Q Anon November 12

Part 3: Voter Fraud Sting? SB2 Analysis

Blessed To Teach
Q tells us most many in our government worships Satan… Q also gives us to 411 on Sessions recusing  himself while office he silently prepared indictments and other legal goodies with the help of Huber and Horowitz before leaving resigning. He set up Whitaker who is going to clean house and start the indictments…

The Democrats are getting VERY NERVOUS, as they should be!!


The Democrats are getting VERY NERVOUS, as they should be!!

Published on Oct 4, 2018

Q Anon | This is why the Swamp is freaking out!


This is bomb shell, bigger than big as the president exposes the fact how foreign government helped rouge elements of the US government helped to take down the duly elected president and the swamp is fighting back full force.

BE PREPARED For Martial Law


Today’s Message Part One: BE PREPARED for Martial Law This Week? October 1, 2018

But getting back to the Rapture warnings… Lord, have you anything new to say? “My dear, dear, Clare—and anxiously waiting Brides. I am coming for you! The timing has generated endless streams of calculation, supposition, expectation, and prognostication. Endless. It has led many to lose their confidence in Me and in the Faith. This is the enemy’s doing. Let out a deep breath—I am not going to give you a date. “But I am giving you a wake-up call.

“Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!!

Jesus, you are not the Author of confusion. Please clarify all these variables if You can. Amen. Well, Family, I just want to share with you that, there’s been a lot of thoughts going through my head the last three days or so. But some of them conflicting and a little confusing. That’s why I picked that prayer. For two days in a row now, the Lord has played my song, Swift Away, which we had just posted. It’s about the Rapture and being left behind. After that song, this morning… He played, Come Away with Me. And after that, He played Psalm 91.
And after that—He played ANOTHER version of Psalm 91! I confess to you, dear ones, I am really having trouble accepting the possibility of the Rapture now. Just like one of our Heartdwellers said, “I was really expecting, with the government arrests and reordering of things, I would have a chance to really do something for the Lord. I am disappointed and I don’t get it.” Right. That is exactly where I am at, too. You’re not alone… Busy with songs, finally, yet having to think it’s all going to be over so soon? I cringe at the thought that I failed my mission with music. I really have songs from Heaven that need to be recorded and passed on to you—and I haven’t done it yet.
However, it’s happening. I mean, I put up three songs so far. Then Ezekiel just had a dream about martial law in Cincinnati, Ohio. Everyone was staying in some kind of huge apartment shelter and couldn’t go out after dark. They were little apartments with kitchen and bathrooms and so on the military had thrown together. But they were big buildings. Armed military people were hiding behind bushes and trees on alert. This was at dusk. And Ezekiel could not even go out of this place to get his medicine from the truck without an escort. It was ominous and a scary feeling. Messages from the Oval Office continue to indicate a Red October, which has many meanings. One meaning is from the film that talks about a nuclear attack that was planned on America, but was thwarted.
Coincidentally—if you can call it coincidence—another talks about the institution of the Soviet Union and the overthrow of Russia. The Russian monarchy in 1917. Then there are the foreboding prophecies I’ve been given about war on our soil. Deep down in my heart, I JUST CAN’T wrap my peace around it. It seems WAY off. Anyone else feeling this way??? Not having a peace about the Rapture at this point? I almost suspected the Lord gave us these warnings to get people out of a deadly sleep—to wake them up to what’s about to happen. To get me, too, to work on music day and night…which is what I’m doing. Then Ezekiel was told by the Lord that he should write simple songs about what the Lord is saying to him. So, that will be posted after this message. It’s only 3 minutes long and it’s a rough… We are having some equipment issues with Ezekiel’s equipment.
We’re having to transfer over to a new system. But you’ll get the idea. The title of it is I Will Save You On That Day. I can’t ignore this or Carol’s continued warnings in prayer. Forgive me, dear ones, I wish I could have total peace about this and clarity—but it just doesn’t compute. Then in prayer yesterday, after I spent a lot of time crying out before the Lord, I pulled one of my Rhema Cards and it said, “What would you like Me to do for you?” And I thought, ‘Oh boy…You’re asking this? Oh, my gosh! Here I am, crying and begging for more time, more grace, more mercy and He’s asking me what can He do for ME?!’ He did tell us a long time ago that I would have a complete peace when it was about to happen.
