Urgent! More Prayers Are Needed TO Keep Donald Alive

Is Your Country Worth Two Weeks Of Travail?

Still Small Voice

3 Days Ago

I am so sorry, this message is so late. I am signed up for notifications from Still Small Voice, but I never get them. It is the hackers who have taken over my WordPress blog and are the Administrator of all my work.

This is an urgent message! Jesus, said, the president does not have enough coverage and support to protect him from the next wave of attacks to keep him alive…so he is asking us all to fast, pray and stand in the gap for Trump at least for the next two weeks.

Pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet and the Holy Rosary all day and cover him with the blood of Jesus and his staff and everyone who are involved with his protection and care.

Thank you, Let’s work together to keep our president alive and for America!




5ypUrgent! Urgent! Prayers Are Needed

Clare of Still Small Voice YouTube channel received an urgent plea from her guy in intel to the Heartdweller team last night that our president is in danger of being killed:

There’s a plot out to kill the President by nuking Washington, D. C., North Korea is controlled by the Deep State and our Navy has a traitor higher up who may not protect the president Trump from the side that facing the Sea. President Trump is about to release the document of all the acts of treason committed against this country by the by the Deep State.  They’re going to try and stop him. Please fast and pray today and stand in the gap that nothing, absolutely nothing will touch or harm our president and his administration. Please fast and pray with all your hearts to protect him he has five days to release there document. He is in grave danger

So goes one, so go we all!