Published on Nov 8, 2018

We are going to show you a new world. 2018 Will Be Glorious Those who are blind will soon see the light. A beautiful brave new world lies ahead.
 She wrote: I got a revelation on one of your past videos. Jesus working with us, right here, right now, as real as I can touch any object or person, yet more real. He wants a relationship with us, so personal, so real, not spiritual-this is the real life. this part I’m getting some revelation on-the 1000 year reign being ushered in, soon, now.

Why Donald J. Trump Is the Most Feared Man In The World

The War Drummer

Published on Oct 12, 2018

This video is very informative making sense why the lefties are afraid of what is coming to them . Trump is removing their power slowly and painfully got to love that…
Shawn explains, why the President is feared by all especially the deep state cronies.



Jesus Speaks On After The Rapture

Message for Sunday, September 23, 2018  posted: 5 hours ago

Jesus says, “circumcise your hearts now”. Love is the greatest force.

Clare and her husband Ezekiel explains Rhema’s, visions and dreams they have had about the last trump she believes will happen after the rapture! She believes, we could be going home very, very, soon.

We don’t really know exactly what the Lord will do all we know that this is the rapture season.


Whistle blowers, doctor Edward Spencer and a former Catholic nun, Sister Keri Burnor’s story both reveal the globalist agendas the destory the world through human trafficking, torture, abuse, genocide and mind-control, etc..for all mankind They break their silence About The Deep State Plans For Us & Nun Speaks About Nano Technology. NEW

Published on Aug 28, 201

This recent video was created by Stop The Crime.Net reporting on Dr. Spencer who exposes and blows the whistle on what the elite have planned frr our future.

Doctor Spencer give us information so we will  understand what is happening in our world. So we can change our attitudes of selffishness and began to love one another as God intends us to do.


Ex Nun Exposes Jesuits and Shares Remedies AN URGENT CALL TO ALL AMERICANS

Published on Aug 15, 2018

Sister Keri Burnor’s story reveals the globalist agendas of human trafficking and genocide for all mankind by way of being tethered to AI systems, experiments, torture, etc., wherein the ultimate objective is to network the biological systems of man with a system of artificial intelligence, reducing humanity to a totally controllable status. This is being accomplished through many different programs, operations, and applications that attack mankind’s environment: the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, the products we use, and the information systems we are exposed to.

Sister Keri Burnor spent many years as a nun serving peacefully within the Catholic Church; that is, until she was sexually assaulted by Church Clergy. After that experience, her search for justice and truth put her face to face with some of the highest powers in the world today, but not necessarily in a good way. Her intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the Roman Church, and the evils that are hidden and covered up therein on a regular basis, have become the very thing that has caused Burnor’s life to be in jeopardy.

Between 2011 and December 2016, she survived more than 10 attempts on her life because of the knowledge she carries with her: knowledge of the Catholic Church’s rampant sexual abuse that continues unabated today, knowledge of the U.S. Government’s desire to control the population by introducing destructive nanotechnology into the food distribution system and other products, and knowledge about certain activities within the US Government that are so highly secretive and classified that even Congress isn’t aware or in control of them.

Sister Keri is founder of Christ the Wall Hermitages, a diversified ministry. She is a former nun, whistleblower, speaker, author, revolutionary, reformer, consultant, researcher, program architect, and inventor.

Keri is the tip of the spear for exposing the dangers of weaponized nano-technology deployed against civilians, herself included, and the need to safeguard all mankind from its many forms including weaponized grades. She is the only known survivor of military grade nanotechnology attacks who is free of the effects of this technology, and who has come clean of it with verified evidence to let the world know there is, in fact, a remedy (at least since Donald J. Trump came to office). Keri has created a well-conceived program and system from her successful experience in order to help others who are unjustly targeted.

She has started an information revolution by launching her story at: where the motto is: Transforming Victims Into Victors. She creates systems from her practical methods, the latest being the CWTH Program Practicum for those targeted to become free, known as “Targeted2Free”a.

Our expertise comes from our success which is now harnessed to help others who are unjustly targeted in order to help them achieve their success through consulting and a program developed from our experience.
b. We work with those who have an unswerving commitment to achieving their remedy; we cannot guarantee results yet have found that those who do not quit-WIN!

c. In the CTWH Practicum, we offer either a 6 month or a 12 month program which consists of:
1) Practicum Workbook
2) Practicum Journal
3) Consulting at intervals as developed in our program modules.

Sister Keri Burnor spends her time managing CTWH, reading and writing books, and making improvements to her world-leading training programs.
She is affectionately called the “Nun with the Gun” and the “Bride with Boots On” and does all these things for the purpose of spreading the Kingdom of God in hearts and souls. 

A former Alphabet Agency Agent said of her recent exposé on, the video called “Targeted to Free, Jesus Defeats Nanotechnology Weapons”,
“Keri, OMG that video was amazing and made a very complex subject understandable and an unusual story more believable with you telling it!!! Congratulations!”
You may reach us at:, “Transforming Victims Into Victors!”,