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Trump Told Us Where To Find Q’s Intel About The Caravan

 War Drummer Official

Published on Oct 17, 2018

Shawn decodes Q like no other. Here Shawn shows a portion of Obama’s resent speech where he is flip-flopping on all his old policies in favor of Trump’s border control over the Caravan. What’s going on??? The dem’s don’t want to Trump to stop the immigrants stopped at the border. They want them to flood the country with immigrants so they’re will have the illegal votes they’ve always depened on to rig the elections in their favor.

SerialBrain2: The pipe bombs, the synagogue shooting and the Air Force One umbrella. Part 1.

The Deep State is in panic mode. The information provided in this decode from #SerialBrain2 covers what they are up to and how they are threatening our POTUS’ life.


It’s about keeping you folks on the plantation… – Recognizing The Warlocks pt.2

Iia to kn this video, Shawn talks about how the Dems are keeping the black communites in the dark of the Plantation from knowing and recognizing ‘who’ they really are. They use the news and medeep their narrative of lies going and keep African American leaders inthe dark – thereby keeping the black population in the dark about their deceptive ways.

It’s about keeping you folks on the plantation… – Recognizing The Warlocks pt.2

Another Q Update

By Dave At Praying Medic

Dave shares a Trump rally where to president decided to change tactics. VIP Anon received a photo that was taken with him and the President at a rally. On the back of the photo is an intriguing signature from the President. Q anon said the picture will be the signifier and the signifier will force the question.


Craig At Just informed Talk Breaks Down Q Anon

Published on Oct 21, 2018

He Gives Us Q’s Reason why everyone is freaking out!

In the quake of Q’s absence, many are wondering if he is still with us?

Well, as I wrote in several posts – this is not Q’s first time going silent. He has done it before and always comes back with even more decodes filled with information on Trump’s actions in taking down the Deep State and how they are handling his takeover…

Besides, he has given us so much that if he does not return – we have enough information to keep us busy decoding and search the web for decades with the drops he has left us over the past ten months. So don’t worry!

In this video, Craig talks about Q Anon and a lot of different topics. We haven’t heard from Q since October 9th…and he mentions information on . individual candidates running for office under the Republican Party so we’ll know who to vote for

Remember, Jesus told us following Clare – that He wants us to vote Republican and say, “He’ll have the right people (from that party in place), by the time of the actual elections come in November, but we must do our party and vote. So again, no one should be overly concerned or worry.


Published on Oct 19, 2018

Craig Of Just Informed Talk Asks The Question – Where Is Q?

Q hasn’t posted since October 9, 2018. But Q left us so much more than we know in all of his Q drops over the last ten months. There is so much decodes on the Anon board that it will takes months to go through all Q has left us. This is not the first time Q has gone silent.

No, during the summer month of June or July this past summer Q did not post for almost 20 days, but he returned. We suspect, he’ll do the same thing this time as well.

Deceptionbytes Decodes Q

My Usual Q Anon Decoders Are All Silent

So Here’s Mishel McCumber of Deception Bytes she has excellent Q decodes I listen to her often as well as the other guys. Mishel is one of three women I follow from tiime to time with Q decodes.

Have a listen and tell me what you think?

Published on Oct 17, 2018

In this video, Mishel talks about legal “immigrate” Piglosi, clinton, obamas, etc. to Iraq or Syria? Immigrants being screened for disease, what’s in the beef,  Mueller won’t be releasing his long=awaited report until after the mid-terms. She mentions, Osama bin Laden and 9/11…and so much more


They Are Freaking Out! Here’s Why…

why did HRC have her security clearance removed? Syria, Russia and missles and much more. Craig At Just Informed Talk & breaks down another Q drop



Q Update

The Gloves Are Off

In Pursuit Of Truth brings Q decodes for

October 10 & 13 2018

Actually, Sir Patrick Mac has no Q report or video for today on his channel. He does however,  give his twitter address and invite everyone to join him on his twitter page for his latest on Q.

Check out his video to hear what was happening two days ago.  Sir McPatrick Mac breaks down Q starting with RR and boom, boom and boom. Q reveals in his testimony to Congress, last week Jim Bakker told Congress his boss, RR spoke of plans to wear a wire to tape record the president….and much, much more…

Qanon October 11, 2018

Logic and Critical Thinking

This Q Anon Post is From Praying Medic

Qanon advises us to avoid using emotions to evaluate current events and instead use logic and critical thinking.


From Craig At Just Informed Talk

Valeria Jarrett send out a message to women who have been sexual abuse of support, claiming a bigger, stronger movement is coming….

“What are the odd of that”?

And another video from Just Informed, Demo’s planning new strategy against Judge Kavanaugh involves impeachment after the midterms, Dianne Feinstein intimidating the vote for Kavanagh, the democrat party is one threat, name-calling, and intimidation, Soros paid people to protest against the future judge. Q warning us that a new narrative is coming from the demo’s, and Hillary’s admiration of communist, Sol Alinsky and more…


Blame Russia

This Q drop is from Craig at Just Informed Talk Q tells us about the demo’s new playbook, its exactly like their old one to blame Russia as always….and more

As well as more infor on Dianne Feinstein…and Pence’s for 43 min at Hudson Institute  literally calls China out.Listen to his speech to China below