still go to Heaven. You cannot deny your God and Maker any longer. If you do, you will spend a long time in Purgatory or even go to hell for all eternity. I love all My children with all My heart, mind and soul. I died on the cross for every one of you. You are not a slave to Me, like satan treats you as a slave, but all My love will be given to you just for the asking and begging forgiveness with a true heart and mind. But, you have to ask because of the free will I have given you. You are not My slave, but a child that I created. I will take you back anytime, but you have to ask forgiveness. I am not a father of lies like satan that wants you to go to hell to suffer for all eternity. I and My Mother are a Mother and Father of love and grace that you can spend eternity with, just for asking forgiveness for your sins.
Please go to a priest before Christmas, if Catholic, and go to Confession. If you are not Catholic, go to your preacher or someone you can confess to or come to Me, your God, and I will forgive you. Love, the God of All, the Father of All. Amen

Powerful Speech

On Democratic Resistance

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Isabel Patelunas

Senate Democrat call it “The Resistance“!  They are resisting the will of the American voter and it is not good. From day one Senate Democrats has shamelessly stalled, obstructed and filibustered the confirmation of hundreds of thousands of talents men and woman who eager to come to Washington, D.C., to make a difference – they want to serve our country. Trump says, his nominee’s face a longer confirmation wait than any in the history of our country. Trump says, today over three hundred (300) of his nominees are still awaiting a vote. Last June, he nominated Isabel Patelunas as Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for intelligence and analysis now almost a year later this tremendously qualified professional with nearly three decades of intelligence experience is still awaiting confirmation. She’s given up so much she’s left areas, she’s moved from homes and she’s still not confirmed. Its a disgrace! Democrats in Congress are also blocking urgently needed improvements to our boarder security. They don’t want boarder security for two reasons number one: They don’t care about it and number 2. They’re afraid its going to make me look and the Republicans look good and they don’t want that – that comes before our country. They blocked every effect to closed down deadly loopholes to keep out vicious criminals and to stop the flow of illegal immigrants and drugs. They are a disaster at the boarder. These actions are endangering our citizens, threatening our communities and undermining our National Security. It is time for senate democrat to stop resisting the will of the American people. So very simply, “Stop resisting the will of the America People and to start working across the Alis to deliver for all citizens. We love our country . We want to keep our country great!

Thank you, very much.

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