Get Out And Vote – So Much Is Riding On Your Vote Today

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Make America Holy Again – Live (7pm EST) 2018 U.S. Election Coverage on


The Vortex – The Moment Arrives (5:58 minutes)
COMMENT (By a soul):
For those interested, Church Militant (which I find to be a credible source of honest Catholic news) will be doing live U.S. election coverage starting at 7pm Eastern Standard Time. The Vortex video above in this post has information about this special coverage today.
Myself, I will be flipping back and forth between online coverage at Church Militant and InfoWars with Alex Jones, to get the latest news moment-by-moment. Here is a link to my post about InfoWars:
Make America Holy Again – Live 2018 U.S. Election Coverage on
Finally, here are the links to heavenly messages (and prayers) related to this very important election.  Also, if people would like to pray along with the live 7pm service today at Holy Love Ministries (, I am placing the link below.  God bless!
7pm Daily Ecumenical Prayer Service LIVE STREAM:




Today’s Message Part One: America—Justice is Coming! July 29, 2018

Thank you, Lord, for the wonderful words that we have looming in the future, about the resurrection of this nation! Please, give us the grace to continue to pray passionately for our nation. And to recognize that You’ve heard our cries. Amen. Well, dear Heartdwellers. I’ve had a LOT with my family these last few days. And other things that keep popping up.

So, I’ve been bylined and delinquent on getting messages to you. But I’m here now. And I want to share this word with you. I’ve actually been working on it for three days. My Family, we are needed on our knees right now. The Lord is suffering terrible torments over the world situation. And I want to say, Our Victim Soul intercessors are giving us feedback about a crisis with Syria and Israel. And that’s all tied in to the Deep State. All of it is tied together.

So, there’s gonna be a word here at the end that’s been attributed to Praying Medic (You remember him, I did a post about who is Q that figured video’s by Praying Media. I’v add his link below if you’ve forgotten that post) that I want to share with you, ’cause it’s a tremendous ray of hope. But I also want to say that, our country. Our nation and what’s going on in the Middle East are all tied together. Because there’s so many things that are being resourced out of our nation and out of that nation. Things that are coming out that are so poisonous to the Earth and to all nations. And you can’t really separate them.

There’s a deep, deep connection. As was put in the message I’m going to share with you in a minute, the roots of evil are going to be exposed. President Assad of Syria is NOT the problem. And I say that, because Ezekiel continues to see him with his hands tied and he’s gagged in a chair. And he can’t do anything. Rather, it is the crooked members of our own CIA and Deep State that has been gassing innocent victims, poisoning and killing men, women and children. It is our wicked underground government, sold out to the New World Order, that has gassed these innocent people, deliberately seeking to foment wars between Israel, the U.S. and Syria.

This is a very crucial point in the world. Every intercessor I know is going through difficult circumstances in order to offer fasting gifts to the Father on behalf of the world. Simon’s Cross right now is VERY HEAVY, so if you are experiencing great difficulties, that is why. But I’m telling you—there IS a light at the end of the tunnel. So, hang on! You see, the Lord scours the Earth looking for hearts that are perfect towards Him. And I have to tell you, Heartdwellers. I’m not one of them… There’s certain places I just don’t want to go. He could get me to go there with a lot of work, but, why should He? When He’s got other people that are willing to just give everything? Like Ezekiel, for instance.

There are souls that are willing to lose their lives to gain Him. And I want to be one of those. So, you can pray for me to be there. Souls that love Him in the profound depths of their being and are willing to say ‘yes’ to anything, to see His will accomplished. One of those souls just lost her little dog to an aggressive cancer within only a month. Now she suffers with the dog remaining, who is declining, because she is lost without her partner. Another is having unexplained pain and illness throughout the body and unable to leave their bed.

Another is having serious marital issues, another lost a child to suicide and another lost their job. You could argue that these things are going on anyway, all around the world, day after day. And I would have to agree with you. But so few recognize that they are tied into the world’s suffering. When they were sent to Earth, they knew their lives would be difficult, but this was on a spiritual level. The soulish level often times does not understand this. That there’s an agreement with God made at conception. So, they don’t understand why they are suffering so much.

But the Lord has graciously shown us that our sufferings are not in vain. They are being applied for the good of all. When I came to understand this, my attitude completely changed. My flesh wanted to complain, but my heart wanted to offer it to God, for the world. I am just reviewing some of these things, so you will understand the circumstance is beyond what you can fathom in your own life, if you’re suffering. We have a lot of new listeners… And oh, golly. I wish you’d go back to the old messages, because they lay all this out, real clearly. I wanted to refresh your mind on this, because there’s many who don’t really understand.

Which brings me to the point: we must pray really passionately for the world in this moment. For the leaders of each nation are undergoing unprecedented trials that only God’s grace can bring good out of. All the evidence to prosecute the ones responsible for our nation’s betrayal, and the world’s betrayal. Humanity’s betrayal! Is now in the President’s hands. But what pressures are these people bringing against President Trump to keep him from acting on them? I don’t know. But I know that God is greater than any of those pressures. He needs your prayers so badly. Many lives are at stake, Heartdwellers.

The Lord’s heart is torn in half with this conflict. He needs the comfort of His Bride in prayer. And the potential of so many innocents being killed because he started arresting the traitors. And despite this, we are still being called to pray for the salvation of these architects of evil. We have a friend in New York City who has almost given up on talking to anyone to wake them up and tell them what’s really going on! They look at her as a kook who is into one of those ‘conspiracy’ things—just ‘another weirdo who has issues’.

They have forgotten the Holocaust, and even bought the line that there never was one. Can you believe that??! (To them) It was all a lie and fabrication, even to the point where many Jewish worshipers will not read Scripture past the Mosaic Law. Because of the way that the synagogues have been set up. Another piece of the architecture of evil in the Progressive movements in the Jewish church. They don’t read Daniel or Ezekiel or Isaiah, so they haven’t a clue what is going to happen in the end times.

This was deliberately planned into the liberal reformation of Judaism by those who were laying the groundwork for the One World Government. Portrayed as a good thing by mainstream media to control minds, because the Jewish people were ignorant of prophecy in their own books. How deep and how well has the groundwork been laid for this evil force, this One World Government! And it is not just here in America; it is all over the world. I do want to make an aside note right here. I recently found out that there’s a certain frequency that’s been used on TV channels that has an effect on the brain.

So, if you’re watching TV, you are being brain-washed by a very subtle, electronic vibration. And that’s one reason why the Lord has told us NOT to watch the news! Well, all the New Age modern teachings point to their idea that Satan doesn’t exist. Neither does hell or demons exist. The Satanic Church teaches the very same doctrine, point for point, that secular humanism teaches. Isn’t that interesting?

You can look it up on the Internet, guys, and see it. Church of Satan, what they believe. They go right through each article: 1,2,3,4,5. I mean, it’s spelled out pretty clearly, yet they totally believe and worship the devil. This is the ‘face’ they’re putting on their church. I am telling all of you this, because we are being called in this moment to sacrifice all we can for the Truth to overcome lies and set this nation and the world back on a straight course, pleasing to God.

Now the time has come for action to rise up with My Church to enter into Spiritula Warfare as I unseat corruption and replace it with My very own choices. “Stand behind your president and see to it that you support him with your votes. No matter if some in his party are corrupt – in time in you elect that party into office you will see them replaced with the righteous.

The end.