By_the Book

Published on Oct 29, 2018

I will be doing a series of past ‘Q’ posts to help everyone get back on board with Q, and the Trump-Pence team and hopefully this will help us all to understand that the plan is God’s plan for mankind.  God wants all of us to know and accept His plan for our future. It Is Going To Be Glorious!
So Get ready to be amazed!
Last Q Post of Oct 9 I totally missed the Hidden Message of TRUMPETS!! LAST DAYS!! NOW 20 DAYS LATER I SEE (I WAS BLIND)

So this morning, I woke up feeling like there must be more I can do to help get people back together and following Q and the president. I believe with all my heart Q and the president and doing an end-time work for Almighty God…in destroying Satan and his evil minions on earth through men.

But, I wasn’t sure how to prove this though I felt in strongly. Then I felt lead to Youtube channel that’s when I discovered Praying Medic’s video was actually removed by Youtube. At first I thought it was the hackers messing with my blog and I tried several times last night and today to replace Dave’s last video on my site to no avail.

As I returned, to my room to pray my eyes caught sight of another video posted by..the Book. So being noisy as I am I clicked on it and heard the marines singing a praise song to the Lord and I thought…Ah ha!

The light came on and I understand for perhaps the first time – that Trump and his team are really part of the Lord’s great army to defeat Satan in our time – right now! And that’s what Q is all about – defeating the giant – the Red Dragon, Satan, Lucifer, the devil. God is working with the Trump-Pence team to slay the devil and prepare America and the world for the Glorious Second Coming of our Lord, God and King….JESUS!

I missed this too, in all of Q’s post that it was HOLY SPIRIT speaking to us in the voice of Q…its not a man, but God!

And God, wants us (all of us) to get behind His plan to defeat Satan and prepare for his glorious New Kingdom on Earth which is the New Jerusalem.

You have to listen to the video follow along with what is being revealed to get the whole picture of what Q is giving us  to understand whom is speaking to us and find out what the plan is. I tell you once you realize who has been talking to you all along you will be amazed! And you might even start shouting, worshipping and praising God.

When I saw the entire picture of who has been communicating with us all the time – I began having church in my bedroom!


Evil Days Are Ahead, But Short-Lived!

This message is from Clare of heart dwellers for December 11, 2017

Jesus began, “Stand firm. Evil days ahead, but short-lived.  I expect you, My Bride, to stand tall in Me and be ambassadors of courage and faith in the face of contradictions and loss.  Your lives do not depend on what you eat, where you live, what you wear or what you drive.

They depend on inner resolve and integrity, so you do not sink down into the mire when you are challenged by difficult situations. “I will be with you in the coming months and I will continue to hone and perfect you as we climb the mountain together. Some of you will get stronger; others will fall by the wayside. Whatever your choice, remember you are still Mine and I will never desert you or leave you on your own.

“I am with you, even when you must step out of the fires of purification. I am still with you. ago.  “Some will get stronger, others will fall by the wayside. Whatever your choice, remember you are still Mine; I will never desert you or leave you on your own. I am with you, even when you must step out of the fires of purification—I am still with you.  And I am still with you.

Sometimes you have to go back to your mud puddle many times before you get tired being filthy. “My Daughters and Sons, My Brides and Friends, there is never a moment I don’t anticipate the movements of your soul and provide a way out for temptations. There is never a moment when I throw My hands up in the air and say, ‘That’s it! I’m done with you! Go your own way.’

“No, I never divorce My wife. I never leave My family. Rather, I give them a chance to take a breather so they can see what or who they have chosen to take My place in their lives. There does come a point for most when they see clearly what they couldn’t see before, because the enemy was blinding them—the enemy in their own passions—to what they will lose when they turn and run after their idol. For many it happens the hour of their death, and is used against them to turn them to despair so they will go with the Devil.

“My dear ones, no matter what your flaw is,” the Lord continued, “I protect you many, many times so you will not fall into it. However, if I see you looking down your nose at anyone, I withdraw My protection and leave you on your own, so you will learn just how weak you are and never, ever criticize another.

“Yes, humility is a huge protection.  “I bless you now with courage, stamina and integrity to stand through all storms and be My faithful witnesses.” Amen.