Trump Messages

Message From Jesus To Clare (Of Heartdwellers) About Donald J. Trump

May 19, 2016

In these early messages,  Jesus gave Clare insight about the life and heart of then candidate Trump. We will learn and see how Jesus has used this man, billionaire-Trump (and continues to do so) first as a candidate for the 2016 Presidential Election, who ran from literal pools of others running to defeat then, former first-lady, and Senator Hillary R. Clinton and made him the president of the United States. Where he is currently during all he can with the help of God’s grace, to clean up and drain the swamp, for God’s glory  to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

And, to this day, many, still don’t want to give the president his due (for giving us of country back from the rich bankers) or see him as God’s man, but the Father in heaven has used Donald to do what no other man has done in our country for over sixty years – take control from the Deep State and put it back in the hands of We, The People.

Let’s continue to pray God’s strength over him and his family. Amen.

This message is the first message in which Jesus introduced us (the heartdwellers) to Donald J. Trump as a possible replacement for Hillary in the White House. It was after this message that I got on board and fully supported, him as candidate, Trump. I wasn’t interested in the elections, presidency of who won. I was not planning on voting ever again after God told me in 2004 that Obama was part of the problem. I made up mind to never vote again.

Well, precious Heartdwellers. I need to make an announcement before I get into the message. I just want you to know that we still have books and CD’s and thumb drives on Amazon and they are about to charge us an outrageous amount of money for storage if they don’t get sold.

Sooo…I’m telling you ahead of time that we have paid all the costs for making these out of our own pockets, so you could afford them. And I just want to remind you that all you’re paying for on Amazon is the processing fee that they charge and the shipping. Everything else for the thumb drive and the album have already been paid by ourselves or by donors. So, that’s the only cost involved in getting these. Otherwise, they’d start around $25, they’d be very expensive, but I think they’re priced at like, $6. So, get them while you can and you can have them when things get bad. It will be too late at that time to get anything.

Before we pull them off Amazon, I’m just making a last announcement to you, please consider all the people that are going to be left behind that you know, and what you can do for them before it’s too late. My highest recommendations are for the Tethered Thumb Drive, and the album Tethered, which makes a very nice gift because of the packaging and it’s got the essence of the important things on it. These are things you can leave behind for your relatives in a big envelope with their names on it. I also recommend you put them in those inexpensive EMP protection, Faraday Cage Mylar envelopes in case there ever is an EMP attack after the Rapture, they will be able to open them on a new device. ‘Cause in an EMP attack, all information is wiped off of every drive, unless it’s in what they call a Faraday cage.

It is our responsibility to touch every single soul we can so they will understand they are not doomed, God does care about them. So many will commit suicide because their entire sense of self worth revolves around what they own and financial security. So many will ask where is God? Why didn’t He tell us this was going to happen? Others will say, there is no God, or He wouldn’t have let this happen. On the thumb drives we explain why He allows these things. And that may very well be the point in their lives where they realize GOD IS REAL. And God IS in control.

This indeed is what it’s all about: God is real and there is HOPE, so that people would have hope when nothing makes sense. So please, if you can order a few more of these resources. And one thing to remember: the cd’s and drives are manufactured to last, not like something you make at home where the files can deteriorate after time. I’ve had that really sad experience where I was backing things up on CD and I went to pull them up and they were all gone. There was just a black icon … nothing left but that shadow.

Now for the message.

The Lord Jesus is with us, Heartdwellers. He broods over us like a mother hen over her chicks, and has so much wisdom to impart to us. And as always, I am the guinea pig…

I’ve been preparing for the painting He has commissioned me to do…preparing by researching my materials and getting an idea of how to go about this.

I, I, I.

Well, most of you know where the “I” doing it leads to. That’s right, failure and confusion. So, here I am to confess my failure and confusion and complete frustration about how to go about this. He did tell me it was wisdom to research my materials before I got started, but I never came to Him and asked Him directly, ‘How do You want me to do it?’ So, He left an open door there for me to be foolish – and I walked right through it!

