You really have to listen to this Q Anon drop that talks about why the DEMOCRATS won’t do the right thing and suporting the president on ICE is crazy.

Its sad, but they believe in opening our boarders to everyone who wants to come into the country is a good thing. But how can it be? It is a crazy thing to do and it is unadvised. We need boarder walls and boarder Laws. Let ICE do their job in keeping the country safe from predators and those who would come into our country to hurt, kill and harm us. We need boarder control. Our boarder patron agents are doing the job they were hired to do. Listening to the Democrates, who are still angry Hillary lost. They did not expect her to loss, but God had other planned for our country – He didn’t want business as ususal. So, He stepped in and changed everything to do with the elections and though the Demo’s rigged the elections to ensure Hillary won…she still lost because God was in the midst and He got for Himself the victory.

God is working for us…to destroy and take down these corrupt people. God wants us, in the know and those who are awake and ‘RED’ pilled to expose their corruption and to help wake up the rest of America. Things will get bad, very bad as these evils are broken up and exposed. But, we will witness the awesome power and hand of God moving on our behalf. He wants us to stand strong, stand firm and stand in faith. He is with us as we talk into a new future.


Below, Craige at JustInformed Talk has an amazing video detailing Trump’s speech to the ICE BOARDER Patron. Criag talks about Trump’s fallen Security Agency.