Is Loretta Lynch Spilling Beans?


Craig Does Q Anon Post & Decodes From Just Informed Talk

Very interesting post today. Very, very interesting!

Who’s talking now? Could Obama’s former Attorney General, Loretta Lynch be spilling her guts and beans on everything, including the Tarmac meeting she had with former president, Bill Clinton. And, the Hillary Clinton email investigation, Hussein and his administrations involvement in everything and much, much more?

thJ1I4MPR1hQ reveals insight on today’s Trump’s rally, a man refused entry into rally wearing a ‘Q’ support tee shirt. Omarose Onee Manigault Newman, set to release another ‘secret’ Trump tape. Rob Rosenstein calls Loretta Lynch several times. Anyone want to guess why he’s calling her? Maybe he’s trying to get her to change her story so they’ll all match.

And more fake news by New York Times… story against RR. Panic in DC! More revelations on Comey and Mc Cabe. Are they are talking??? A bombshell reveal – did Mc Cabe leak the message memo about RR.

Panic in DC!






And who is Lorttia Fuddy?

There is so much lies and deceptions in this world Jesus told us to pray for the blindness and deception to come and off.

4ty7Have we all, had enough of this guy? I have. anyone who follows my blogs know without a shadow of a doubt – I am no fan of Barrack Hussein Obama, or aka- Barry Soetoro—or  Osama Bin Laden or what about this

President W was right, when he proclaimed in 2001 that we were under attack by those will weapons of mass destruction

Name change from Barry Soetoro just before becoming President he changed his name  to Barrack Hussein Obama. This video has no images, only words, but listen to the woman explain the changes of names from ‘birth’ names to ‘destiny’ names.

Many people are blinded and confused about the truth of number 44 and all his corruption. They believe he is the best things that happened to America since sliced bread. And, they would be all wrong. Not only, is number 44 the worst president America has ever had – Obama is a Muslim and a homosexual who is opening living in the White House with his guy lover Michelle, who is also posing as the first Lady.

This is part Two of new material being released on Loretta Fuddy



THE FACES OF THOSE STILL IN BLACKNESS TO THE TRUTH ABOUT OBAMA To do all he can to drain the swampy waters of D. C. Politics and Government to bring down and arrests ‘all’ the members of the ‘criminal’ Deep State -Shadow ‘rogue’ Government that is presently still working two blocks from the White House by Obama’s former regime to unseat, impeach and remove from office our president on fake trumped up charges any way thy can. They already launched two missile’s a (Trump has evidence) few weeks ago on the day of the Summit with Kim Jung Un to stop him. This is why it is critical for all who love this country and president to pray for God’s mercy not only on him, but on all of America because this will effect us all – nukes going off all over the country???

Yeah, this is pure EVIL directed at our country the deep state don’t want the dirt revealed and will stop at nothing to keep things as they are – most of America’s are asleep and blue-pilled to the truth. Yes, its time to Pray as never before! That God will wake us all up

Listen to W, like Obama lie right to our faces, but behind our backs they joke, laugh and make light of serious matters like Weapons of Mass Destruction that brought this nation to – Wars for sixteen years – that had costs the lives of countless American’s


I say, this News anchor,




This man is using the words of Jesus in Luke 10:18 “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven” (verse 18). In referencing Satan’s fall from heaven, Jesus most likely had in mind …to describe Obama whose name means lightening.

Or is Obama, Soroets real name Barry Soebarkah as his real birth cerificate claims.


check out this video that claims Loretta Fuddy is actually Obama’s supposed Mother, Ann Dunham. Loretta Fuddy is the woman who worked in Hawaii and produced Obama’s birth certificate. She is also the same woman who died mytersty on a plane that ship wrecked where she died for no apparent reason.

How come Fuddy is the only one who died in this plane accident? Everything looks fine, no one is hurt or injured and yet something strange happens and Loretta dies?

Watch this video and tell me in the comments what you think?


Here’s an interview with a another passenger on the plane with Loretta Fuddy. Stranger! Stranger! Stranger!

Was Loretta Fuddy really Obama’s mother as some people think? And was she killed to keep her real identity secret?