“I bring my confusion to You, Lord. I don’t want to waste anymore time on this.”

He answered me, “I understand, and I’m here to clear it up for you. Why did it take you so long for you to come to Me?”

I didn’t think of asking You, I just assumed.

“Well, you are showing much more wisdom now. Thank you for coming to Me. You already know what I want you to use, right?”

Here He is referring to the vision He gave me during worship that solved my dilemma about which medium to use. I had already invested in another medium which can be converted with a little work, but I felt badly that I might have wasted money.

“I do not want to shame you. I see you are truly sorry and afraid to buy anything at this point. You are familiar with this medium, and you can work your pastels into it. This can be done, quite easily I might add. You can have a peace about this, Clare, this is Me. Work with what you have a few other things, and we’ll be able to do this together. I will not let you down. I know how frustrated and disappointed you are. Let Me help you, we CAN turn this around.”

He continued, “You are in a good place now. A really good place. Contrition is always the very best place to be. Oh, if only My children could stay in this place, how humble they would be. Contrition and humility go hand in hand.

“Beloved family of God, all of you will benefit by deep contrition for your sins. Contrition moves the jagged rocks from the site where the foundation of humility is poured. When you encounter yourself in failure, it is one of the greatest gifts I can give you. You become aware of your nothingness and My great mercy and love for you.

“When you begin to see yourself as you truly are, I pour My love and grace all over you until you are nothing but a tiny speck carrying a huge bundle of light. Like an ant with a big twig, you aren’t even seen anymore. You are hidden beneath the gift of grace that dominates you.

“Contrition is the pre-eminent gift of predilection…meaning that you have been chosen and responded appropriately. Many are called, few are chosen, and even fewer respond. When you empty yourselves and become so small and insignificant in your own eye, even to the point of being a ‘detriment’ to yourself and others, then you are in the position to be used by Me for My highest callings.

“To get to this place, you will stumble many times. Indeed to stay in this place, it is necessary for you to continue to stumble, but getting right back up with My hand lifting you from that pit. I allow this because more than any other attribute but Love, Humility is necessary for all the gifts to flow and for you to be raised to that station in life destined for you from birth.

Although I am God, I did not consider equality with God in the eyes of onlookers something to cling to, but I emptied Myself, taking the form of a servant, even obedient unto death on an infamous cross…(He’s referencing Philippians 4:6 there.)

“I could be trusted with the most precious gifts because My Heart was not Proud. I assumed not only the body but the helplessness of man in his earthly condition. I did this for you, Beloved Church. I did this to reveal how you, too, must have this heart, being the lowliest of low in My house.

“Yet so many fight to be superior. To have more knowledge, more power, more, more, more of everything to secure their position. Do you know that is the trap of tyranny? Yes, when you are the best and have the most, you have to fight to maintain that status. You lose sight of who you truly are, why you are here and who I made you to be. Your standard becomes the same as society’s and you lose your identity as the precious person I made you to be. In this place, you are continually fighting to maintain your status and your life becomes a war zone for you – not the beautiful expression of your work through Me, with Me, and for Me, so that I shine through you.

“I am telling you this, My dear ones, because I don’t want you to be afraid of encountering your real self. It is quite necessary to you before you can be trusted with My gifts. Don’t be afraid to be feeling like a lion and catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and see that you are but a little kitten. There is nothing shameful in being little. Little is beautiful. All who have become great in Heaven, on Earth were very, very little ones.

“Moses did mighty things, yet in his own eyes he was so little and abased that he feared to speak for himself. The breaking he went through when he left Pharaoh’s house, the forty years he tended sheep, totally unknown out in the wilderness – all of that prepared him to encounter Me in the burning bush and remain very little in his own eyes, so he could carry the anointing and set My people free.

“The fastest way to accomplish great things is acting from total sincerity of the heart. Collapse before Me saying, ‘Lord, I am too little, I can’t do this, I just can’t do it.’ Then relying on Me to execute whatever it is. I come rushing to the aid of a little one such as this. Yes, you are a little one when you have embraced that place with your whole heart.

