America the Great or America the Godly


Still Small Voice

Published on Oct 11, 2018

After Carol and Clare spent much time today trying to get this message finished and posted, Carol was called into Prayer and asked me to tell you that she will post the text for this message tomorrow afternoon.

Lord, only with Your grace can we stay busy and not curious. Please help us to remember that satisfying our curiosity does nothing to keep our lamps full of oil for Your arrival. Amen. Well, I wish I had different news, my beloved Heartdwellers, but it still looks very much like the Rapture is in view.
I found a book that really bore witness in my spirit, and it really confirmed the sequence of events that would make sense for a rapture scenario very soon. Sooner than later. I was hoping for another three years to be honest with you. Lord, would you please speak to me?
No martial law…” what’s really going on? It is very discouraging. “First of all, I want you to understand that your prayers are holding back a great deal. They have even affected the enemy’s financial profile and ability to move in certain directions. This does have an impact and certain maneuvers are being reconsidered for bigger events, but this should not come as a surprise to you—because you know I always answer your prayers. Are you not whining like Jonah right now?”
Jesus told in 2015 when the first rapture call was made, that just like in Matthew 25 the bridegroom had delayed his coming. He said, “Father God, had delayed the rapture at that time and granted us more time, more mercy and grace to sow and gather souls for His kingdom. He told us at that time to get busy with our gifts of the gospel to leave behind for those who would be left behind. He also told us to get busy serving and helping other’s. He said, this is the way to have oil in your lamps when he comes is that you are busy with the needs and concerns of others and not on your own selfishness.
Jesus told us at that time also that Father wanted America and America’s in a good place when He returned for us in the rapture. So he said, “get and stay busy!” Now he’s cautioning us again to ‘get busy helping and serving our fellow man.
He will not tell us for certain that the rapture will be a certain day, all he’ll say is be ready any day because no one knows when it will occur.
We are in the season of the rapture…though, not one knows the day or the hour…but the Father, we are in the perfect season according to scripture than any other time in our history. Pray for holiness and continue to do good to those around you. God is looking for those with extra oil in their lamps and serving others is the way to have extra oil…
Carol will have the words to this message put up sometime tomorrow.
God bless you all!




It’s a new year 2018 and still many people don’t like him, but for fifty years since president Kennedy was killed and no other president has stood up the New World Order (NWO) and the Deep State of the Military Industrial Complex’s underground shadow government as Trump has – he is not their puppet (he once was, but not anymore) Jesus is has and is changing him right before our eyes.

As David the psalmist says:

This is the Lord‘s doing; it is marvellous in our eyes.


Trump is no longer a puppet for the NWO  as all the former presidents have been before him including Obama who is the Deep State’s current leader. This is why they hate him so much and have campaigned so much hatred in the media and from the celebrities against him. He is actually working against them to take them down and destroy their world-wide network and he and his team, not to forget about our powerful King Jesus – working with him. And Trump, by God grace is doing what he said he would do – draining the swamp!

There is a secret – secret only in that the minds and eyes of those who are still in darkness, blinded by the fake and false, lying paid-and brought-media who constantly tell lies on our president spread rumors, disinformation and half truths about him instant of what he is really doing to take our nation out of the hands of the child and human trafficking and baby raping-pedophilias of the Deep States and put it back into the hands of the American people where it belongs.

We all should be down on our knees thanking God this afternoon for Donald J. Trump and how God used him to rescued us from the Deep State plans to  start WW3 and put us all over the NWO’s beast system. If it had not been for God delaying the rapture as he did last year and helping Trump to round up, clean up and lock up the members of this evil Cabal we would all be embroiled in the war right between Obama and the UN troops that he brought here to take over America.

God stopped Obama and he will continue to stop him if we all:


We all have a part to play in the restoration of our nation from the criminal element that has ruled us for over fifty years.

Ask yourself this question: are you doing your part or are you continuing to be part of the problem? Let unite, and get behind our President.


I’m just saying!