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Why do [OPTICS] matter so much? And What If The Above Could Be Proven?

Just Informed Talk

In this video, Craig talks about a post about SerialBrain2’s on Q decodes.

Both of these video’s were published today November 12, 2018

Enemy at the front door, a week to remember. Trump planned to attend ceremony in France, but something occurred he did not attend it, but stayed in his hotel room. U.S. Secret Service would not allow the President to attend.


The Sky Is Falling!

w34uTwo ‘Q’ Drops One By Just Informed & One From In Pursuit Of The Truth

Today Monday, September 24, 2018 Lots of infor in these Q video’s. Check them out.

CORRECTION: In this video, I made a reference to the fact that the new accuser of Judge Kavanaugh, Deborah Ramirez, was named a Soros Senior Fellow by the Open Society Institute and a professor at Northeastern. These statements have proven to be referencing a different Deborah Ramirez than the one who is accusing Judge Kavanaugh. Apologies, stay tuned…and more


In Pursuit of Truth Present Q Anon with Sir Patrick Mac is another Patriot I listen for Q Anon drops.


Another Q video from one of my favorite Patroit’s Praying Medic. In this video, you’ll hear about Rob Rosenstein could resign, but Trump will not fire him. Its come to light that Obama White House was involved in spying on Trump. Obama was give updates. FISA Declassification brings down the house of cards on the spying and those involved.