“And in contrast to this, the quickest way to fail at anything is to do it yourself. Even if you succeed in the eyes of others, you fail before Me and the great cloud, because it was done with the wrong heart attitude. But it is then that I allow the enemy to sift you with the next undertaking and the next and the next until the self-reliance is completely gone out of your character.

“How opposite to the world is that??? Instead of proving your competency over and over again, and thus qualifying for My work, you must fail over and over and over again in order to sign off on the application. I will not take anyone into My service who has not been humbled by multiple failures in the past.

“The man who has failed knows his limitations. The man who has failed looks on others as better than himself. The man who has failed has charity and compassion on those who struggle as he does. The man who has failed comes to Me on his knees and hands it over to Me saying, ‘I can’t do this Lord, I tried, but I can’t serve you as I should. I have failed.’

“This is the one I embrace and lift to his feet and say, ‘Come let us reason and work together. I will do it through you. Now that you have learned the truth about yourself, I can bring success to the work of your hands.’

“Every great vessel that has ever served Me has a profound understanding of his absolute nothingness. Without this attitude, I never could have used him. He might look confident to you, but I see him on his knees confessing his weaknesses. I see what you do not see. In his heart, he is but a kitten, while to others he may appear as a lion.”

Lord, why am I thinking of Donald Trump here? Is he one such man?

“No, Clare, not yet – but he will be. I am calling him into My service and he will learn that something beyond him is responsible for his successes. He will learn that I gave him all that he has, I led him and guided him with wisdom. He will recognize that nothing he has done has been done on his own.

“This is the other way I work with souls for My purposes. Look at Nebuchadnezzar. He was a mighty ruler, but one day he woke up crawling on the ground and snorting like a pig, totally unaware of who he once was. That is how I got his attention. Pray that I don’t need to use such drastic means on this candidate. He will encounter himself stripped of everything, standing before Me in My mirror. Then he will see who I truly am and who he truly is – and is not. Then the beauty of the man will arise, with Me living through him.

“Oh, you all have so much to learn about human nature and what I can accomplish with even the vainest of men. Is it not written that I hold the king’s heart in My hands?”

And that Scripture was quickened to me, so I looked it up. The king’s heart is like channels of water in the hand of the LORD; He turns it wherever He wishes. Every man’s way is right in his own eyes, But the LORD weighs the hearts….Proverbs 21:1-2

The Lord continued, “Do you see, My Christian people? You are looking at this man and wagging your fingers because you do not know the Scriptures, nor My power to turn hearts. You are making decisions based on your own limited wisdom and presuming you know what is best. You will presume yourself into another Obama and the New World Order if you do not put your trust in Me.

“This is why I tell you continually, opinion is no substitute for discernment. When you discern My times, My seasons, My choices, you will go against the current being generated by the ruling elite. When you think for yourselves, basing everything on your personal preference and the opinions of others, you will find yourself endorsing evil. Discernment takes time. Opinion is the lazy man’s way. This nation is in this fix right now because you were lazy. Don’t make the same mistake. Discern My times, My seasons and My choices. Stand with Me, not with popular opinion.

“Yet, I do not want you to lose the gist of this teaching. Beloved, this is about failures leading to the greatest success and seeing yourself in My mirror as the little kitten in need of protection and help. When you finally see yourself this way, that is when the lion will rise up to do it all through you.

“May you be confident in My Love. So confident that you allow yourself to see clearly in My Mirror who you are and who you are not. May you trust no longer in your own devices, but come to Me on your knees. ‘Lord, I am too little, I cannot do this.’ In your hearing ears, I offer you these graces. Take them, cherish them, and become who I have always created you to be.”

the end.

y78My Two Cents

Since I don’t much to report on in this blog, the Lord laid it on my heart to post all the old messages about Donald J. Trump so we can see our Jesus has used him over the past two and half years to show forth his glory and to change the hearts and minds of America’s around the country… and make them believe in the president and in God’s ability to change hearts and minds through prayer…



Still Small Voice

May 3, 2019

15 hours ago

This is a secret meeting!

I want to give you an update on what is happening. This is from our source. It has been reported to me by our source that President Trump left the United States sometime between 9:00 pm and 4 am for London. All of you were praying. It is reported that he had a secret meeting with the Queen of England. And that he is shutting the door on the Federal Reserve and will soon be exchanging the dollar for United States Treasury Notes. And also that the gold trim on flags will be taken down, as a sign of our break with Great Britain’s control over our economy.

There has already been one attempt on his life by the Defense Minister of England, who has been relieved of his post, but is still under the protection of the Prime Minister.

Dear ones, DO NOT STOP PRAYING. There will be more attempts. According to the Lord, there will be several more attempts. Stay vigilant and pray. This is a decisive victory over the evil that has governed our nation. And if all continues as planned by the President,
the global switch will divest the enemy of their dirty money and they will go broke, with nothing to sustain their continuous attacks against our legitimate government.

I was also told that a great many people have been arrested. Much more, many more than what we know of about. And soon the ones that are more visible will also be arrested. Let us remember to pray for their souls. Some of them have been involved in Satantic Ritual Abuse and will be given the death sentence. Normally, I don’t bring these things up. But because prayer is so imperative, I am calling on all of you to pray until Sunday, when he is supposed to return. 
Keep up the good work, prayer warriors. And I wanted to put this out, because someone had mentioned to me that there was a scheduled meeting with the Queen on June the 3rd. And they were thinking that maybe I’d made a mistake, or our source made a mistake. No, This was a secret meeting nobody else knew about.  At time she asked, Jesus, if he had anything to add?

Jesus began, “My precious, precious People. You have again intercepted a plot to kill your President. Please believe Me when I tell you that the prayers of the Heartdwellers community are powerful and move on the Heart of My Father.” Lord, may I repeat myself, and the word from Kim Clement? It just seems too important to let it go by the wayside, without assigning great significance to it. He said, “Go ahead.” Dear ones, there were several important things that God said through the mouth of Kim Clement in just that one prophecy given on March 25th, 2011 in Nashville.

I really believe we should look at it again, so here it is, broken down. And, I want to tell you in advance. I have had a premonition that there was going to be a great appearance of the Blessed Mother in America. Somewhere, there was going to be a very strong,full of miracles, apparition in America from the Blessed Mother at a time when we really need it. So, this is what Kim said, “There is a president that will come. He will have absolutely no fear. He will be decisive.” That was five and a half years before President Trump was elected. He goes on to say, “In the middle of the restoration of America…when restoration begins, a woman shall rise up: Strong in Faith Virtuous, wearing a crown. 

Kim says that the Lord said her eyes shall be round and big. I have crowned her”. Past tense, that is, guys.“… says the Lord, as I crowned Esther.” And Our Lady is crowned in many, many images of her. And the crown represents miracles that she has done. The different apparitions, like for instance, the apparition of Our Mother of Mercy in Florida. She was wearing a crown of stars, but she was not wearing a queenly crown in that apparition. And I don’t know what kind of miracles may have taken place at her hand, but by now she probably is wearing a crown. Because they crown the image when miracles start to take place.

Okay, “She will be given oil from Heaven to heal and bring joy, which she will pour out on the nation. Here he also implies there will be some situation that will cause national mourning, “She will have the oil of gladness for the pain and the mourning that has taken place. She will be received by the nation, healing will flow rapidly, schools will be safe again, Cartels will be afraid of her.” Kim continued, “People who have hated her
will love her.” And you know the Blessed Mother is denounced in almost every Christian circle except the Catholic and Orthodox. 

But when she appears, as she has so many times before around the world, there will be such an outpouring of healing and joy that the people will love her. Family, remember the Lord has put America under her dominion, and placed her on the Capitol rotunda with countless angels. I gave you that message on August 28, 2018 The title of that was Kim Clement’s Prophecy About the Nation and the Blessed Mother.

