Is Loretta Lynch Spilling Beans?


Craig Does Q Anon Post & Decodes From Just Informed Talk

Very interesting post today. Very, very interesting!

Who’s talking now? Could Obama’s former Attorney General, Loretta Lynch be spilling her guts and beans on everything, including the Tarmac meeting she had with former president, Bill Clinton. And, the Hillary Clinton email investigation, Hussein and his administrations involvement in everything and much, much more?

thJ1I4MPR1hQ reveals insight on today’s Trump’s rally, a man refused entry into rally wearing a ‘Q’ support tee shirt. Omarose Onee Manigault Newman, set to release another ‘secret’ Trump tape. Rob Rosenstein calls Loretta Lynch several times. Anyone want to guess why he’s calling her? Maybe he’s trying to get her to change her story so they’ll all match.

And more fake news by New York Times… story against RR. Panic in DC! More revelations on Comey and Mc Cabe. Are they are talking??? A bombshell reveal – did Mc Cabe leak the message memo about RR.

Panic in DC!




What Bill Promised Lynch

The Tarmac Meeting Revelation untitledq09y

Unbelievable! Utterly, totally, unbelievable is not a strong enough word for what Q- Anon’s post just revealed about the secret conversation between former president, Bill Clintowo97n and then Attorney General, Loretta Lynch when the two met for a private meeting on the tarmac in 2016. Turns, out their private meeting was not so private after all. The former president, met with the then attorney general to discuss her possible appointment to former Supreme Court Justice, Antoine Scalia’s vacant seat on the Highest Court in the land only four months after his death, if she would make sure the criminal charges against his wife, the former Senator and former Secretary of State, Hillary Rodman Clinton go away and she be cleared of all charges. The thought, their secret and private tarmac conversation was overheard on June 27, 2016. Supposed, Scalia died after a hunting trip on February 13, 2016. The news reported the 79 year old justice died of a heart attack, but no autopsy was done and the devout Catholic was cremated.  Did the Clinton’s have prior knowledge of the Justiceq34‘s murder? Or was something more sinister going on? Did the Clinton’s plan the Justice’s death and have him assassinated so his sit would be open to make way for Lynch’s appointment to the high court?

Very, very, suspicious.


Below is link to video on this explosive email: