Only Intense Prayer Now…

Will Keep Him Alive

From Clare At Still Small Voice

ONLY Intense Prayer NOW…Will Keep Him Alive
December 19, 2018

Dear God, please send a spirit of supplication upon our people like never before, that they may wake up and stop this event.

Family, I have some very bad news for you. We are not praying enough to stop the tide of evil. Too many Christians are caught up in celebrating the holidays rather than defending their President and country with prayer.

BE PREPARED For Martial Law


Today’s Message Part One: BE PREPARED for Martial Law This Week? October 1, 2018

But getting back to the Rapture warnings… Lord, have you anything new to say? “My dear, dear, Clare—and anxiously waiting Brides. I am coming for you! The timing has generated endless streams of calculation, supposition, expectation, and prognostication. Endless. It has led many to lose their confidence in Me and in the Faith. This is the enemy’s doing. Let out a deep breath—I am not going to give you a date. “But I am giving you a wake-up call.

“Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!!

Jesus, you are not the Author of confusion. Please clarify all these variables if You can. Amen. Well, Family, I just want to share with you that, there’s been a lot of thoughts going through my head the last three days or so. But some of them conflicting and a little confusing. That’s why I picked that prayer. For two days in a row now, the Lord has played my song, Swift Away, which we had just posted. It’s about the Rapture and being left behind. After that song, this morning… He played, Come Away with Me. And after that, He played Psalm 91.
And after that—He played ANOTHER version of Psalm 91! I confess to you, dear ones, I am really having trouble accepting the possibility of the Rapture now. Just like one of our Heartdwellers said, “I was really expecting, with the government arrests and reordering of things, I would have a chance to really do something for the Lord. I am disappointed and I don’t get it.” Right. That is exactly where I am at, too. You’re not alone… Busy with songs, finally, yet having to think it’s all going to be over so soon? I cringe at the thought that I failed my mission with music. I really have songs from Heaven that need to be recorded and passed on to you—and I haven’t done it yet.
However, it’s happening. I mean, I put up three songs so far. Then Ezekiel just had a dream about martial law in Cincinnati, Ohio. Everyone was staying in some kind of huge apartment shelter and couldn’t go out after dark. They were little apartments with kitchen and bathrooms and so on the military had thrown together. But they were big buildings. Armed military people were hiding behind bushes and trees on alert. This was at dusk. And Ezekiel could not even go out of this place to get his medicine from the truck without an escort. It was ominous and a scary feeling. Messages from the Oval Office continue to indicate a Red October, which has many meanings. One meaning is from the film that talks about a nuclear attack that was planned on America, but was thwarted.
Coincidentally—if you can call it coincidence—another talks about the institution of the Soviet Union and the overthrow of Russia. The Russian monarchy in 1917. Then there are the foreboding prophecies I’ve been given about war on our soil. Deep down in my heart, I JUST CAN’T wrap my peace around it. It seems WAY off. Anyone else feeling this way??? Not having a peace about the Rapture at this point? I almost suspected the Lord gave us these warnings to get people out of a deadly sleep—to wake them up to what’s about to happen. To get me, too, to work on music day and night…which is what I’m doing. Then Ezekiel was told by the Lord that he should write simple songs about what the Lord is saying to him. So, that will be posted after this message. It’s only 3 minutes long and it’s a rough… We are having some equipment issues with Ezekiel’s equipment.
We’re having to transfer over to a new system. But you’ll get the idea. The title of it is I Will Save You On That Day. I can’t ignore this or Carol’s continued warnings in prayer. Forgive me, dear ones, I wish I could have total peace about this and clarity—but it just doesn’t compute. Then in prayer yesterday, after I spent a lot of time crying out before the Lord, I pulled one of my Rhema Cards and it said, “What would you like Me to do for you?” And I thought, ‘Oh boy…You’re asking this? Oh, my gosh! Here I am, crying and begging for more time, more grace, more mercy and He’s asking me what can He do for ME?!’ He did tell us a long time ago that I would have a complete peace when it was about to happen.
I do not have that peace! During the Rosary yesterday, Our Lady said to me, “There is but a small ray of hope…a very tiny ray of hope that it will be postponed. But more prayer is needed.” Wow. I would like you to pray something after each decade of your rosary, please. Would you pray: “Father, grant us more time, more grace, more mercy.” This very prayer was approved by St. Faustina herself at a prayer meeting in Florida, when she manifested in a vision and thanked me for the prayer. So, please consider this. I just can’t fathom that after the huge turn-around in the government, after all our prayers, that we won’t get to be a part of the reconstruction of this nation. It really is, in a way, heart-breaking. So, please pray for clarity for me. And I can’t share with you what I don’t have answers to.
I don’t want you to be walking around just as confused as I am. I’m just being gut honest with you; this is a very confusing time. So, please do pray for me, to get the Lord’s clarity, His heart and mind about this. My dear family, there is no need for alarm, because the Lord is protecting us. But nonetheless, we must abide by the rules of order. We are getting confirmations that martial law may be declared during the time we are rounding up the Clay and Iron feet, which could happen as soon as this week or next week. I guess it hinges on a certain appointment being finalized. Our leader is about to take action, and justice is about to be meted out.
Here is what our intel advisor told us to be ready for in the next week or two: He began, “Martial Law will be declared very soon/shortly. It will not last long, but it may be very violent as the Army and Marines round up the Clay Feet. The prudent will follow instructions and stay out of the way. If you see something erupting, go immediately in the opposite direction while you pray. Stay very close to home. Once these evil creatures are rounded up and their mind-numbed robots no longer riot, then life will resume as normal. “Wherever you see violence, go away from it as fast as possible. During martial law, the army is encouraged to shoot first and ask later. For some, ‘later’ will be too late.
I do mean to sound callous about it. I am not expressing my values. I am telling you what will happen to innocent bystanders if they get caught in the crossfire. A crossfire is the worst place to be, all you can do is play dead until the crossfire is over (if you are lucky—and I mean lucky). This is not meant to scare, it’s meant to prepare. It’s coming, probably this week. Have what you need at home and stay close to home. Never go out after a curfew without a military escort.” And that is the end of his counsel to us. So, right around this time, I’m looking in my inbox. I got a newsletter from someone that I’m not signed up to get a newsletter from.
And it’s amazing! Is it coincidence or what? Here we go: “October is the month of the Holy Rosary.” Can you believe this??? I just got this, out of the blue. Here we are just learning about Mary, learning that she has been placed above the Capitol Rotunda with an assignment from God to restore this nation. Angels assigned to her were coming and going with their assignment. And this is the month of the Holy Rosary. Guys, we are right on target! We are doing the right thing. Now, St. Faustina’s feast day is also on the 5th of October.
She is the author of the Divine Mercy Chaplet given her by Christ. Also in this month is the feast of St. Francis of Assisi on the 4th, and St. Therese of Liseux on the 1st, who taught the “little way of love” to the Church. Now, dear ones, these are legitimate Holy Spirit days of remembrance. These are not pagan holidays. These are remembering holy people and holy things, just like the Hebrews had different feast days. Because these people were sold out for Christ. It is known that in Heaven there are feast day celebrations, actual days of celebrating the goodness and mercy of God’s grace working in a soul who fully, 100% corresponded to God’s gifts to them. Heidi Baker calls them laid-down lovers for Christ.
This is not the conclusion of this video message from Jesus, listen until the end for His entire message.