And Kim continues here, “And the people shall receive her, for she shall have the oil of gladness for the pain and the mourning that has taken place. And she shall pour out the oil. She shall pour out the oil on this nation. “And God says, healing shall begin and then shall flow rapidly. Schools will be free from potential damage and danger, shootings, murders, drug addiction. Cartels shall be afraid of a woman—a woman anointed by God, a woman set aside. And God says, They will say, ‘We hated her, but now we love her.’ “For she shall take the oil of healing and she shall pour it upon the scars of those left and those right and of the new party that has come forth…”

Kim says there will be scars. Well, that means there have been battles and the events have left deep, deep wounds. The middle of the Presidency, I believe has to do with 2020 elections the mid term of 8 years. “Therefore the healing that is necessary for this nation shall come at a time in the middle of the presidency. There shall be a woman that shall come and God said there shall be oil that shall poured upon the nation and they shall suddenly feel the healing.” The prophecy that Kim gave had much more insight with it than at first glance.

For instance, “There will be suffering and pain that needs healing.” Whether it is an event that has not transpired yet, or the carnage from all the arrests and prosecution of those the country thought could be trusted. Our Lady has already been appointed intercessor for America and is administrating from the Capital Rotunda.

Lord, do you have anything to add? Jesus began, “Keep praying. The battle is not over yet, but your prayers have made a substantial contribution to turning the tide, and they always do. So, please stay at your prayer stations through Sunday. 

“I am with you, Heartdwellers. There is no place I would rather be than in My Heart, dwelling with all of you.  I know things have been difficult, but the fruit that is manifesting is major, and of major import to the whole world.” 

In this video, Clare’s talks about the woman crowned from Kim Clements prophecy, who she, (so do I) believes is the blessed Mother Mary. Below, is the video message:

Kim Clement’s Prophecy About the Nation and the Blessed Mother

I have a couple video post of Mother Mary’s Apparitions to Lourdes, Fatima, Medjugorje and others and am currently working on an extension Fatima and LaSette post. I believe, the blessed Virgin, who is the Immaculate Conception, will play an important part in the restoration and healing of this country and the world in our very near and distance future.

Mary’s Apparition At Lourdes, France

Mary’s Apparition To FATIMA, Portugal

Mary’s Apparition At Medjugorje

Mary’s Apparition At Garabandal

The Blessed Mother, has appeared hundreds of times since her heavenly ascension & coronation as “Queen of Heaven and earth”. She had appeared to many seers, visionaries, children and prophets for the last two centuries with messages of hope, and love pleading with the world to conform, do penance, repent of sins and make amends and repent of its sins. She had brought us many gifts (rosary, medals, scapulars and crucifixes and prayers) to help and assist us on our earthly journey to her son’s (sacred) heart and to the heavenly father in heaven.




I am pleased to inform you that I will Address the Nation on the Humanitarian and National Security crisis on our Southern Border. Tuesday night at 9:00 P.M. Eastern.

History of The White House

Our first president, George Washington, selected the site for the White House in 1791. Every president since John Adams has occupied the White House, and the history of this building extends far beyond the construction of its walls.

Prayer Alert!

This is the third Pray Alert & Warning Gone Out About Protecting The President Today

From Clare At Still Small Voice

Let’s intercede for our President and his family this weekend when we pray God hears and answers.

This is a serious threat against his life today, Ezekiel has been called in travailing prayers. Cover our President heartdwellers.

Thank you!

For The Sake Of A Soldier’s Eternity

Jesus’ Message To Clare About The Man Assigned To Murder Trump

This message is from Carol, Clare was call into intercessory Prayer for the President shortly before 11:00. In the video, Carol shares her testimony about this critical time and how Jesus told her to handle it.

Pray for our President!

Pray For Our President

The Latest ‘Q’ Post

Why do [OPTICS] matter so much? And What If The Above Could Be Proven?

