Q Anon November 12

Part 3: Voter Fraud Sting? SB2 Analysis

Blessed To Teach
Q tells us most many in our government worships Satan… Q also gives us to 411 on Sessions recusing  himself while office he silently prepared indictments and other legal goodies with the help of Huber and Horowitz before leaving resigning. He set up Whitaker who is going to clean house and start the indictments…


All Eyes On Broward Country Florida

Published on Nov 11, 2018

Truth and Art TV Patriot News headlines and the latest updates on the President Trump STORM against the Deep State. Recorded Saturday night 11-10-18.

Boomerang suicide, Q all eyes are on Broward country Florida. This country in Florida is known for voter fraud.

2018 Midterms Explained

Don’t Jump Ship Stay The Course Every Things Under Control

Shawn At SerialBrain2 explains this election

Everybody, including myself  were wondering what happened last night when the Dem’s gained control over the House. I couldn’t believe it – I thought the Dem’s weren’t going to win anything, and was super disappointed and surprised they won as big as they did – what was going on? Well, Shawn explains what happened in the midterms in this video.



“Do You Understand Why Sessions Resigned?

Craig at Just Informed answers this question through Q

Q said, “for us to trust Sessions and trust the plan. His job is done now its up to Huber and Horowitz.

Are we still enjoying the show?

Q’s Latest Post


Q has still not posted, but he’s given us so much on his other drops that there’s really no need for him to post anything any time soon. All that’s left is for someone to decode what Q’s left us. So in this post, I’ll be highlighting another Q decoder you may not have heard of. Her name is Linda Paris.  She is decoding one of Q’s last post. In this video, she talks about Roseanne, Tom Arnold, Jeff Sessions, RR and balloons.

I listen to Linda, from time to time as I do with all the others I’ve introduced on this blog, especially when I’ve heard the others decode Q’s drops.

Here is a link to her blog & webpage is: http://www.deplorablemcallister.com

As I mentioned, Linda decodes Q as good as the others, however, her best work happens when she ventures out from the Q drops and into the Mega Memes, which are also finds on Q’s drops. Linda is actually very, very good at decoding the mega memes from the Q’s board. Of all the Q decoders I listen too, Linda seems to be the most experienced ‘Professional’ of the lot. She talks about her career and history in broadcasting and writing.

Anyways, check her out. I think she’s awesome and she loves president Trump too.

Her channel is not monetized.

VISIT HER DAILY BLOG…(for snarky politically incorrect humor)

Daily Blog: http://www.deplorablemcallister.com


Q Anon

Craig at Just Informed Talk Q Anon

New Clinton emails have been released…


In this video, Craig breakdowns Q revelation on an email from Marty Torry to Hillary Clinton about Julian Assange arrest for exposing her crimes and criminal history. The most important thing is that the people involved in these crimes will be held accountable. Did James Bakker turn states evidence – testifying behind closed doors about the who, what and of all involved in Russia Probe?

How NYT (New York Times) is running the old story again about Trump and taxes from an inheritance received from his late father.


This is it – Red October.