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New Clinton emails have been released…


In this video, Craig breakdowns Q revelation on an email from Marty Torry to Hillary Clinton about Julian Assange arrest for exposing her crimes and criminal history. The most important thing is that the people involved in these crimes will be held accountable. Did James Bakker turn states evidence – testifying behind closed doors about the who, what and of all involved in Russia Probe?

How NYT (New York Times) is running the old story again about Trump and taxes from an inheritance received from his late father.


This is it – Red October.


From Craig At Just Informed Talk

Valeria Jarrett send out a message to women who have been sexual abuse of support, claiming a bigger, stronger movement is coming….

“What are the odd of that”?

And another video from Just Informed, Demo’s planning new strategy against Judge Kavanaugh involves impeachment after the midterms, Dianne Feinstein intimidating the vote for Kavanagh, the democrat party is one threat, name-calling, and intimidation, Soros paid people to protest against the future judge. Q warning us that a new narrative is coming from the demo’s, and Hillary’s admiration of communist, Sol Alinsky and more…

Hillary & Cabal Caught Red Handed

Pray For Them. Jesus Revealed, Malcolm X as Obama’s Real Father

Published on Jul 21, 2018

Then Jesus began to speak, “Because you are My Bride, I do not want you to see evildoers as the world sees them. Instead, I want you to see how they came from the Father and were given into the hands of men without reasoning. Men who see only their own way as the best way. “Do you know these are trained before infancy, in the womb and before, in preparation for their missions by their highly organized societies and missions? It is no mistake that Obama takes his place in History. It is not by chance. Rather, much is planned before hand in preparation for the incarnation…those being chosen by demon entities to fulfill a role in history. Many of these roles are cast before the woman conceives and set into motion afterwards. Not only that but many are chosen, yet in process of time one emerges as the most qualified.


Malcolm X Obama’s father???

Then the fullness of the plan swings into operation as is the case with Obama whose father (Malcom X) was black and charismatic, one of the main qualifications. “And so you, My Bride, must not look at the sin but the sinner in the state he was in before being groomed to fulfill this role. You must look at Hillary in the very same way. They began as pure creations from My Father’s heart.”

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A Young Malcolm X
This post is only an excrept, to hear the entire video message click on the video below.

Is this the reason Obama would not produce his ‘REAL’ birth certificate, because he didn’t want the world to know who his real father is? Huh?

Leave it To Jesus To Totally Blow Obama’s Cover As A Real Muslim. They said, “like father, like son.”

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Deep State in A Panic, Treason, Collusion, Planned Coup d’état Conspiracy, Spying, FISA Memo Reveal All

The Second Revolution Has Begun

4ty7It is the “Numes or the FISA”  memo Trump released yesterday the Deep State do not want released to the public arena. This is the reason they are targeting him to keep their sins and crimes secret, hidden and covered up and not out in the open. They certainly do not want America’s to see all the evil deeds they have done in the country over the last past 16 years from the year the Clinton’s eight years in the White House, the Bush administration and that of Barry ‘Obama’ Sotro from 2008 to 2016 past eight years.  All of them are traitors of Ameica and the constitution.  Q Anon, military intelligence wrote in a post that all of the Obama and Clinton 8ilconspirators have been under 27/7 National Security surveillance.  Once the American citizen’s see the “Numes FISA Meno”, the Russian collusion narrative against the President will collapse and be a non-issue as everyone connected with it has said and in its place the realization Hillary and Barry “Obama” Soetoro and their other co-horsts will be investigated and for their crimes against the constitution. The FBI should be concerned about this document it will shake up the organization to its core and prove to the American people the FBI and Department of Justice formed “secret society” to plot against Trump another leg of treasonist acts involving Lynch, Holder and members of former president Obama’s administration along with Hillary Clinton. They will learn Obama weaponized the FBI agency to “take down” Trump. This memo proves Trump had adversaries in the Obama administration, the DNC, DOJ and 5yjHillary R. Clinton. The FISA document also shows members of FBI and Justice Department formed “secret society” to plot against Trump another leg of their treasons acts involving Lynch, Holder and former president Obama. The Trump administration’s national security apparatus and the military are aware of their (Obama and Clinton conspirators) activities they are being watched 24/7 and their communications, in-person meetings, telephonic communications and/or other electronically communicated messages, includingq3y emails, instant messages, and text messages.  On December 21, 2017 Trump signed and Executive Order declaring a state of national emergency regarding serious human rights abuser and other (unspecified) “corruption” giving Trump presidential clearance to access National Security Agency electronic surveillance regarding the activities of those suspected of being involved with the Obama/Clinton conspiracy. FBI agent McCabe was forced to resign after it was uncovered he asked other agents to change their documents of interviews conducted with Hillary R. Clinton in order to protect her involvement in over throw government. Finally, in the wake of the Amtrak Train collusion last week of the garbage truck ramming the train whether it was an accident or a targeted distraction to derail the train and stop the  Numes document disclouse. It’s interesting to note the train carried GOP members t34tuhe very players who were set to expose the heinous crimes of the Deep State. Do you believe in coincidences? I don’t. I believe everything in life happens by divine design and intervention. This was no accident. I believe as Q Anon does and countless others the truck crash was a planned ‘Sleeper Cell” attack (is a SRA victim and individual targetted and trained to come forward at certain times to do the deep states’s optives bidding) or  a false flag event to forestall the FISA Memo release. Q Anon, warned last week such an attempt would be made by Deep State to stop Trump from releasing said, memo at all cost. Q also said, expect more such attempts as the failed train derailment to keep public in the dark. The memo’s release brought out the zzxdeep state crimes amid John Kerry’s decrying its release hoping to dissuade the public the memo is a non-issue and nothing more than Trump trying to cast light on them (deep state) instead of focusing on his crimes and cover ups mainly his ‘made up” collusion with fixing elections with Russia.