Deep State Planning To Nuke Bridge In California & Possibly In New York

We Are In Very Great Danger! But There Is Hope, If…

My Father grieves with Me and My Holy Spirit—but some things cannot be totally averted. Nevertheless, your prayers are powerful and We do hear them. And We do consider them. And We do make changes to accommodate your prayers. “Yes, Our hearts are breaking with looming tragedies that will take innocent lives; We cry over the very thought of these. Please. Please do press in and pray! “What can be done? Yes, you can pray with all your hearts that these things can be lessened, averted or postponed—and again I tell you, your prayers are heard in Heaven. Satan has many plans for the Earth, many of them have already come to fruition. But I tell you again: your prayers are powerful and My Father is STILL in complete control of what will happen here.” The evil men of this world have the technology to start tsuami, earthquakes and weather anomalies  as we’ve seen with the Hurricanes and the movies they show us of their power and capabilites as we saw this pass summer. Please pray for our nation and for your families.

The Deep State do not want their sins and crimes broadcasted to We, The people, and they will stop at nothing to make him look bad, impreach him and continue their evil plans to destroy America. They have used the news, television, newspaper other politicans and celebrities to make their case as well as high ranking member of the Deep State Cobal who Trump and his team are pursuring to put in jail for treason and various other crimes against America. They have done a successful job so far in convincing America he is too blame for the nations problems, not them.

Open your eyes America see the truth and get on the right side of this war. Because it is a war not only for the country, but for our very lives and that of your children and grandchildren. Jesus promised, if we all prayer God will do his part to protect us from the evil planned against us…but we must pray.

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