Just Informed Talk

In this video, Craig talks about a post about SerialBrain2’s on Q decodes.

Both of these video’s were published today November 12, 2018

Enemy at the front door, a week to remember. Trump planned to attend ceremony in France, but something occurred he did not attend it, but stayed in his hotel room. U.S. Secret Service would not allow the President to attend.

Q Anon Says, America Will Be United Again!

11 11

Published on Nov 5, 2018

When I clicked on this video about November 11, 2018 and Q I was totally surprised to hear the familiar voice of Dave aka’s of Praying Medic at Trusted Real News Youtube Channel. But it really was him – in this video he does a very short discussion about Trump meeting and talking with Putin and North Korea’s Kim Jong-il and he says, ‘America will be untied again after midterms.’


By_the Book

Published on Oct 29, 2018

I will be doing a series of past ‘Q’ posts to help everyone get back on board with Q, and the Trump-Pence team and hopefully this will help us all to understand that the plan is God’s plan for mankind.  God wants all of us to know and accept His plan for our future. It Is Going To Be Glorious!
So Get ready to be amazed!
Last Q Post of Oct 9 I totally missed the Hidden Message of TRUMPETS!! LAST DAYS!! NOW 20 DAYS LATER I SEE (I WAS BLIND)

So this morning, I woke up feeling like there must be more I can do to help get people back together and following Q and the president. I believe with all my heart Q and the president and doing an end-time work for Almighty God…in destroying Satan and his evil minions on earth through men.

But, I wasn’t sure how to prove this though I felt in strongly. Then I felt lead to Youtube channel that’s when I discovered Praying Medic’s video was actually removed by Youtube. At first I thought it was the hackers messing with my blog and I tried several times last night and today to replace Dave’s last video on my site to no avail.

As I returned, to my room to pray my eyes caught sight of another video posted by..the Book. So being noisy as I am I clicked on it and heard the marines singing a praise song to the Lord and I thought…Ah ha!

The light came on and I understand for perhaps the first time – that Trump and his team are really part of the Lord’s great army to defeat Satan in our time – right now! And that’s what Q is all about – defeating the giant – the Red Dragon, Satan, Lucifer, the devil. God is working with the Trump-Pence team to slay the devil and prepare America and the world for the Glorious Second Coming of our Lord, God and King….JESUS!

I missed this too, in all of Q’s post that it was HOLY SPIRIT speaking to us in the voice of Q…its not a man, but God!

And God, wants us (all of us) to get behind His plan to defeat Satan and prepare for his glorious New Kingdom on Earth which is the New Jerusalem.

You have to listen to the video follow along with what is being revealed to get the whole picture of what Q is giving us  to understand whom is speaking to us and find out what the plan is. I tell you once you realize who has been talking to you all along you will be amazed! And you might even start shouting, worshipping and praising God.

When I saw the entire picture of who has been communicating with us all the time – I began having church in my bedroom!

Q Says, “They Got Everything They Need” In Midterm Election


Okay, so now that the midterm elections are over both President Trump and Q says, “They got what they needed and wanted which is control of the Senate.

It’s as if everything went as planned…and you know Q is always telling us to trust the plan. So today’s Q’s post is being brought to you by another great Q decoder I listen to from time to time. Her name is Deplorable McAllister, she has a blog and YouTube Channel by the same name.

According, to McAllister the elections went as the President and Vice President envisioned it to go including the voter cheating at the polls. Very interesting post – this Q drop. Linda talks about Obama cheating and much, much more.

Did Satan & His Minions Steal This Election???