I do not have that peace! During the Rosary yesterday, Our Lady said to me, “There is but a small ray of hope…a very tiny ray of hope that it will be postponed. But more prayer is needed.” Wow. I would like you to pray something after each decade of your rosary, please. Would you pray: “Father, grant us more time, more grace, more mercy.” This very prayer was approved by St. Faustina herself at a prayer meeting in Florida, when she manifested in a vision and thanked me for the prayer. So, please consider this. I just can’t fathom that after the huge turn-around in the government, after all our prayers, that we won’t get to be a part of the reconstruction of this nation. It really is, in a way, heart-breaking. So, please pray for clarity for me. And I can’t share with you what I don’t have answers to.
I don’t want you to be walking around just as confused as I am. I’m just being gut honest with you; this is a very confusing time. So, please do pray for me, to get the Lord’s clarity, His heart and mind about this. My dear family, there is no need for alarm, because the Lord is protecting us. But nonetheless, we must abide by the rules of order. We are getting confirmations that martial law may be declared during the time we are rounding up the Clay and Iron feet, which could happen as soon as this week or next week. I guess it hinges on a certain appointment being finalized. Our leader is about to take action, and justice is about to be meted out.
Here is what our intel advisor told us to be ready for in the next week or two: He began, “Martial Law will be declared very soon/shortly. It will not last long, but it may be very violent as the Army and Marines round up the Clay Feet. The prudent will follow instructions and stay out of the way. If you see something erupting, go immediately in the opposite direction while you pray. Stay very close to home. Once these evil creatures are rounded up and their mind-numbed robots no longer riot, then life will resume as normal. “Wherever you see violence, go away from it as fast as possible. During martial law, the army is encouraged to shoot first and ask later. For some, ‘later’ will be too late.
I do mean to sound callous about it. I am not expressing my values. I am telling you what will happen to innocent bystanders if they get caught in the crossfire. A crossfire is the worst place to be, all you can do is play dead until the crossfire is over (if you are lucky—and I mean lucky). This is not meant to scare, it’s meant to prepare. It’s coming, probably this week. Have what you need at home and stay close to home. Never go out after a curfew without a military escort.” And that is the end of his counsel to us. So, right around this time, I’m looking in my inbox. I got a newsletter from someone that I’m not signed up to get a newsletter from.
And it’s amazing! Is it coincidence or what? Here we go: “October is the month of the Holy Rosary.” Can you believe this??? I just got this, out of the blue. Here we are just learning about Mary, learning that she has been placed above the Capitol Rotunda with an assignment from God to restore this nation. Angels assigned to her were coming and going with their assignment. And this is the month of the Holy Rosary. Guys, we are right on target! We are doing the right thing. Now, St. Faustina’s feast day is also on the 5th of October.
She is the author of the Divine Mercy Chaplet given her by Christ. Also in this month is the feast of St. Francis of Assisi on the 4th, and St. Therese of Liseux on the 1st, who taught the “little way of love” to the Church. Now, dear ones, these are legitimate Holy Spirit days of remembrance. These are not pagan holidays. These are remembering holy people and holy things, just like the Hebrews had different feast days. Because these people were sold out for Christ. It is known that in Heaven there are feast day celebrations, actual days of celebrating the goodness and mercy of God’s grace working in a soul who fully, 100% corresponded to God’s gifts to them. Heidi Baker calls them laid-down lovers for Christ.
This is not the conclusion of this video message from Jesus, listen until the end for His entire message.



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On Thursday, in an unprecedented, bold and historic move, president Trump signed another Executive Order  two days ago on America’s “National Prayer Day“. This bill launches the creation of a new office in the White House to head protecting religious freedoms in the country. The “Faith & Opportunities Initiative”, Trump stated, in the Rose Garden ceremony, that this faith initiative will have access to government. Trump continued, “We take this step because we know that in solving the many, many problems and our great challenges faith is more powerful than government, and nothing is more powerful than God!

After signing the order president Trump said, “thaImage result for faith intiaitivet’s fantastic!” 

