Craig At Just informed Talk Breaks Down Q Anon

Published on Oct 21, 2018

He Gives Us Q’s Reason why everyone is freaking out!

In the quake of Q’s absence, many are wondering if he is still with us?

Well, as I wrote in several posts – this is not Q’s first time going silent. He has done it before and always comes back with even more decodes filled with information on Trump’s actions in taking down the Deep State and how they are handling his takeover…

Besides, he has given us so much that if he does not return – we have enough information to keep us busy decoding and search the web for decades with the drops he has left us over the past ten months. So don’t worry!

In this video, Craig talks about Q Anon and a lot of different topics. We haven’t heard from Q since October 9th…and he mentions information on . individual candidates running for office under the Republican Party so we’ll know who to vote for

Remember, Jesus told us following Clare – that He wants us to vote Republican and say, “He’ll have the right people (from that party in place), by the time of the actual elections come in November, but we must do our party and vote. So again, no one should be overly concerned or worry.