The majority of the population supports President Trump



a soul

Brief Reflection about the Outcome of the Recent U.S. Midterm Elections – By a soul

COMMENT (By a soul):
It is a little past midnight for me and the media is calling the Senate for the Republicans (conservatives) and the House for the Democrats (liberals) in this recent midterm elections in the USA.
I am actually a little bit shocked, because, truly, I feel like this election was stolen by satan. When the votes were being counted, the delays and skewed polls with tight races had all the hallmarks of voter fraud and voting manipulation. And I am sitting here thinking to myself, My God, Christians really dropped the ball on this election. The majority of the population supports President Trump, but satan was able to steal this election because there was not enough prayer to stop him.
Of course, many people who follow this blog, MaryRefugeOfHolyLove, were praying today, and I thank you all with all my heart for helping Heaven. But, in general, Christians did not pray enough — we needed to pray at the same intensity, the same vibrancy, as the 2016 Presidential Election, and we did not.
For myself, I failed to consider the vital importance of this midterm elections until literally this past week. And truly, I realize that I could have done more, at least, through my blogs, to galvanize the grassroot votes and more prayers. But, I think each of us can look at ourselves and see areas where we could have done more to turn the tide but did not. So, I recognize that.
I do not know. It will be very interesting to see what Papa God says to us later on today at Holy Love Ministries and through other chosen messengers. I will reveal to you, my dearly beloved followers, but there are a few commentaries that I have “on hold” as I needed to see what the outcome of this midterm elections would be in order to write them. Why? Because I needed to know if I was going to write something more hopeful or more grim for the unfolding of the Divine Plan, as Heaven has been revealing to me in parts. Honestly, dear brothers and sisters, I do not know what this all means for us now, but truthfully, I tell you, for me, I do not think that this was a good election for the USA or the Divine Plan. The outcome was not a total loss, but I definitely think that there will be difficult consequences due to this election in our foreseeable future. This is just my gut reaction to this, but we shall see what Papa God says to us.
Anyways, I felt that I had to post something to the blog about my feelings on this, as I know so many of you follow my blog and were praying so hard and care so much for our country. Truly, as you likely know, no prayer is ever wasted and truly, all things are possible to God. So, let us continue to have hope and trust in God as we see how things develop. I am not a quitter and I know that none of you are either. So, let’s march ahead in the hands of Our Lord and Our Lady, as we continue to do all that we can to save our families, our friends and our communities, our nations, and the world.
I love you all. Thank you for supporting this blog with your love and prayers.
In Christ,
a soul

A Final Note

I feel simular to how a soul does – that more than likely voter tampering and fraud are at the heart of the Democrats winning of the House. We saw from Q’s drop last night on Just Informed talk with Craig’s decode how Texas polling center worker’s were allowing non-citizens to vote in the elections even though, they were not Americans. If this kind of cheaping were done all over the country it is no wonder the Dems won  hugely oever the house. But, this is what they (the dems) have been doing for years.
This is exactly how Obama managed to win two terms as President of the Untied States – because of voter cheating, tampering and fraud to get their desired outcome.
Father God, asked everyone including non-christians and believer’s to pray against this kind of things happening.  I guess we didn’t pray hard enough or there simply weren’t enough people praying world-wide as there should have been. Either way, we must continue the fight for America’s right’s, freedom,  and independency by banding  together and standing up for what is right, preaching the truth about the Father’s love for all mankind and coaking all to come to Jesus Christ, which is love persignified. This is the only way to defeat our common enemy, Satan through our prayers, standing strong for truth and what is right, and by spreading the gospel and the good news of Jesus’ glorious second coming – so all will prepared their lives and heart to meet Him at His return.
I believe I could have done more to help get the word out to vote Republician so people would realize how direr, vital and  important the Republician vote is for our nation and world – I assumed, wrongly the Republician would win across the board so President Trump’s policies,programs and agenda to make America great again with appointing the right people to right place at the right time for senate and house approved so Session, Hebert and Horwsz can start making arrests finalize the closure and take down the deep state cobol who are controlling our world.


This is from Serialbrain 2 & Craig At Just Informed Talk Decodes Q.

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Shawn said, Q warned us the Alex Jones take down was a pre-planned larp authoritized by the witch HRC, herself. Shawn tells us to watch the video carefully of then President Bush sitting in a chair listening to childen read words like: Kite, hit, plane, steel, must in their classroom just before he receives the news about 9/11.

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