Follower’s of my blog, know I’ve been a Trump supporter since his campaign days – I’ve supported president Trump with my prayers faith in his promises as well as my prayers for him and his family. That God would keep them safe from all harm.  And as a Christian I couldn’t be more happy or elated with Trump’s plan to create a faith initiative program giving power of free speech back to churches, other religious groups and their leaders who have been threatened over the years because of IRS stipulations making organization exempt from federal income tax under section 501(c)(3 status for non-profits, Churches, organizations and religious leaders who would use their pulpits and community influence to speak out against government and political leaders and their corrupt agencies would have their non-profits status revoked.


Click on the link below to watch the video from You tude’s channel: Daily News

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God is watching, waiting and calling for his children to come to himImage result for faith intiaitive. Won’t you be the one who heed’s his call? Where every you are call out to him. He’s always listening happy and eager to hear your voice.

Post Correction


This is the Correct Post:

                The Government Is Officially Shut Down!


I this wrote on Thursday, that Congress and the President had reached a deal hours before the Government Shutdown deadline on midnight Friday to keep the Government running until February 16, 2017. I found what I posted on WhiteHouse.gov however, I did not check back the next day to see if the information I posted was correct. Below is the article I posted last week:


The Government Will Not Shut Down!

Hours Before Government Shut Down Deal Reached. President Trump met with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) Friday afternoon for a last-ditch effort to reach a deal to forestall shutting down the govenment before the midnight dateline tonight. Schumer reportedly said, “The discussion will continue, we’ve made progress but we have a number of disagreements. A deal was struck on Thursday while the house passed a bill to keep the government up and running until February, 16, 2018.



Trump Talks Immigration, Supports Our Troops & Plan To Avoid Shutdown

Scheduled For Today January 9, 2018


With ten days left before another government shut down deadline, the president meet with bipartisan members of the Senate this morning about immigration.  The president says, immigration bill can be reached in two phases  – one he insists on building a border wall for security as part of an agreement with the young immigrants, which Trump calls a “bill of love”. Secondly, Trump says, Congress could then pursue a comprehensive immigration overhaul in the second phase.

Trump expressed a willingness to be flexible in finding an agreement as Democrats warned that the lives of hundreds of thousands of immigration hung in the balance. From the president, congressional Republicans to the Democrats all express optimism a deal can be reached to avoid closing down the government before the deadline on January 19, 2018

The President takes another step to help and support Our Troops & Their Families


Uunlike the previous administration, president Donald J. Trump is standing behind our troops and giving back the aid and support that Obama took away from them during his tenure in the office as the military’s Commander-In-Chief. The President will meet with Secretary of Defense James Mattis later on today to sign an Executive Order in “Support of Veterans transiting from the military back to civilian life.”

Well done, Mr. President, well done!


Trump Declares January 2018 Prevention Month

For National Slavery & Human Trafficking Freedom

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On January 1, 2018 to start the New Year of off with a defining moment President Donald J. Trump did something bold and extraordinarydeclared war on Human Trafficking.  This declaration will help bring an end to one of our nation’s deepest, darkest and heinous crimes of our Nation’s entertainment industry, leader’s, politicians and officials at the highest levels of government – engaging in raping, torturing,  raping, molesting and ritually abusing America’s most treasured and innocent and treasured little citizens  – our children.

It was indeed, a very dark hour when it was discovered during the final hours of the 2016 Presidential elections that former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and her long awaited emails were leaked of conversations between her and former 2016 presidential campaign chairman, John Podesta were revealed.  The emails contained private conversations laced with coded language and highly suspicious symbols used by pedophiles about activities going on at a Pizza Parlor in Washington, D.C., called Ping Pong Pizza Parlor.  Those emails served as a window into the secret lives and pass-time going on’s of those in leadership around the world and in our country.

Many of whom are high ranking members of the Luciferians,, devil worshiping Satanic order as practitioners – all involved in the Cabal and Deep State’s Shadow government of the New World Order’s underground operations. The main focus of this group is in over-throw current administration of president Trump in order to declare Marshall Law and take over the country by Obama’s military force of 8,000 strong world -wide and start WW3.

Trump pledged to clean up DC politics and government when he was campaigning for the presidency in 2016. He has vowed to take down and dismantle the Deep State brick by brick and other branches of the government that are involved in this organization of former president’s, state’s men, bankers, rich elite families and the military black ops. These people are traitors to the country, republic and to law abiding citizens. They must to dealt with with extreme prejudice because of the nature of their crimes so they will learn never to repeat these actions. Many of these men and woman have already been sentenced and have gone to Guantanamo Bay for their crimes.

