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September 25, 2018

From Craig at Just Informed Talk, Praying Medic & In Pursuit Of Truth

Craig complains that his video was flagged and deemed, “Not suitable for advertisers” after only 10 minutes of being up…

I only point this out because I have figured out that YouTube is trying to modify my behavior by doing this to every video that mentions key words which they deem “controversial”. It’s total discrimination. It’s discriminatory in the FACT that it is an economic penalty levied against my channel as PUNISHMENT for not following their ambiguous and subjectively applied guidelines. This censorship is unconstitutional and illegal. One day I suspect YouTube will have to reimburse creators for this illegal discriminatory economic sanction which they have imposed on INNOCENT “youtube partners”. But, more importantly, I wonder how this yellow badge of limited monetization (ie – less than 25% of normal rate), will ultimately effect my video’s ability to be seen, my voice to be heard, and the message of God’s grace to get out to the people. This is most definitely both political and religious discrimination.

Another Q post

Dave at Praying Medic put up a video last week entitled: Goodbye Mr. Rosenstein

As more information is released by Qanon, we learn that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein had a large part to play in the illegal spying on Donald Trump.

In Pursuit Of Truth

Sir Patrick Mac of In Pursuit Of Truth has a post from Q where he’s not talking only has words posted. His post today is called:

Wheels on the Bus

Cheers y’all! Let me rest up, and I’ll be back at ya!

Reports RR did not resign, but spoke to Trump face to face.

Q Anon Report: Panic In DC

Did RR Resign & Why Is Obama Campaigning Again?


Reports first thing this morning was that Rod Rosenstein had resigned, and after much speculation and back and forth, ultimately he has himself and interview with POTUS on Thursday, Bob goodlatte had made a speech today talking about the political hack job attempt on soon-to-be Justice Cavanaugh, showing how all four of the alleged victims Witnesses tonight any memory of such a party, and the second allegation was not even following up and the New York Times, because per their own statement it was not credibly backed up, also they didn’t even mention Michael avenatti and his claimants as well.

Panic In DC.

Why is former President Obama on the campaign trail again? Is he seeking office or reelection? Or is this a full display of panicking? Ask yourself is this normal behavior for a former president?

This Q post is from SpaceShot76

Published on Sep 24, 2018