Trump In Action

Thank you, for visiting my blog. I am overjoyed and elated to have Donald J. Trump (and Michael Pence) as our Nation’s President and Vice President, I felt compelled to start a blog to commemorate his success as well as keep up with his progress. He promised, during his campaign to bring about real change not just use that for a catch phases or solgan. He promised, to our nation great, again. Before, he can do this he must first drain the “Swampy” waters and clean up corruption at the highest levels of Washington, D.C., government and politics at the highest levels.

Never before, has this country had such a leader who has pledged himself and his entire family to work so tirelessly in making America great, for all American’s not just gor special interest groups, lobbyist and those at the higher end of the economical scale, but for everyone. He has even refused to be compensated for his efforts or take a salary . I believe in Mr. President, and I want to help him in some small way to do my part in bringing this country back from the brink of the destruction and the edge of WW3. Where we were on the night of November 8, 2016 had Hilary Clinton won that election instead of Trump. Russia’s President, Valdimir Putin, said, “had Hilary Clinton, won the 2016 Presidential e!ection he would nuked America that very night as soon as it would have been announed. Thank God, he did not allow Hilary “the witch” Clinton!

Check out the link to this video below: 

Stay with Trump in action, as we follow the President on his journey to making America great, again!