Over the past year, so much information has come out and to light from actors as Cory Feldmen, Ashton Kutcher and Keanu Reeves have all come out recently to expose what goes on in the secret, dark of night in Hollywood and at place like Museums, Churches, Day cares, Hospitals and at Billionaire’s mansions and other places all over the globe. Where children as young as infants and as old as adults are taken captive and held against their will to places and horribly sexually abused by the same people we voted into office. And people that we buy our goods from and some of our most basic product from like pizza, and use their product like phones and web search engines.

Once all this came out, I was ashamed of our leader’s behavior. But that didn’t last long I got involved and begin speaking out using my face book page and blogs to let people know about Human & Child trafficking and ritual sexual mind-control abuse and how some thing like this could happen to anyone, but especially to young children if you are not careful.

“Some times, like in my case, even when your careful evil people can still get to you if they have the desire to do so. I was an infant two or three months old when a family member stole me from my bed each night.”

To read more about my case I’ll leave the link below to my blogs. As a former, child abuse victim myself of these kinds of diabolical treatments  – sexual abuse, human trafficking, ritual sexual abuse, torture and mind-control of children. I survived child trafficking and sexual abuse from infancy until now it was only recently when I discovered I am still being victimized by an Asian group through cyber gang-stalking – and other. Gang stalking mean the attacker’s which are usually more than one person torturing an individual using modern nano-technology to keep up with modern times..

I am grateful to Mr. Trump for doing something about this tragedy – not just talking about this horrible crime against our children. But we must remember, children are not the only victims of trafficking – it effects all humans  – men, woman both boys and girls of all ages and we must not only do something about it we must talk about and speak out against it at every opportunity we get because it is pervasive and if we don’t take action in a very, very short time if we don’t this treasonous crime will be knocking at out door – once again.

Kodo’s to you Trump for standing up to the bad for all of us who have been victimized and victims of Human trafficking and sexual abuse. You’ve done what most of us have not done – taking a stand. May more people after reading of your actions follow your lead – and stop this madness call Human trafficking and sexual abuse. Perhaps, you are not gifted with the voice to speak out do not worry.

There are so many ways people can get involved with stopping this terrible crime against humanity. You can seek an agency that helps woman recover from abuse. Or you might concern starting a home for victims of trafficking and abused of all kinds.

Above all, let us pray and ask God what you should do this is always a good start and let’s pray for the victims and those who abuse. They were once children and this is probably where they were abused sexually and learned to abuse themselves. They as we all do – need God’s mercy and grace too.

Thank you, Mr. President for standing for those who can’t stand for themselves as well as for those who have did not survive to their torture!


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God Will Use America Again!

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“Some of you will be called to occupy an office.  You must change the way things have been done in the past.  Some of you will lose your lives defending what is right; you must be prepared to defend what is right or die. All of you, by your manner of living, must declare sin is not acceptable. Then the evil will be purged from your midst. “I know this sounds dramatic, but you are at a crossroads.

“A firm commitment and purpose of amendment is an absolute necessity for the survival of America.” What you allow in your families, towns and states. By what you condone and what you resist, standing up visibly and resisting evil. Declaring it for what it is and that the wages of sin are death. “You have come so close to death, America, so close. But you have been shown Mercy. Now you must live for what is right and refuse to accept corruption and sin.

Jesus said, these are My mandates for you. “Some of you will be called to occupy of office. You must change the way things have been done in the past. Some of you will lose your lives defending what is right; you must be prepared to defend what is right or die. All of you, by your manner of living, must declare sin is not acceptable. Then the evil will be purged from your midst. “I know this sounds dramatic, but you are at a crossroads. And firm commitment and purpose of amendment is an absolute necessity for the survival of America”

The message Jesus gave her was so strong and powerful she doubted it was Jesus at first, but after confirming it was indeed Him.  She continued, well, I began to discern this message, because it’s stronger, I think, than anything I’ve ever gotten from Jesus. And I heard Him very clearly say, “This is all Me, Clare, this the message I want sent out to My people. Reformation is not an option; it is an absolute necessity. I will be with each of you according to your faith and faithfulness to defend the truth. “This is a new day for you all. Continue to pray and fast a while longer as things are being moved and crushed by My Father’s mighty hand”

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