Air Force One in Danger Now

Continue To Pray…

Still Small Voice

December 26, 2018

I did not receive this message notification as I should have and only saw it this morning. Clare put it out shortly before midnight last night or very early morning. Thank God, He averted this attack because of prayer. However, Potus is still under attack and he will be until the deep state is rounding up and arrested. Please continue to pray for our President, country and the world at least until the New Year.

If Trump is taken out, so goes the whole world – things will changed instantly and dramatically – not for the good.

Here’s Clares message: Air Force One In Danger

Heartdwellers, I’m requesting emergency prayer for President Trump’s plane. He is currently in the air, going from Iraq to Germany. And when Ezekiel saw that missile hit, he was heading north. So, please, pray for the safety of Air Force One.

End of message


POTUS Under Attack!

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Why IS This Not News Worthy?

On Friday, July 27, 2018 the president of the United States had his life threatened while flying on Air Force One. See revealing video below on how this launch was captured on flim for all the world to see and still no new channel covered it.

They covered it up as they always do about everything Trump has done after being elected as our 45th President of the great Nation. A couple of weeks ago, it was him and his family who lives were threatened. This make the second missile attack within a month against the first family.

This is a big thing and unbelievably¬†no news network has picked up the story? How very sad! The president of the United States’s Air Force One Plane has come under attack and no news outlet thinks enough of him to report such threat on his life and the of his family or the threat this poses to the country and every person in America.

This is troubling and very, very sad! Hate is running rumpant and out of control in this country that people no longer care about the POTUS (the President of the United States)

I heard this story first from Craig at Just informed Talk he published it on Jul 27, 2018. Craig reveals information about the Missile attack on Hawaii that was actually an attack on Airforce One and the president on America as a whole.

Thankful, both attacks were averted by the military and F-16 fighters who took down both missiles and saved the life of our president, elect.

Check out the amazing footage. Q has it all. The video clearly shows a missile being fired from an island and no one knows what going on. But someone with missile firing capibilities fired on Air Force One three days ago. I wonder how many people in our government still have clearance and missile firing abilities to carry out this secret mission to kill and destroy POTUS?

And, our MSM thinks this is not news worthy to the public???

Thank God, for having his angels watch over Trump, Air Force One and His family.