Q Anon ” Sheep No More”

Published on Nov 10, 2018

Q goes over the voting fraud and how back in 2016 there was a sworn statement proving such, did Q team set up the Dems to shoot themselves in the foot after demanding a recount? Can you say national voter ID Laws?


New Q: Firewall Down? 


In this video Q takes us from Trump’s yanking of John Brennan’s security clearance, to the new leadership of Al Qaeda (UBL’s son, no less!) to the Vanderbilt Estate which is Anderson Cooper’s family home. He is Glory Vaderbilt’s son. In a picture taken long ago when Anderson and his brother were kids hanging out in the bedroom of their mother and her bed there is creepy artwork overhead with all kinds of symbols, angels, children and weird stuff.

The video below is from Sir Patrick Mac at https://InPursuitOfTruth.com about a Q post and what Trump is and has accomplished since he’s been in office

In this Q drop we see more creepy pictures of swimming pools, odd necklaces, and children, (girls) posing in strange positions with their hands behind their backs and dark stains on their under clothes and more bizarre artwork. Plus the possible breach of a fire wall and the promise that they’re all going to jail.

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Let me warn you, first off some of this context is very, very dark, bizarre, disturbing and has a hint of sexual overtones. That in and of itself is esceially disturbing that it involves children. Let me mention, children who have been brought up in ritual/sexual abuse and mind-control think this is normal because they have no way of knowing what is good or evil unless Holy Spirit has ministered to them beforehand. So most young children think they are playing a game or having normal fun. They don’t know any better.

It’s certainly not their fault they had sick parents, grandparents or other relatives or family or friends who would do this to them. They were prisoners of this stuff many from birth. This is their normal. I can speak because this is what happened to me. Thanks to Jesus’ great grace for me He has shielded me from knowing and remembering so much evil done to me at an early age that I remember none of it, but only tiny bits and pieces of how my hair looked or my eyebrows when I was old even to know I had them.

But all the really gory stuff I don’t (Thank God) remember any of it. I didn’t even know anything about my kidnapping or Image result for child trafficingtrafficing as an infant until Jesus woke me and made me aware of it. I just assumed, I was an evil child having been born on Halloween. That was my reality and what I lived with my entire life. So I have some keen awareness with these children and my heart melts and goes out to them in a really deep and resou


I feel I have lived or am living through their torment and torture everyday of my life. I hurt for them. I grieve for them and over each and everyone of them like it were me- because in many ways – they are me. They stand for the me I didn’t know. The me that sufferd through what they are going through without the knowledge of knowing I suffered.

This video is from Lori Colley at: https://prayingcitizen.wordpress.com

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Hopefully, these video will shed light and put into content what Q and the President has been doing over the course of his presidency since he was elect to the highest office in America. And you will see what he has been up against with the MSM (mainstream Media) and their lies to keep you the public in darkness and to control the narrative and switch it from what Trump is really doing by taking down the Deep State and revealing and uncovering their crimes and dirty deeds against America and her Constitution.See the source image

And the biggest crime of all their sick, devil-worshiping and Satanic crimes against our children. He is doing exactly what he told us he would do which is to drain the DC’s Swamp and clean house corrupt whereever he finds it. This is bigger than anyone thought it would be and certainly bigger than the country will be able to digest.

But it is a neccessary evil that must be stopped at all cost and while Father, Papa God is heading up this operation to ‘drain the Swamp’ He is asking all us who know and love the truth to expose those who serve serpent and let them know God is love and His truth See the source imagewill prevail against the evil that has taken over our nation for decades, but He is givng the control back to the people who love Him and He is bring down all those who have had their hands corrupted and are responsible for harming our little innocents.

I your are uncomfortable talking about this stuff here’s where video’s like this and other will come in handy. We much inform the public about all this so when it all start falling down they won’t be to shaken or devasated by the fallout. Image result for child trafficing

It is happening! With God on our side, we can’t lose. He has assured us He will bring them all down who are guilt of crimes against children. This will include those who have worked so hard with Planned Parenthood and aborations. Planned Parenthood, is the elites way of lowering the population of blacks across the country and also a way to keep the flow of blood scarifices on going to the Satanic rituals. It is an abomination to all of Heaven and must be stopped.

This is the reason the wrath of God will be poured out upon America for her 45 billion aborations. Pray for God to stop this evil. And if you know anyone comtemplating and anboration, please let them know God is not pleased with their decision and He has made a way for their unwanted baby that does not include aborting them.See the source imageAbortion is the main reason Jesus is asking for prayers because this thing is bigger and widespread- than any of us know and can comprehend – reaching across nations and spanning decades. It wil be destructive and many, many will be caught up in it.

You need to pray for all!

Pray the rosary if you can for strengthe and protection. Here is the one I pray daily.