2018 Midterms Explained

Don’t Jump Ship Stay The Course Every Things Under Control

Shawn At SerialBrain2 explains this election

Everybody, including myself  were wondering what happened last night when the Dem’s gained control over the House. I couldn’t believe it – I thought the Dem’s weren’t going to win anything, and was super disappointed and surprised they won as big as they did – what was going on? Well, Shawn explains what happened in the midterms in this video.


Is China Meddling in 2018 Midterm Elections?


These Drops are from: Craig at ‘Justinformed Talk’ & Sir Patrick Mac at ‘In Pursuit Of Truth

With U.N., his press conference and his hearing that was quietly held on Capital Hill with Google, Face Book etc., etc.

Trump accuses China on trying to meddle in midterm elections and your personal data privacy. Google, Titter and Apple and other’s quietly testify about Chinese censorship, and your personal data privacy and more


In Pursuit Of Truth – Q Anon- Trump, UN & One Ugly Week