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In this video, Craig talks about a post about SerialBrain2’s on Q decodes.

Both of these video’s were published today November 12, 2018

Enemy at the front door, a week to remember. Trump planned to attend ceremony in France, but something occurred he did not attend it, but stayed in his hotel room. U.S. Secret Service would not allow the President to attend.

Marines Found Evidence Bush 41 Involved in Kennedy Assassination

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People Will Be Distress

$100 Trillion Dollars Seized

So, everyone that listens to internet news knows when Trump and Marines raided the CIA, FBI & NSA they found more much evidence to who killed Kennedy, who were involved in 911 and the cover up and so much much…Stay tuned. But at Heartdweller’s we are privy to information because of the high ranking military people on our channel and the LORD JESUS himself speaks to Clare and her hubby, Ezekiel Dubose on a regular and daily basis keeping us up to date and informed on world events, our president and the antics of the Deep State underground government and of course the rapture.

Jesus is the one who told about the coming Trump-God storm that coming to a neighborhood near you. That high ranking military man I spoke about well he dropped the dirt on what the Marine’s found during their seized this is what he said:

It’s coming to a head, it should be an interesting two weeks.” My source said. He continued to talk about the financial situation. “We’re coming to a critical point here, where things are about to turn over. At least, we believe that.” He continued, “I personally would never buy crypto currency. We have gold and silver. We have some in savings and checking. When the crash occurs, stocks and bonds will take a serious hit. The gold standard, real money, will replace Federal reserve notes.

“Laundered money must be reported, which will kill the freedom of crooks, so laundered money will disappear. Trump and the US Treasury have seized $100 trillion Deep State dollars so far and have destroyed hundreds of CIA run opium factories in Afghanistan.”

Wow, it Trump did not uncover anything else, I’m happy he found evident to prove the assassination of Kennedy was an inside job and elder Bush was involved. I always believed he had to be.